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Realization on what is behind our questions…

Kay,  you are the first one out of the many  who I told this and who realizes the significance beyond this statements:
“One can’t ask the question unless one already knows the answer to that question..I have wrote about this interesting phenomenon in different blogs  more than once, but it’s meaning did not sink in. And no one got it.
I had a major gain realizing this because I know:Yes if I can ask  that question about the subject no matter what that may be, that it is up to me to find/discover the answer too!
Yes and I do find-locate all the answers  to my questions. And since 1973, I have asked hundreds of thousands of them and the end I usually have a cognition too!..
Kay’s Cognition:
I had huge wins afterward while I am sewing. I just KNOW… “there are no real Qs really.I don’t have to ‘do’ anything, I just am — and if I just ask me-self, then me-self answers with the right answer. But one must BE a spiritual being and not think or have whacky MEST universe considerations — that is the caveat.
Amazingly simple, but then…we know that.  ;smiling

Sending love my darling




I have not finished with these subjects yet.

Just last night walking again I was looking at levitation since I sense those forces while I am walking… and every time I get into confronting this subjects new realism surfaces and I have realized even the atmosphere is created, that pressure around the Earth in order to keep the body safe, solidly on the ground and the weight itself per inch on the bodies surface is alone mind boggling!

But not only here those postulates about levitation are in existence now, but every other place we have been in the Universe where we had a body which walked on the surface of the planet had some kind of agreement too.

The body is being kept… connected… made to remain on the surface of the Planets by countless devices, invisible of course  and by now we have forgotten these but they are still intact and in good working order , just because we don’t remember them that do not make slightest difference to these past postulates.

Old postulates are very securely in place every one of them simply:  because when we made those postulates we were than very powerful considerably more than we are now.

Levitation is vast and complicated element, subject when it comes to have as an idea a consideration to move the body by thought-wish-postulate, and  especially when one wants the body do something “””which is not in the present time agreement of the planet”””! WE HAVE THAT AGREEMENT NOW, HERE.

Therefore that individual “wish” will not happen will not come through no matter how one concentrate on that idea regardless how much that is wanted by that person.

One counter postulate against billions who hold that collective agreement in place not to levitate: not likely that can happen than.  

Here, on this Planet levitation is not “”in the agreement”” at the present time, you see,  you already agreed too that you can’t, just because you want to change your mind now, well that do not work, your earlier counter postulate are strongly in place  against what you WISH TO DO NOW.

Here are few examples what our counter postulates: weight, body have weight, solid, solidity-hardness, firmness, inflexibility, on this items alone there is a huge agreements that it exist, it is real! And everybody swears by that it is so, insist on that!! Hehehe.. and they will think you crazy if you say otherwise….

Gravity, we have gravity on this Planet which pulls the body down, also there is weight -mass from above called atmospheric condition which plays a huge role that things remain in place and don’t fly around and remain where they were placed by you.

On that alone you insist that it should be so…. what a humongous agreement that is!

We value things immensely so we made it sure that everything is solid dense compact and stays there… my god they are too!!!!

Unless of course if not stolen…moved by some felonious minded being…. Hehehe who also sees its value…

Here is a small reminder about the track which has been forgotten: There were places out there when levitation was considered a major crime!! If one was captured committing such offence going against the rules was punished severely. Controllers low toned individuals come in every shade: who must have their way and use force to achieve that control over others at all cost.

There were Planets set up as prison Planets and over this planet a huge electric netting was placed so no one could escape, if anyone has tried they gotten entangled held there by that electric net…. [I am sure many of us have that incident an our track]

The electric fence what is used here on this planet has originated from there.

Interestingly that knowledge is still there in the minds of those persons who were prisoners on those planets, and not likely they will want to levitate because of fear they might get captured….

There also some bodies have implanted devices to keep one solidly on the surface.

And  because other time on the track we went into that agreements and they are still in existence… holding one solidly onto the top of the EARTH.

I could give you dozens-dozens explanations why we can’t lift the body off and allow it to float -hover around and I don’t even know them all… since our universes are so different, I have no idea of your past adventures why you have agreed and established the reasons that you can’t levitate.

Levitation is on extraordinarily complex subject… since solidity is also included put of that subject.

