Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Sabre Tooth Tiger, my best friend..recall from the past.
I have nothing more but affinity for all critters great and small.

Since most of my lives I have lived not as human but lived close to those who are spirit or was one as of those wonderful beings for whom I have great love, those beings who do not have the need to become, the need for human body.

One of my recalls brought back a wonderful experience in which I have met a being who has become my very first friend, a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

At that time I was just wandering about the Universe I was just wandering, there was no hurry to get too or from anywhere, go to anyplace do anything, there were no special reasons to become anybody or to have a body.

This Universe I was in is the Universe which is forgotten by the humans and only exists in Fairy Tales and in children’s imagination, and in those persons universe who have retained their innocence.

Since this Universe is the universe which was created by the magical ability of Theta.

Naturally that time my body was not solid had any shape or form in other words I would have been invisible to the human eyes.

Most occasions I did not bother to mock one up since there were no reasons why I should have to mock one up to because I had everything without.

An occasion when I had a body mocked-up it was just a very flimsy thing, no substance to it at all, but even having that has given a bit of problem, since one had to keep constant attention on it otherwise it would just simply dissolve.

In my wanderings across the Universe at one occasion my attention was pulled into a distant picture far away… a picture of a mountains and valley, I descended from the distance to have a closer experience.

The terrain was beautifully wild; ragged mountainside, sheer cliffs hang suspended from nowhere, the grey ancient boulder stacked up high in random. Low growing shrubbery among the boulders and tuft of tall dried grasses were blowing in the breeze.

On the boulders one could see the old mosses dried by the heat of the sun and places where crumbling splitting rocks and small gravels rolled as the river in narrow deep channels down toward the valley from the steep sloops.

Among the boulders here and there were small clumps of evergreens these were so old and weather worn that the bark from the trees were long gone, now the wood shone in the light: silvery pale grey.

Up in the highest level there was dark space among the boulders I could see the well hidden entrance to the cave.

The valley was of course bellow of these almost barren mountainside: here the lush grasses grown tall and the trees offered cool shade and the colors of the succulent grasses were deep emerald green.

The only splashing ringing sounds could be heard coming from the creek, the silvery sounds were created as the water flowed –rolled and tumbled over the rough stones: the water was the thong and the bells were the stones.

I was not doing anything special outside viewing this lovely terrain from above just experiencing the whole valley, the glittering creek, its silvery sounds, the sunny mountain side and that view for me that picture has become a momentarily anchor point in space.

I was just there no idea of passing of time, since there was none: no other movements to which I could have compared something to something.

Than the energy flow changed I to become alert and curious experiencing that sudden change.

Aha, I noticed the source my attention was pulled toward to the highest point just outside front of the cave entrance. I have observed a critter standing high on boulder looking around.

It was a very big pussy cat, he oozed power he was the source the energy this was his territory! What a wondrous sight he was, beautiful in every way, the creation of raw power.

My, I thought, observing this lovely cat and I have salivated invisibly of course, thinking of the possibility of the game to be had.

Like flash I zipped down to the valley and I mocked up the body in great hurry and started to walk about. Oh, he noticed right off, naturally, he had too since I have intended that he would.

Like a shadow of a dark cloud he oozed, poured over boulders and crevices down into the valley and the game began.

He started to stalk me hiding behind boulders flattening his body to the ground, sliding in silence through the tall grasses and I played the game well that did not see him.

So I become hunted, I leaped out of his reach we run, we jumped, flown over the huge boulders, hid behind tree trunks, or I in silence in sneaky devious way have dissolved my body become invisible in order to cause a bit of confusion for him.

While he was franticly looking for his next meal, I would re-appear at a different locations and we run all over the place, up on one side of the mountain than down again as we continued our frolic.

Finally I let him come close and as he taken a wild leap toward my body claws out to slash, mouth wide open, of course he has fallen right through me landed with great crash and from the violent landing he tumbled, rolled over and over.

He was up in an instant and turned and readied him-self for another attack and you should have seen his face his eyes full of wonder because he missed his pray, he was coming at me again slashing at my body with his long sharp claws as I stood there unharmed not moving, than he has realized nothing was happening, he made few more wild slashes at the air the mock-up where I was, I knew than he was seeing it for himself that there was no solid body but only a vision: a being without a body: than he just set down and looked at me, wonder and understanding in his beautiful golden eyes.

I stepped to him and I touched his beautiful head let our energies to intermingle and he in recognition-acceptance purred and rubbed his head against my translucent body.

From then on we two have become inseparable; we walked side by side our communication was expressed as pure joy, affinity in whole.

When he slept I would mock -up my body and lay by his side resting my head on his powerful shoulder.

He experienced great joy and has become fun for him to walk or jump through my mocked up body. Once in a while as he would wildly chasing after me I would let the body become more solid so he could catch me and experience the joy of solidity, having-ness, how he love that.!!!

We rolled about wrestled and we bitten, clawed at the nothing. The valley rang from our soundless roars, shouts and laughter. We had great fun, we were the fun the ability, the joy how to play.

At times when the light were gone and the billions of distant stars hang suspended around us, those occasions would find us sitting side by side by the creek watching as the starlight was sprinkled over the dancing water and sharing space and the Universe.

I have remained in that place long as he was with his body and We were together when he finally made the decision to leave.

Odd thing happened when he did that which was so unexpected to me, taken me by surprise, soon as he left his body the mountain and the valley too has disappeared.

All that wild, beautiful terrain was just mock-up same as his body which he has created for just for the fun of it!!

And there we were, two free beings looking forward a new game, knowing whatever we do next was ours, our own reality our having-ness and for only the love of the Game!!!

PS: He was here with me my Indigo this life and had a cat body; we have found each other again.

But now I still have the body and it is he, Indigo who is waiting for me for the moment when I sever my connection to this MEST Universe from this valley and then we will continue our uncharted journey to rediscover the magical Universe our own creation.




Comments on: "Sabre Tooth Tiger, my best friend… recall from the past" (1)

  1. deElizabethan said:

    I love this story and you too.
    I am looking forward to the…
    “uncharted journey to rediscover the magical Universe our own creation.”
    Thanks for helping me remember these things.

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