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Cognition: what is FREE WILL?

Cognition: what is FREE WILL? [posted in Geir Isene’s blog too.]

Someone just emailed me and said not to close my blog since my postings these cognitions here are ‘’Wonderful’’

That remark has gotten me thinking, what is wonderful about cognition?

I know just how wonderful they are and We all know what the cognitions are and how they work, what really happens in the session and the very reason they end the sessions..

But what is COGNITION it SELF: as an item-element a creation?

Beautiful reality-realization- cognition I have here: Cognitions content is an absolutely unique creation in the ENTIRE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE!!

There is not one like it.. It is uniquely- exclusively entirely belongs to the originator- creator and it can’t be copied by anyone else… The cognition do not stems out of any other energy flow-creation it is not a part of re-stimulation and because its birth this CREATION is solely created out of FREE WILL!!!!!!!!!!

Bloody Hell, I been wondering wracking my poor ‘’brain’’ what “FREE Will” means, what FREE WILL can be and Since it had to be out of MEST  not connected and created in any ways out of THE MEST UNIVERSE… and I have found one item only one and that is the END PHONEMENON of the session… can’t do without it.. a must in order to as-is.. Fantastic…. Great day in Paradise!


I was asked a question, what makes our univese here expands=cog came out of that.

Marildi, I just had a huge cog and I thank you for that

COGNITION: what causes the expansion the growth of the universe.

It is about what makes energies to expend here on this Planet… where that  energy coming from  the first place?

That expansion of our universe that growth that development is caused by re-stimulation because every beings  already has that energy flow and that is that “BAG” LRH’s talked about..[one carry around for ever, till it will be as-ised in sessions.]

And what are in those BAGS I ask you?

What is sitting there quietly, unmoving motionless Immobile dormant inactive who know how long?

Enormous masses of energy which was amassed collected for eternities by every being that has the Track and every being has one on this Planet Earth: and I believe that Bag is the BANK the MEST Universe…

And what those bags contain is: huge amount of power which in the past has created and destroyed planets and everything within: so how much power on individual bag has?

That anger which is expressed going down on the road by the screaming motorist or yelling at his kids, that rage one hit his partner with, or kills somebody, bombs which kill dozens of innocent bystanders that same heavy rage once destroyed planets, wiped out nations…

I know it is downscaled by now, has become considerable less effective but still a huge amount of power is being re-stimulated when those things do happen.

Just think that kind of stimulation happens across the planet all the time and it exists in many different forms and acted out by billions daily because they were re-stimulated.

Let’s name a few: sex=climax huge  bundle of energy, and it is created out visual stimulation and that simulation effects millions every day, some go for the second round or more because the stimulation is heavier since porno has been brought into homes on the computer: the planets energy rocks shakes daily just from that alone!

These sex energies origin is not from here it is re-stimulation from other place and other time!

Giving birth: huge energy mass stimulated, how many of those happens daily?

Killing-murder—power is immense in those acts, any fight, argument, explosion of any kind, accidents =suffering…all that is energy re-activated brought back to life once more.

Death:, the agony of it, the loss for those who morn.

Sickness, pain, stimulation from drugs: everything in re-stimulation and all of it was established has its foundations its origins way back someplace on the Track.

And let’s not forget for the second that stimulation=energy causes more re-stimulation [ the  whole track becomes stimulated so that energy expands very rapidly that can’t be helped, only in session one as-is energy one can reverse the flow… auditing any one?

So what will happen in the future to the Planet because the power created within and continually expanding????

Have a question?…or you can recall  what has happened when you were in other place, other Planet when the occupants were doing the same as here?




Our wants and our needs: realization.

Our wants and our needs: realization.

This realization has come because a friend a none-scientologist who is very well off have offered something out of her heart and soul  “anything You want Elizabeth, anything you want.” and I knew she has meant it too, yet I could not think of one thing I wanted.

But her offer itself was the gift and its value:  incalculable in comparison to other gifts I have given this life…. except to one: which is the Tech of LRH’s.

For days ever since that has happened that offer has remained in my space of course because something I still not understood completely, therefore that meant there was charge on the item.

[No, don’t think I had regrets not asking for something….  that was not there, since my needs are covered and wants no longer there, exist]

Cognition: we all know that Want and Needs has nothing to do with each other: yet they are interwoven by considerations, thoughts and because of that causes great amount of confusion in ones life.

Needs: what one need, what the body needs to survive is very minimal: food, shelter from the elements which would be clothing, water of course that is essential for survival of the body.[ not for you as a being!]

The rest, our life, in order to have a life is made out of Wants  and all that life is, exists  because of want…. And it depends how much was added, how much our “wants” –“desires” has come through: one can say one had a rich fulfilling life…  or nothing ever happened out of being born and died….. and which is  the better life ?

Those Wants are borne out of seeing things around and thinking I want the same: I want to have.

What is the WANT is born out of?

Simple ordinary “Stimulations” gives that want: I want I want and I want , the child screams seeing a toy, on adults do the same,  wants because seeing with the eyes: by looking and that is on continual experience and the person who experiences constantly  don’t want, can’t let that stimulation  go….

I want it, and if and when I have it than I will have the same continual feeling remaining with me and that is having-ness of course!

I want a big car, big house, big this and big that… bigger things which are difficult  challenging to achieve provides greater and weightier and much longer lasting stimulation so of course one wants it more and cat let go of that stimulating though-idea-picture.