As spiritual being I can be any place any time in this Universe, I can, but my postulate does not work: to lift up the body from the surface of the Planet… that means I have not found all the existing considerations-agreement so far I have made… but I have not given up…




For some time I have wandered what is the purpose of what I am doing in the morning when I come out of the so called “sleep” what is the mechanic behind the actual doing-ness.
Today finally had a cognition: the answer, the understanding what one is doing when returning from ones nightly gallivanting about one’s universe where body is not needed for activities’ in order to have fun as Free Beings: like have a delicious roll in the hay with one’s personal choice, attend coronation naked, find gold buried in a huge cookie jar under Mt St Helen, direct traffic waaaay out there to make sure that Comet will not collide with one’s favorite Planet which is ones  playground were one can  do the bunny hop and no one will think one  slightly crazy..
Or walk the streets where the stones are carved into shapes of flowers or build a snowman from red snow [ I have seen that, it’s exists.] Etc…..etc….
As one wakes [awareness returns of “self”] The OLD SENSATIONS, ACHES, PAINS” seeps back into ones reality one become “aware of their existence” item by item they re-establish the self -me into matter, time and space: OH the Earthly delights!

Yet some mornings when one wakes up and get up fast and did not have the leisurely time to collect all those thing= the anchor points than one can stand middle the house where one has stood hundreds of times yet still feel totally dis-oriented., “not being here” at all and asks the question in silence: where the hell I am?
In the waken state in the morning you people wonder why you feel so terrible tired, totally exhausted: More likely you have done more in one ” night” out there than in whole life time’s existence of the body here On Earth.

But that is not the real reason for ones “tiredness”, since a free being without a body no matter what has been experienced do not get “tired”. That  is impossible.

So here we are back in bed,[ in the first moments of awareness] It seems we do fast check with the speed of light: One automatically goes over the body pick up first the strongest sensations of course and then the lesser ones, in that order.

If yesterday someone has stumped on your big toe, to be sure that one will be the first to be re-experienced on the list this morning and one becomes aware of.
Hey… that pain is on great anchor point after all, it is having-ness so one must keep it at all cost! LOL.

Than we become aware of our surroundings, which includes everything from the weight of the bedclothes to the colours, smells, temperature of the room, the sounds etc..etc..etc.Then automatically one pulls up the list of what one need to do that “day “with that one establishes the “future’ that will be the continuum, the “time” than next comes the recalls=remembering the “past” from night before the “items’ again whichever holds the heaviest most complicated energy, un-confronted item will be there first on the list to be remembered.: I have to Pay the bills or else!!Woof-woof, you groan, why me Lord why  these happening to me?

Next your awareness spreads further, into the house; you note that the cat sending you telepathic thoughts: food, food I want my food, and it is you who are still in that nest and you calling me lazy?
You move your body and it takes such on effort to roll out of the bed and you wonder how you going to make it through the day. Tylenol will disperse the heavy weight, yes? You hope.
I had cognition which I would like to share with all of you and I hope will help you to understand your tiredness in the morning.

First of all, you know you eat fairly well, the body gets all the vitamins minerals, you spend 3 days a week in the gym yet in the morning GOD, you can hardly move. And you know, nothing is wrong with you.

“HERE IT IS: We all go out of the body regardless if we can recall that experience or not in the waken moments, we all experience “weightlessness” at those occasions since we are Spiritual Being. And we love that, there is nothing could make us given it up so we do it in secret, in the dark of the night, when we are alone.
When we believe no one can see us since it is dark!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is kidding who? Look around you in the Universe: we are everywhere; it is called Spiritual Universe and the One-ness we experience!

We all move about gallivant among the stars, over the Planet Earth and nothing holds us back we are free we don’t carry the solidity of thoughts, the weight of the body and I repeat “we have no weight.”

So you are back in the body, suddenly the HELL is upon your back the whole weight including the gravity, the atmospheric pressure + all your considerations connected which is created within the  light, the body, you have been re-captured, enfolded, weighted down back to your own self-made prison. TOTALLY ANCHORED ONCE AGAIN!!!

You can hardly move, your thoughts don’t want to role, you feel you were made of wet clay. [Thoughts too need to be re-established since thought are the MEST universe, while exterior you had none].
Weeeell,  very understandable, in just few minutes since your” arrival” you have re-established yourself, you have re-instated all the anchor points, every bloody one of them, you have re-claimed your precious possession your Bank and that is heavy, solid energy and you stagger under its weight.
You are tired already and you just waken!

