Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Marildi, I just had a huge cog and I thank you for that

COGNITION: what causes the expansion the growth of the universe.

It is about what makes energies to expend here on this Planet… where that  energy coming from  the first place?

That expansion of our universe that growth that development is caused by re-stimulation because every beings  already has that energy flow and that is that “BAG” LRH’s talked about..[one carry around for ever, till it will be as-ised in sessions.]

And what are in those BAGS I ask you?

What is sitting there quietly, unmoving motionless Immobile dormant inactive who know how long?

Enormous masses of energy which was amassed collected for eternities by every being that has the Track and every being has one on this Planet Earth: and I believe that Bag is the BANK the MEST Universe…

And what those bags contain is: huge amount of power which in the past has created and destroyed planets and everything within: so how much power on individual bag has?

That anger which is expressed going down on the road by the screaming motorist or yelling at his kids, that rage one hit his partner with, or kills somebody, bombs which kill dozens of innocent bystanders that same heavy rage once destroyed planets, wiped out nations…

I know it is downscaled by now, has become considerable less effective but still a huge amount of power is being re-stimulated when those things do happen.

Just think that kind of stimulation happens across the planet all the time and it exists in many different forms and acted out by billions daily because they were re-stimulated.

Let’s name a few: sex=climax huge  bundle of energy, and it is created out visual stimulation and that simulation effects millions every day, some go for the second round or more because the stimulation is heavier since porno has been brought into homes on the computer: the planets energy rocks shakes daily just from that alone!

These sex energies origin is not from here it is re-stimulation from other place and other time!

Giving birth: huge energy mass stimulated, how many of those happens daily?

Killing-murder—power is immense in those acts, any fight, argument, explosion of any kind, accidents =suffering…all that is energy re-activated brought back to life once more.

Death:, the agony of it, the loss for those who morn.

Sickness, pain, stimulation from drugs: everything in re-stimulation and all of it was established has its foundations its origins way back someplace on the Track.

And let’s not forget for the second that stimulation=energy causes more re-stimulation [ the  whole track becomes stimulated so that energy expands very rapidly that can’t be helped, only in session one as-is energy one can reverse the flow… auditing any one?

So what will happen in the future to the Planet because the power created within and continually expanding????

Have a question?…or you can recall  what has happened when you were in other place, other Planet when the occupants were doing the same as here?





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