Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The highest form or level of State one can achieve after countless sessions-while Confronting the MEST [ -as-ising] is the Emptiness.. The Native State, [it is even a higher level than Void.]

Here, being in the Emptiness one simply Knows: any alien thought to one, which have not been as-ised so far become instantaneously as-ised + cognition comes and  therefore the sessions no longer needed.

When I have arrived at this State I have had dozens of cognitions what is Emptiness means and every one of these thoughts confirmed the Wins- I have gained, the understanding-knowledge what I come to know-collected over in many sessions are real.. Not on imagination.

I have achieved this State some time back and it is a wonderful State, here one becoming fully aware the Bank no longer exists and  that it was on Illusion in the first place; yet that the universe that illusion is still there existing for others but all my connections to that that Illusions are as-ised.

By now I also realized that there is no such a thing as the END to this Universe and there is nothing more to confront… That would be a very silly- mindless assumption, would show lack of knowledge and by now I am not unaware –ill-informed mode.

By now I also have become aware if major changes; shift in reality will be coming my way from the MEST U.  which is termed the ”’future”’ happening [ this is the gained ability I have recognizing  identifying  the altering energies. ]

Today I wanted to do something in the distance and I could not, because I was helpless to be cause over and that reality puzzled me and forced me to confront the State of Emptiness, how it worked how that State effects the Infinite-self, how  having presence in that Empty State stops one from being cause over the MEST.

It is not easy task to confront which has nothing… void of pictures, of movements, holds no energy, no thought are connected to it, there are no sensations… nothing.. Absolutely empty, therefore one can’t find anything in connection with which one could get hold of and continue from that view point.

Than the cognitions has come; the Emptiness is the ULIMATE TRAP for the SPIRITUAL BEING.

Because here one believes one has attained the highest level by as-ising the Powers of the MEST: all its considerations.. Yes, that is the highest level BUT BY CONSIDERATION ONLY!

Yes that reality is true till this point because one has not gained- learned the realities outside of the MEST Universe and the Spiritual Universe [in the Spiritual Universe one operates without the body and one is no longer being part of Solidity as in MEST universe and no longer use any anchor.] but still within the boundaries of Physical Universe.

As I see it, Emptiness is =when one no longer consider self as a being but an Infinite, no longer has identities, this step too this ”Emptiness” it self is need to be confronted because it is only on “exit door” and the same moment becomes “an entrance” to the true Universe of Intangible –Infinite.

I would like to emphasise that the Emptiness that State.. is only a consideration but this consideration has more power to hold the being than the greatest of all pleasure moment on the track.

I do understand this is not easy to comprehend… but just think… emptiness has nothing, zilch, one is powerless, immobilised, stopped, become ineffective in every way, invisible since there are no picture-movements action, becomes useless, can’t create, in other words all has been erased which one once believed in, was real and functioned while one was in the MEST and operated there and while being there used the MEST energies to create-experience at the same time.[In other words : had a life.]

New frontier is a head … till now I thought I had on adventure exploring the MEST and discovering what is the Spiritual Universe and how one operates there but now I know it is the beginning, simply a new beginning.


Comments on: "Emptiness the State achieved after as-ising the MEST and Spiritual Universe" (1)

  1. deElizabethan said:

    That is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Elizabeth.

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