So you can hardly move the body and that is no wonder because one needs to re-establish how much energy one needs to move that body part again+ it has to be re-postulated [ every move, every time] to move otherwise that thing do nothing outside the already established automated heartbeat, inhale exhale etc….

So you need to postulate to get up…stand up…. Move those legs…You shuffle to the bath room, the image in the mirror further establish the looks how the postulated “look” the “affects” one wish to create, huge anchor point into the MEST and you further note that the inner organs, are in working order and all the connection with the bladder etc…..

You look into the mirror and you sometimes very surprised to see the image in there and think “No, that is not me it can’t be me”. And  don’t wander about that strange looking image in that glass: that is not you: it is very simple, the spiritual being has no “looks, appearance, or image!!!

And you have forgotten while you were so busy doing things=experiencing that you have postulated that image in the first place., images like[ face] that holds very little energy because they don’t have great amount of power=drama connected with , so it is not a stable postulate plus it changes because other postulates effects it, like having 3 Bloody Mary last night.[ distorts the “look” the alcohol changes ones energy flows]

Now you not only have re-anchored mentally yourself into the MEST, you also re-established the appearance, NEXT you do on extra measure, very solid postulate, heavy duty stuff, not knowingly of course You go and stand on the scale and re-establish “your weight”, including the thought “I need to lose 30 pounds.”!!!

Any idea what just happened? You have re-established and confirmed you are 175 pound!!!

Weigh is matter=energy, a “solid anchor” which you have just established into the MEST””””” and every scientologist wander why they can’t levitate???”””””” [ I too use to ponder about that topic  but not any more]

So, who has seen 175 pound of something flying about? Yes, birds but they have no considerations that they have weight and can’t fly,  because of that they can fly!!!It is very understandable one can’t levitate that idea, TO LEVITATE that postulate was Shut to Hell in the same moment it was conceived by heavy counter-postulates.

But again one could have levitated and I am sure we have before the “Weight” postulate was established; you see the reason for that is if that would not be so, than the idea of levitation the concept would not exists now. hehehe postulate-counter postulates they work….
So there is hope for us that we can levitate in the future again if we just eliminate the postulates about weight.

Further anchor points are driven in, hold the person in place, clothing, shoes, even hair spray, cosmetics, shaving lotion, food, smells, sounds, the daily routine, activities, news is a big item give a person surrounding anchor points, re-establish distance reality on what and where one is, topics what we all know about, robbery, rape, fire, plain fallen, the neighbor’s cat had kitten and then the international news really puts, drives one anchor points in solid.

 NEWS of Hurricanes, who’s killed who, who was elected or overthrown. And when one listen to the Internationally News and that is the cherry on the top and establish one on larger locations too, we find out and re-learn million things in few minutes: know who got married or dropped the body by reading the News and by the end of the day one is so solid one can hardly move, very-very tired, the word is “solid” should be used.

 Thousands of anchors were drive into the spiritual self: just think you have experienced thousands of different creations :you were all day long on one incredible big Roller Coaster Ride! I feel so solid I can’t move!

To lighten the load, have few glasses of wine, get loaded on whisky, have a swim and to de-stimulate self, or just watch one’s favorite murder drama.
There are so many anchor points in one’s daily routine in fact anchor points=experiences one after the other are continuum which is in fact one’s life. No wonder it is called life cycle.
When one eliminates those incredible amount of anchor points: thought, believes one becomes truly free of the MEST Universe, than one can gallivant about not only unknowingly but anytime.

PS: of course the being is not always out there while the body is “shut off” state and a sign is hang up on it,” gone, wondering among the stars, be back by daylight” the being goes, only part of the time and how often again it depends on the anchor points how strong there are at the moment and holding the being still in the confinement of the past days activities.=experiences.

The daily activities are very strong because they are in “LIGHT”. Also those day time activities have the greatest amount of agreements which are of course the anchor points.
What can I say my friends?
Elizabeth, endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com

The journey is not the going the distance, but the experience itself.

The journey is not  the going the distance but the experience itself.

To experience the creation now that is the magic it-self.

