Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Cognition: what is FREE WILL?

Cognition: what is FREE WILL? [posted in Geir Isene’s blog too.]

Someone just emailed me and said not to close my blog since my postings these cognitions here are ‘’Wonderful’’

That remark has gotten me thinking, what is wonderful about cognition?

I know just how wonderful they are and We all know what the cognitions are and how they work, what really happens in the session and the very reason they end the sessions..

But what is COGNITION it SELF: as an item-element a creation?

Beautiful reality-realization- cognition I have here: Cognitions content is an absolutely unique creation in the ENTIRE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE!!

There is not one like it.. It is uniquely- exclusively entirely belongs to the originator- creator and it can’t be copied by anyone else… The cognition do not stems out of any other energy flow-creation it is not a part of re-stimulation and because its birth this CREATION is solely created out of FREE WILL!!!!!!!!!!

Bloody Hell, I been wondering wracking my poor ‘’brain’’ what “FREE Will” means, what FREE WILL can be and Since it had to be out of MEST  not connected and created in any ways out of THE MEST UNIVERSE… and I have found one item only one and that is the END PHONEMENON of the session… can’t do without it.. a must in order to as-is.. Fantastic…. Great day in Paradise!

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