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the ghostly state:spiritual state, ones origial state in the universe.

the ghostly state: spiritual state ones original state in the Universe.

Now that is very simple, the machinery=body which is the implant itself, holds one in the implanted state and just have been cremated. !

Panic sets in: The suddenly freed Spiritual Being believes- comes to the conclusion:  I am no longer a person:  since No one can hear me, understand me, I am  here but no one can see me and everyone thinks I am dead because of that I no longer exist because of that I am not a live, I am no longer !!! [[[ entity still have thought-awareness, so there is Existence, but what is happening when suddenly losing the body  the entity-soul  don’t have reality being without the body  at that moment.]]

The separation from the body as in death of the body, with that ACT one has given up that implant: being that human; Which are: doing-ness, thinking the thoughts, which include all the agreements with everybody on everithing: the considerations about the universe- Cosmos,  than the self- beingness, one’s identity and everything around ones daily life which includes family and friends.

Bodies are machines and were designed to pick up sounds through the ears, take pictures with eyes, make sounds: talk-communicate, use hands: in order to push around other matters: objects and all that activity and all those believes: ARE  IMPLANTED INTO THE BEING that one is that body therefore one has a ”life-and lives” so in that moment when one is separates from that machine=body than that Entity  no longer has those implanted ”memories” those creativities, that power, that knowledge, the communication skills all the learned materials=knowledge accumulated in that life time which vanishes in the moment of ”death” because one no longer see, hear, taste, touch, have voice etc… experience that MEST through the VIA OF THE BODY.

Yet Entity still has everything, the  knowledge was not erased with the death of the body.

Sad state to be in, that is the reason one must get rid of all those human beliefs about the Ghostly State and those beliefs has to be as-is-ad in session, by as-is-ing them one will have  that cognition than; LIFE TRULY STARTS AFTER THE CONNECTION THE  Influence of the MACHINES  are ERASED.

When the Entity is free of the Machine than will realize  having the body in fact is an imprisonment for the Spiritual Being.

So in the Spiritual State [ when not having body] the being loses the reality of the implants =life and all the lies- believes there is nothing existing outside the bodies life: therefore feel that he become nothing, powerless, useless, invisible, can’t communicate any more, or play a game with others, create things in general and with that have effects on the Universe.

So this  Ghostly state too need to be confronted and can be audited  WHILE ONE STILL IS CONNECTED TO THE BODY, HAVING ONE, same way as any other item, since no matter what: everything is existing because they are considerations belief and considerations can be as-ised.

The way I see it, my reality, when one drops a body with that act, one steps out of that implanted crap…

True life begins for a Spiritual being when is no longer being tied to, being in the prison of the body.

PS: For not remembering  what life was while having a body  after when one returns into  Spiritual state has many-many reasons” since memory itself is implanted recording,  it is the machine since it is a recording machine has developed some problems, it short circuited itself, also time related problem developed because the machine is longer new and there are also countless counter postulates are in existence.

But this is my reality… I have come to this conclusion by having those sessions.


A bit on control…

Here is a bit of different reality for those of you who are looking for different viewpoints.

Over the years in many sessions I have learned  that there are many’’ why’’ the being goes back to the body over and over and over again: What are these attractions, what is so great to have a body, being in the body, acting out game and believing in “ having a life”.

Well, all that is good and dandy… but not good enough…. I realize that the energies are stimulative… fun to have while one has the body… But there is more.

 When one is without the body that state do not feels like one is in control… But being in the body one do believes one is in control because the body can move things… objects.. You see we were made to believe that the only way one can control objects is by having the body.

Because we went into agreement, we have given up our other abilities long way back…. very long way back.

 So now, when without the body we think we are nothing…powerless… can’t even move a toothpick… never mind other objects….

 This beliefs has come about because once upon the time this reality was new, was fun to believe to carry out, to pretend that we can’t do it… and we got stuck in those considerations: that without the body we are nothing but a ghost: Powerless, incapable, ineffective and unsuccessful, nonentities unknown to the universe.  Hell. That is not so…

So  all you control freaks, you control enthusiasts,  you control fanatics, control aficionados, in other words: addicts, now you know one of the main reason why you fight  combat other spirits, duke it out in order to gain possession of the new body: to be able to control once more!!!    

Bloody Hell… we are all nuts…

If you don’t believe this, OK by me… go find out for self and with that you be better off anyway.


The question was asked and of course I do have on answer… my reality

“If we remove space, what remains?”.

I have looked at this question and it is interesting what I have ‘’’seen’’’

It is emptiness, void of energy; no movements, no shapes, no colors, no sounds of course

Which is unimaginable to a humans.. Since the planet Earth is made out of all those things and so is the Universe.

The only example I can give  what is VOID seems appears feels  like to our senses:  if one would walk through a ghost town, which was once very lively energetic once when we were there the last time by now has become empty of all living creators; humans  for a long time: that space the towns would SEEMS void to the senses now..

Because the “time” flow can erase the human energy flows its traces dissolve by this I mean: that Natures .. since the Planets energy flows are much stronger heavier than the humans  was at the time and this strong energy flows can override the humans creative flows.

But the Planets energy in comparison to human’s energy flows is in HARMONY so to experience Natures energy is experiencing harmony for any human who walks about in Nature which is void of human occupants.  Human energy flows are not in harmony, human state is an aberrated state void of harmony.[ more auditing the person has, more of the harmony returns..]

Second example would be every person experienced this: winter time and overnight the falling snow blanketed everything under very thick blanket.

The human creativity, its energies are over ridden by the cold- thin air– and the falling snow which is like cleaning powder coming down through the thin air eliminates the sounds which are of course simple energy flows, currents, movements…

This of course, this partial emptiness can be experienced walking the streets of a big city at early down let say between 4-5 am  among the office towers where the least activity exists at that time… Would be very noticeable and easy to experience void but of course that would not be a true void because as I said on this planet that do not exist…and buildings are created out of energy…But the streets are empty… void of presently of humans so their personal space-energy is not cluttering the streets this would make the streets feel void of energy.

Large Cathedrals have  the sensations of void inside…[lacking creative energies]  since the created  solid items are old and they don’t emanate strong energy flows and people do not go there to created but to empty self, and to connect to spiritual realm therefore this spirituality void of creation can be experienced in the churches….

Of course the same goes for forests too.. One feels the space the creative energy flow of nature but it is void of human energy flows therefore that space for the human who is used to experience the heavy concentrated  thick energy flows seems the forest, or being in the wide open spaces, void of  humans activities these spaces seems ‘’ empty , hallow,  vacant, free, clear.

Here in these spaces one is spiritual… one can be nothing by leaving the human self behind  … and be one with: become nature, its energy flow and that flow in comparison to the heavy concentrated human energy flows is ‘’nothing.’’.

So if we remove ‘’space’’’ which is everything created than we have a void… we would not have the universe…