Sitting in the garden and munching on a sweet fragrant juicy pear, a wasp arrives out of nowhere as you about to take a bite…

Holding the pear away, the brilliance rays of the sun magnifies the colors they become extravagantly rich flaunting abundance showing off every little detail begging to be noticed to be experienced: the shape the tooth marks, the white flesh virtually liquid, the lively green skin spackled with tiny brown spots which encloses this wondrous creation and that tiny body of wasp is a universe by itself as it walks about and now owing all that: The wasps intense coloring stands out from the whiteness of the pears flesh, just beautiful little machine on perfection in every detail.  And all this is front of me, mine to experience.

But it is more here than the eye can see: The pears while flesh, its construction is on immense amount of tiny grain like particles and each of these is on island in itself and these tiny islands are separated float in the sweet nectar, and that is the Pear.

As I look on the wasp happily slurps this nectar and when had enough he sails up toward my face and lands on my lips…. He walks around my lips and every one of his footfalls is like being given tinny kisses and I can hardly hold back from not to shoos him away because after all this visitor have a sting too.

When he is done with his exploration and with his kissing, experiencing savouring my energy he glides back and lands on my hand and starts to clean his antennas, runs his legs over his head and his eyes, while I look on and wait in silence.

When that is all over our communication begins.. after all  that was only a body but there is a being who is using that body for experiencing and I have become aware of his presence when he arrived.

I ask; ‘‘What was this all about, I can understand the feasting on the nectar but why walking around my body and my lips?’’

He: ‘I wanted to experience the same thing as you have; I just wanted to know how you were seeing and I wanted to know how that experience accrued.”

With that explanation I understood his reason exploring the region of the mouth..

We set there in the garden gratified, sharing the unity, the oneness, creation-experience… of the moment… after a while the little body flown away doing what little bodies meant to do in the garden but my friend and I we as one remained there enjoyed the unity  knowing  we were the garden itself..

And that is the Magical Universe.

