Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

“If we remove space, what remains?”.

I have looked at this question and it is interesting what I have ‘’’seen’’’

It is emptiness, void of energy; no movements, no shapes, no colors, no sounds of course

Which is unimaginable to a humans.. Since the planet Earth is made out of all those things and so is the Universe.

The only example I can give  what is VOID seems appears feels  like to our senses:  if one would walk through a ghost town, which was once very lively energetic once when we were there the last time by now has become empty of all living creators; humans  for a long time: that space the towns would SEEMS void to the senses now..

Because the “time” flow can erase the human energy flows its traces dissolve by this I mean: that Natures .. since the Planets energy flows are much stronger heavier than the humans  was at the time and this strong energy flows can override the humans creative flows.

But the Planets energy in comparison to human’s energy flows is in HARMONY so to experience Natures energy is experiencing harmony for any human who walks about in Nature which is void of human occupants.  Human energy flows are not in harmony, human state is an aberrated state void of harmony.[ more auditing the person has, more of the harmony returns..]

Second example would be every person experienced this: winter time and overnight the falling snow blanketed everything under very thick blanket.

The human creativity, its energies are over ridden by the cold- thin air– and the falling snow which is like cleaning powder coming down through the thin air eliminates the sounds which are of course simple energy flows, currents, movements…

This of course, this partial emptiness can be experienced walking the streets of a big city at early down let say between 4-5 am  among the office towers where the least activity exists at that time… Would be very noticeable and easy to experience void but of course that would not be a true void because as I said on this planet that do not exist…and buildings are created out of energy…But the streets are empty… void of presently of humans so their personal space-energy is not cluttering the streets this would make the streets feel void of energy.

Large Cathedrals have  the sensations of void inside…[lacking creative energies]  since the created  solid items are old and they don’t emanate strong energy flows and people do not go there to created but to empty self, and to connect to spiritual realm therefore this spirituality void of creation can be experienced in the churches….

Of course the same goes for forests too.. One feels the space the creative energy flow of nature but it is void of human energy flows therefore that space for the human who is used to experience the heavy concentrated  thick energy flows seems the forest, or being in the wide open spaces, void of  humans activities these spaces seems ‘’ empty , hallow,  vacant, free, clear.

Here in these spaces one is spiritual… one can be nothing by leaving the human self behind  … and be one with: become nature, its energy flow and that flow in comparison to the heavy concentrated human energy flows is ‘’nothing.’’.

So if we remove ‘’space’’’ which is everything created than we have a void… we would not have the universe…

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