Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Cognition: more on power,

I have been tremendously  interested about “Power” not only as in personal power, but what as in general, what causes it, what it is made out of and what moves it  and how that “power” effects the Universe around us.. not only the beings but the solidity also.

When one has questions, only one way to find the answer is to have sessions on “not understanding, not knowing” what causes that creative energy, so by now I spent enormous  amount of hours in session looking for that intangible item.

So I have had major cognitions  by on power and I have posted those in my blog and in Geirs too.

But today I have come to realise how power is being thought of, understood and because how it is understood and in that understanding the wording segregated put power in different category, yet there is only one power exist.

In terms expression, agreements there is two kind of power.

One is called  Creative Power and the second is called  Force, and  that term “Force” is used  when expresses destruction, null-ling obliteration demolition annihilation  devastation  wrecking ruining damaging the all  ready created.

And the opposite is; creation as in Building-arts- invent, originate conceive design to formulate, to make, to become to grow into existence and to remain, to Continue mostly in solid forms.

But let’s not make a mistake here only solid items can be destroyed by force: IDEAS, THOUGHTS BELIEVES ARE CONTENUALY DESTROYED BY FORCE OF OTHERS, by those who are believed that they are stronger, better, have more power than self has…Large load of dodo from both side..

So here we are, we can see the segregation, the division of power which are the considerations-agreements becomes the value: the negative or positive considerations: what is “The bad and the good”.

The Creative Power is encouraged, supported by agreements from every side,  the Force on the other hand, use of Force is put than by all that it is bad not acceptable, Laws are passed so the Force is only can be used within the law, example: any nation can go and have a jolly good war, kill off the enemy by force, and that is OK. But the soldier who killed many now as a civilian can’t continue using that same power- force. Bloody Hell, so much fun!

My point here is very simple: the creative power represents and allows, permits creation: and assures PERMENENCY IN THE UNIVERSE AND THE FORCE REPRESENT DISTRUCTION=nulling- erasing of the MEST universe: therefore those actions are closely watched and controlled, or simply now allowed to happen.

Since people have such great fear of MEST’s disappearance which is their havingness and because of that they seriously fear for self too since that can happen easily:  the bloody body- thing can vanish, kill over, now that causes a huge ARCB’x because humans do believe that they are body and they only have a life if they have that body…. so  if the body goes… I am gone toooooo….

What is my point? very simple: there is only one kind of power exist, regardless what name it is called, what label someone has hanged on or how many has agreed  to those names: that there is good power or bad force exist: which can create or destroys BUT PLEASE LISTEN HERE:   since that destruction is Creation too, no matter how one looks at it.. only the shape has changed with that the consideration too changed….

The theta can only create, the rest: what name, value importance reputation statues that creation is given, and assessed by; well those are just considerations, assumptions and agreements.

Power is power, nothing more…… Yet there is only one power………..In fact there is no such a thing, since only exist as in considerations-agreements, which are illusions-assumption.. around and around we go…hehehe.. love the stuff.





Comments on: "Cognition: more on power," (2)

  1. deLizabeth said:

    After reading your fascinating post I have come to agree with great conclusion. “In fact there is no such a thing, since only exist as in considerations-agreements, which are illusions-assumption.. around and around we go…hehehe.. love the stuff.”
    Especially LOVE THE STUFF.

    • great stuff dharlin sister, great adventure, the best in the universe any being can have.. auditing is ones ticket to travol, to see the universe, in the present time, the yet to come:the future, through the experience of “NOW” one can have and eat ones cake at the same time..

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