What love and hate is…

 A delicious subject.
On this Planet those words are used like money given for exchange: Barter with. Which one of those words is being used depends on what kind of simulation is incoming, what the person receives therefore the responds would be accordance with that stimulation. There are many levels different degree on love adoration admiration etc.  and the same goes on the opposite side on that scale: dislike-hate repulsion loathing, disgust etc… Example: received a dangerous negative communication which jeopardises that persons existence survival:  with that FEAR IS TRIGERED when that happens that person goes into defensive aggressive mode and arms himself: uses words to frighten that horrible person away: I will cut you open and will hang your guts up on the nearest tree to dry and will use your gut as the string on my guitar! But I will eat your liver first [gee, that is not so healthy diet: the liver if full of chemicals; oh well to each his own!]
Or just simply gets his bow and arrow and shoots that fear-provoking bastard through the heart: fast solution for the problem.[ believing if no body than all is well, and that believe is the illusion which blocks off the earlier belief,; fear]
Or withdraws becomes small, displaying helplessness, being weak fragile, powerless: with that expresses: Look pal, I will not harm you in any way…
Or offers bribe sweetener of some kind… now that mode of defence is very common among humans: you can’t hate me if I give you this!!!!!  [ I even married you, make you my partner! this is of course on example ]
Simple solutions amongst the Planets occupants have demonstrated incredible diverse ways to eliminate those frightening opponent who has gotten into their personal space.
Me, personally what do I do when my toes are stepped on? I just simply tell the person I will roast them over the hot coal of the pit, and lick their bones clean: of course I no longer eat human flesh since that went out of vogue here and I some time ago back on the track have switched over to veggies… but I love painting with words make it look like a big drama.[ I have sessions to eliminate those consideration of which I find restrictive, unwanted in any ways.] It seems the word ‘’Hate’’ is used for black mail purposes. on this Planet, since no one wants to be hated disliked, so in order to be not ’’hated’’ and to be LOVED again one complies fulfils with the ‘’haters’’ demands ultimatums.
Rotten condition is when one gives up ones believes ones integrity in order to belong, to be accepted, to remain within the fold. UGH ugly when one has to compromises ones reality: when one believes one has too; that is the problem, the ARCB.  
Bloody Hell, what one will do in order to be loved, included, accepted and understood and AKNOWLEDGED for being present:  most of all  that one is EXISTING, real,  is mind boggling!
How about LOVE!!!!! That word is the most miss-used, beaten to death concept existing on this planet: OVER USED AND ABUSED!
What people use it for and how they see what loves means, and believe in, those considerations holds the collective agreements also on  the same topic what love really means is beyond belief…
Mommy, I love you if you buy me that toy, I love because you sent me those tickets to the Rose Bowl.
I love you because you are the best: provided the roof over my head, bought me designers clotting, taking me to Acapulco or because you are a greatest lover who ever been in my bed.
I love you because you are beautiful, great cook, you listens to me and don’t interrupt, love you because you have lots of money and you have biceps the size of half football.
I love you because you say I am great, the best, no one is better than I, and you chose me from the many others, I love you simply because you adore me… !!!!
And I will love you for ever for that diamond ring you just put on my finger…..OHHHHHHHH and lets not even mention that condo you have put on my name!
But all that love is given for exchange…. Not freely….
I wonder if love existing on this planet how it feels what it is real like and not being connected to anything at all on this Planet? [One can observe the least aberrated kind of love-affection among animals groups, families]
In my reality ‘’love-hate’’ the whole scale of sensations-emotions can be as-ised  and those realities which are connected to WHY THE PERSON LOVES-HATES: those reason for stimulations that loving-hate  feeling that energy mass which too is the part of the Bank can be handled in sessions and it should be in order for one to really understand what is LOVE means outside of the MEST Universe where there are no connections –stimulations existing..
Love here is the heavy energy since it existing here on this Planet as a pleasure moment.
PS: But love-affinity does exist here when there is sharing the same reality, the same goals and where no evaluation is but allowing beingness… Allowing beingness is love in my reality.
PSPS: Pleasure moments are the heaviest trap in existence, since their addictive nature lures the being back over and over, and the being in fact continually search out those actions- which produces by having= the experiences of pleasure… by seeking out the pleasure moment as ”good” have become on activity which is worth living for, without pleasure life has no value, has become meaningless.
Pleasure Moments can be handled regardless of their nature, since the pleasure moments are just doing-ness sensations, vibrations feelings desires moods wishes wants needs cravings hungers thirsts and all are implanted material same as the rest, nothing more than considerations-assumptions.
In my reality, all conditions can be audited out regardless.. I speak from experience gained on this topic in sessions.
Pleasure moments are the other side of the unwanted items, the dislikes… but they too are part of the MEST universe.. they are solid considerations which imprisons the being in the MEST.
Love when all the existing considerations are as-ised than with that the reasons why we love are erased and from then on love is: it encompasses the Universe and that is the power which the spiritual-entity is… allows beingness with that.
 Love, expressing some form of love toward the other persons is a kind of acknowledgement, acceptance, and recognition for that person’s existence: yes I see you, I know you, You are here, we share Universes!
 But again this is my reality.

Emptiness the State achieved after as-ising the MEST and Spiritual Universe

The highest form or level of State one can achieve after countless sessions-while Confronting the MEST [ -as-ising] is the Emptiness.. The Native State, [it is even a higher level than Void.]

Here, being in the Emptiness one simply Knows: any alien thought to one, which have not been as-ised so far become instantaneously as-ised + cognition comes and  therefore the sessions no longer needed.

When I have arrived at this State I have had dozens of cognitions what is Emptiness means and every one of these thoughts confirmed the Wins- I have gained, the understanding-knowledge what I come to know-collected over in many sessions are real.. Not on imagination.

I have achieved this State some time back and it is a wonderful State, here one becoming fully aware the Bank no longer exists and  that it was on Illusion in the first place; yet that the universe that illusion is still there existing for others but all my connections to that that Illusions are as-ised.

By now I also realized that there is no such a thing as the END to this Universe and there is nothing more to confront… That would be a very silly- mindless assumption, would show lack of knowledge and by now I am not unaware –ill-informed mode.

By now I also have become aware if major changes; shift in reality will be coming my way from the MEST U.  which is termed the ”’future”’ happening [ this is the gained ability I have recognizing  identifying  the altering energies. ]

Today I wanted to do something in the distance and I could not, because I was helpless to be cause over and that reality puzzled me and forced me to confront the State of Emptiness, how it worked how that State effects the Infinite-self, how  having presence in that Empty State stops one from being cause over the MEST.