So, Daddy I want a diamond ring! Good song…

Look at a Monk in the cell of his, just what he has?

All his needs: the needs of the body are covered and that is settled what he is doing all day and half night long?

He is working on to push away his WANTS… All his worldly desires….  And that is his only, his whole purpose by becoming a Monk: go, get away from MEST..

The Monk moves behind closed walls with that move the visual stimulation is cut out….. no fancy tempting things to see all day and every day and no woman either,… but his fellow monk could have been his love earlier life…. hehehe so that stimulation is still there…. Falling back into that same love….  now becomes the temptation… the stimulation of the energy which affects the buddies still exist because they all have known each other in earlier life…and of course a human body can be stimulated very easily and that is bad for the Monks and the Nuns and the Priest.

So our wants leads us into temptation…..Looking: the eye see, those eyes what they see makes one wants as they zooms in on objects – stimulation galore arises: oh, looked at that yummy computer etc… I want one with a cheery on the top and now, not tomorrow, but now!

Look at all the ads, the shops, those displays they all offering stimulation… screaming: Have  me.. have me… which includes bodies too, strutting around  displayed- exhibited  presented in their most advantages  way, offering its self-up for pleasures: want me and I want you to!

Bloody Hell…. I love this stuff… blows me away how extraordinarily, how well the Bank is set up.. Everything leads back there: to the Mama.

It seems that auditing handles all the WANTS one ever had…. Even the unwanted now, once upon in other times, other places was wanted that is the reason its still in existence now……

I believe wants are postulates and nothing more, are meant to have as in tangible or otherwise as in form of considerations.



Cognitions are like pearls

The cognitions are like pearls..
Each one is born out of pain and sufferings,
They arise out of mystery, secrets the deep darkness of the long forgotten
Yet how beautiful they are!
They vary in their importance before they evaporate
Yet they remain ours for eternity in form of invisible knowledge.
The basic cognitions are the rarest of al pearls, since only few exist
But their value is the exchange which buys your freedom out from the MEST Universe.
I wish for you string of pearls containing: happiness, wisdom and knowledge.

cognition: solid-solidity.

“I” and “solidity”, the ” I “makes it happen…. that simple letter, that one vertical line: Represent  self and what we can do…

This realization, this cognition had the same power as the strongest thunderbolt one can experience.

Over the years, I put in many hours solo auditing on that subject: “SOLID-Solidity”, and run many other concepts- words which has similar meanings as the ”solid” in order to have complete understanding what ”solid-solidity” really means: that it is hard- compact dense impenetrable  rigid firm unbending stiff… etc..

This cog, is not easy to explain, but here it is: every time one say “I” with that single letter, one’s drives on anchor point into one’s own universe, establish self as the creator and that “I” holds one,  anchors one, makes one remaining solidly in that consideration, agreement.

One lives, has a life because the “I” indicates, points out, confirms settles, endorses ratifies one’s existence: YES ‘’I’’ AM HERE!!!!

With the letter “I” the being refers to self that letter holds the whole concept THAT SELF, ones Universe in place, it gives position, the “I” activates all the considerations-believes-agreements one has.
The memory, ones considerations, agreements, one’s whole track, all the experiences in one universe is locked in place with the key: which is “I “existence.


This cognition is the most important of all cogitations one can ever have, yet without the other cogitations in place this cognition would never arrive.

Can you see, I was looking for what is “solid” and I have found the  “I”, with that, I have found the most solid item! “The “I”…..and its meaning which segregates  isolates the being from others and makes one into a singular entity and becoming that singular entity is the indication of the downward spiral.

This “I”  its importance establishes the existence of the problems, all the ARC B’s with others and naturally with self and things in general and that is MEST UNIVERSE.

The self defends that “I” with all the power one has: in order to keep intact, to remain in existence as self: with every means one can : Flaming swords, Guns, use of law, have good rip roaring war, have a few divorces, greed, killing, poison, or just roll over somebody with the steam roller, we do everything to defend that self, that  ‘’I”.

We, defend that “I” with the last breath of the body if that is needed to keep it alive  and with that accomplished: us can remain connected into the MEST U. to remain the  be part of the family, the group.

How spiritual one can be having a solid core in place as “I”???

In Infinite there is no “I” yet there is everything can be had whatever one  wants- imagine since all of it was created by the Infinite: the self the ‘’I’’.

But here in the MEST Universe it is the “I” who has the limitations, the barriers, the solidity, walls, the not know, the doubts, fears etc…

As I was writing making the mark-letter the “I” down and something new happened, like a huge slash of brilliant light bolt thing went across the picture I was describing.

I realized the “I” this slash on the paper, this mark represented self, the creator of that mock-up and with that has ‘’anchored’’ that creation permanently.

And I further realized the “I” itself  is the identifier that I have created that mock-up and with that I have established self in the Universe.

For the “I”  the wonderful self, we have created a tribute: this solid universe and this shrine is the testimonial what we can fashion, who we are and how able and incredible we are.

Every time you walk into a wall, stab your toe, hear a sound a voice or see touch something or remember something from the past or feel solidity Weeeell……You got it… You just run into your own creation=solid MEST, and that is a self-created monument which have been produced by and for the “I”.

We sure know how to build a solid anchor for self !!! Whole Universe of our own!