Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Our wants and our needs: realization.

This realization has come because a friend a none-scientologist who is very well off have offered something out of her heart and soul  “anything You want Elizabeth, anything you want.” and I knew she has meant it too, yet I could not think of one thing I wanted.

But her offer itself was the gift and its value:  incalculable in comparison to other gifts I have given this life…. except to one: which is the Tech of LRH’s.

For days ever since that has happened that offer has remained in my space of course because something I still not understood completely, therefore that meant there was charge on the item.

[No, don’t think I had regrets not asking for something….  that was not there, since my needs are covered and wants no longer there, exist]

Cognition: we all know that Want and Needs has nothing to do with each other: yet they are interwoven by considerations, thoughts and because of that causes great amount of confusion in ones life.

Needs: what one need, what the body needs to survive is very minimal: food, shelter from the elements which would be clothing, water of course that is essential for survival of the body.[ not for you as a being!]

The rest, our life, in order to have a life is made out of Wants  and all that life is, exists  because of want…. And it depends how much was added, how much our “wants” –“desires” has come through: one can say one had a rich fulfilling life…  or nothing ever happened out of being born and died….. and which is  the better life ?

Those Wants are borne out of seeing things around and thinking I want the same: I want to have.

What is the WANT is born out of?

Simple ordinary “Stimulations” gives that want: I want I want and I want , the child screams seeing a toy, on adults do the same,  wants because seeing with the eyes: by looking and that is on continual experience and the person who experiences constantly  don’t want, can’t let that stimulation  go….

I want it, and if and when I have it than I will have the same continual feeling remaining with me and that is having-ness of course!

I want a big car, big house, big this and big that… bigger things which are difficult  challenging to achieve provides greater and weightier and much longer lasting stimulation so of course one wants it more and cat let go of that stimulating though-idea-picture.

So, Daddy I want a diamond ring! Good song…

Look at a Monk in the cell of his, just what he has?

All his needs: the needs of the body are covered and that is settled what he is doing all day and half night long?

He is working on to push away his WANTS… All his worldly desires….  And that is his only, his whole purpose by becoming a Monk: go, get away from MEST..

The Monk moves behind closed walls with that move the visual stimulation is cut out….. no fancy tempting things to see all day and every day and no woman either,… but his fellow monk could have been his love earlier life…. hehehe so that stimulation is still there…. Falling back into that same love….  now becomes the temptation… the stimulation of the energy which affects the buddies still exist because they all have known each other in earlier life…and of course a human body can be stimulated very easily and that is bad for the Monks and the Nuns and the Priest.

So our wants leads us into temptation…..Looking: the eye see, those eyes what they see makes one wants as they zooms in on objects – stimulation galore arises: oh, looked at that yummy computer etc… I want one with a cheery on the top and now, not tomorrow, but now!

Look at all the ads, the shops, those displays they all offering stimulation… screaming: Have  me.. have me… which includes bodies too, strutting around  displayed- exhibited  presented in their most advantages  way, offering its self-up for pleasures: want me and I want you to!

Bloody Hell…. I love this stuff… blows me away how extraordinarily, how well the Bank is set up.. Everything leads back there: to the Mama.

It seems that auditing handles all the WANTS one ever had…. Even the unwanted now, once upon in other times, other places was wanted that is the reason its still in existence now……

I believe wants are postulates and nothing more, are meant to have as in tangible or otherwise as in form of considerations.




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  1. This post is wonderful Elizabeth, I´d never quite looked at this desire of wanting mest to survive this way and how one can audit this out wow. I have read all the posts in this blog, they are fantastic, I think I will read them again, it keeps me on purpose hehe. Thank you.

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