It is not easy task to confront which has nothing… void of pictures, of movements, holds no energy, no thought are connected to it, there are no sensations… nothing.. Absolutely empty, therefore one can’t find anything in connection with which one could get hold of and continue from that view point.

Than the cognitions has come; the Emptiness is the ULIMATE TRAP for the SPIRITUAL BEING.

Because here one believes one has attained the highest level by as-ising the Powers of the MEST: all its considerations.. Yes, that is the highest level BUT BY CONSIDERATION ONLY!

Yes that reality is true till this point because one has not gained- learned the realities outside of the MEST Universe and the Spiritual Universe [in the Spiritual Universe one operates without the body and one is no longer being part of Solidity as in MEST universe and no longer use any anchor.] but still within the boundaries of Physical Universe.

As I see it, Emptiness is =when one no longer consider self as a being but an Infinite, no longer has identities, this step too this ”Emptiness” it self is need to be confronted because it is only on “exit door” and the same moment becomes “an entrance” to the true Universe of Intangible –Infinite.

I would like to emphasise that the Emptiness that State.. is only a consideration but this consideration has more power to hold the being than the greatest of all pleasure moment on the track.

I do understand this is not easy to comprehend… but just think… emptiness has nothing, zilch, one is powerless, immobilised, stopped, become ineffective in every way, invisible since there are no picture-movements action, becomes useless, can’t create, in other words all has been erased which one once believed in, was real and functioned while one was in the MEST and operated there and while being there used the MEST energies to create-experience at the same time.[In other words : had a life.]

New frontier is a head … till now I thought I had on adventure exploring the MEST and discovering what is the Spiritual Universe and how one operates there but now I know it is the beginning, simply a new beginning.

Sabre Tooth Tiger, my best friend… recall from the past

Sabre Tooth Tiger, my best friend..recall from the past.
I have nothing more but affinity for all critters great and small.

Since most of my lives I have lived not as human but lived close to those who are spirit or was one as of those wonderful beings for whom I have great love, those beings who do not have the need to become, the need for human body.

One of my recalls brought back a wonderful experience in which I have met a being who has become my very first friend, a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

At that time I was just wandering about the Universe I was just wandering, there was no hurry to get too or from anywhere, go to anyplace do anything, there were no special reasons to become anybody or to have a body.

This Universe I was in is the Universe which is forgotten by the humans and only exists in Fairy Tales and in children’s imagination, and in those persons universe who have retained their innocence.

Since this Universe is the universe which was created by the magical ability of Theta.

Naturally that time my body was not solid had any shape or form in other words I would have been invisible to the human eyes.

Most occasions I did not bother to mock one up since there were no reasons why I should have to mock one up to because I had everything without.

An occasion when I had a body mocked-up it was just a very flimsy thing, no substance to it at all, but even having that has given a bit of problem, since one had to keep constant attention on it otherwise it would just simply dissolve.

In my wanderings across the Universe at one occasion my attention was pulled into a distant picture far away… a picture of a mountains and valley, I descended from the distance to have a closer experience.

The terrain was beautifully wild; ragged mountainside, sheer cliffs hang suspended from nowhere, the grey ancient boulder stacked up high in random. Low growing shrubbery among the boulders and tuft of tall dried grasses were blowing in the breeze.

On the boulders one could see the old mosses dried by the heat of the sun and places where crumbling splitting rocks and small gravels rolled as the river in narrow deep channels down toward the valley from the steep sloops.

Among the boulders here and there were small clumps of evergreens these were so old and weather worn that the bark from the trees were long gone, now the wood shone in the light: silvery pale grey.

Up in the highest level there was dark space among the boulders I could see the well hidden entrance to the cave.

The valley was of course bellow of these almost barren mountainside: here the lush grasses grown tall and the trees offered cool shade and the colors of the succulent grasses were deep emerald green.

The only splashing ringing sounds could be heard coming from the creek, the silvery sounds were created as the water flowed –rolled and tumbled over the rough stones: the water was the thong and the bells were the stones.

I was not doing anything special outside viewing this lovely terrain from above just experiencing the whole valley, the glittering creek, its silvery sounds, the sunny mountain side and that view for me that picture has become a momentarily anchor point in space.

I was just there no idea of passing of time, since there was none: no other movements to which I could have compared something to something.

Than the energy flow changed I to become alert and curious experiencing that sudden change.

Aha, I noticed the source my attention was pulled toward to the highest point just outside front of the cave entrance. I have observed a critter standing high on boulder looking around.

It was a very big pussy cat, he oozed power he was the source the energy this was his territory! What a wondrous sight he was, beautiful in every way, the creation of raw power.

My, I thought, observing this lovely cat and I have salivated invisibly of course, thinking of the possibility of the game to be had.

Like flash I zipped down to the valley and I mocked up the body in great hurry and started to walk about. Oh, he noticed right off, naturally, he had too since I have intended that he would.

Like a shadow of a dark cloud he oozed, poured over boulders and crevices down into the valley and the game began.

He started to stalk me hiding behind boulders flattening his body to the ground, sliding in silence through the tall grasses and I played the game well that did not see him.

So I become hunted, I leaped out of his reach we run, we jumped, flown over the huge boulders, hid behind tree trunks, or I in silence in sneaky devious way have dissolved my body become invisible in order to cause a bit of confusion for him.

While he was franticly looking for his next meal, I would re-appear at a different locations and we run all over the place, up on one side of the mountain than down again as we continued our frolic.

Finally I let him come close and as he taken a wild leap toward my body claws out to slash, mouth wide open, of course he has fallen right through me landed with great crash and from the violent landing he tumbled, rolled over and over.

He was up in an instant and turned and readied him-self for another attack and you should have seen his face his eyes full of wonder because he missed his pray, he was coming at me again slashing at my body with his long sharp claws as I stood there unharmed not moving, than he has realized nothing was happening, he made few more wild slashes at the air the mock-up where I was, I knew than he was seeing it for himself that there was no solid body but only a vision: a being without a body: than he just set down and looked at me, wonder and understanding in his beautiful golden eyes.

I stepped to him and I touched his beautiful head let our energies to intermingle and he in recognition-acceptance purred and rubbed his head against my translucent body.

From then on we two have become inseparable; we walked side by side our communication was expressed as pure joy, affinity in whole.

When he slept I would mock -up my body and lay by his side resting my head on his powerful shoulder.

He experienced great joy and has become fun for him to walk or jump through my mocked up body. Once in a while as he would wildly chasing after me I would let the body become more solid so he could catch me and experience the joy of solidity, having-ness, how he love that.!!!

We rolled about wrestled and we bitten, clawed at the nothing. The valley rang from our soundless roars, shouts and laughter. We had great fun, we were the fun the ability, the joy how to play.

At times when the light were gone and the billions of distant stars hang suspended around us, those occasions would find us sitting side by side by the creek watching as the starlight was sprinkled over the dancing water and sharing space and the Universe.

I have remained in that place long as he was with his body and We were together when he finally made the decision to leave.

Odd thing happened when he did that which was so unexpected to me, taken me by surprise, soon as he left his body the mountain and the valley too has disappeared.

All that wild, beautiful terrain was just mock-up same as his body which he has created for just for the fun of it!!

And there we were, two free beings looking forward a new game, knowing whatever we do next was ours, our own reality our having-ness and for only the love of the Game!!!

PS: He was here with me my Indigo this life and had a cat body; we have found each other again.

But now I still have the body and it is he, Indigo who is waiting for me for the moment when I sever my connection to this MEST Universe from this valley and then we will continue our uncharted journey to rediscover the magical Universe our own creation.



cognition, is there a better or worse being than I in the universe?

cognition, is there a better or worse being than I?

Because of my Blog I receive emails from many different individuals who are on the Path of Self-discovery on different level and some of these folks express in their communication their concerns over the persons[aliens] out  there in the universe: how  those persons[aliens] are are, how they behave, if they have evil intention toward others in these case the humans  beings in this Planet and can they [the aliens] hurt influence  other beings like the humans here on Earth

While I was pondering on their questions….looking over the vast experiences I have had while  having my coexistence in the Universe interacting with other beings, humans or otherwise, have I realized nothing can hurt us, the self, unless we considers- believes in that…that it can happen

Cognition: profound reality hit me…

In my wonderings in and out of many different universes I never found another being who has been and done better or worse than I have been….. Amen..