Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Archive for August 13, 2012

The gathering for magical breakfast.

Imagine a hut: its sides were of translucent crystals slabs holding each other up by the its creators wish and the hunts cone shaped roof was tightly woven from rays of violet light and all around the hut far as one could see were flowers their vibrant magic covered the terrain and all these just floated in space not connected by time and considerations to any other world and this floating Paradise was the home of WOO-Y the Grand Wizard of Universe.

From beyond an invisible curtain of the distance the sun emerged and its pink light rays flooded pouring over the garden touching every petals reaching into the deep shadows which were lurking close to the ground and taking over the night watch, and observing all these and I thought that somewhere some beings now believe that it is the beginning of their day since to them brightness brought wakening of their senses and I smiled at that thought.
So…. why not have a beginning here too and start of that begging in the customary manner with a bowl of cream? But not for me of course since how could one drink if one do not have the body? That is beside the point because there are others who lived in the garden who could have breakfast.
I mocked-up a bowlful of this delicious wonder and do keep it in mind that there were no cows about this paradise but again that’s beside the point, after all a Wizard can mock-up anything at any time and a bowl of cream was really just part of the magical reality and a Grand Wizard would not be an Grand Wizard without such an important ability being able to produce such an important element and I am sure you agree to that yourself!

The bowl of cream appeared on the middle of the table as I wished and I did not have wait long the guest, first at the edge of the table a little tongue appeared tip testing the air, she pushed herself up on the table and in greeting she bobbed her head up and down few times flashing her charming smile at me.
Her beauty was dazzling, she was a small snake, each of her scale were like shimmering many faceted ruby and green circles around her eyes were carved from emerald and deep yellow around her mouth was the coloring of topaz and that given her that sunny happy grinning appearance I too smiled back at her. She pulled her self up on the table and dived toward the cream and started to lap… Within few minutes her whole family showed up and their ruby bodies circled around the bowl happily slurping the cream.

Out of nowhere cat appeared behind them and with gleams in his yellow eyes he reached over the snakes coiled bodies and snatched the bowl of cream away holding it high above his head looked challengingly at the surprised group…hehehe I was waiting for this.
Of course this was not OK since agreement was not given by snakes to this vile act of taking by force and the wild chase begun to retrieve what belonged to them four snake against one cat, the ruby bodies flying throughout the air like brilliant flashing arrows and the cat was dodging left and right to avoid the collisions while holding the bowl up above his head.
The hissing commands from the mother, the cats deep rumbling purr and my laughter filled the space since I to become involved in the game with my cheering both side of the battle.
Than the inevitable has happened the cat stumbled over one of the traps which was an low out stretched body of the mother as he was was flying across the room and for a moment stillness held us in space even the sparkles held back their glint and the bowl of cream to remained suspended levitated in the air unsupported not one drop spilling.

The cat lay flat on the floor and from above grinning down at him was the four yellow mouthed sparkling ruby ribbons in their suspended position singing their victory song..

The cat lifted his sprawling body of the floor picked the bowl out of the air and with mischievous smile he winked at me and placed the bowl the center of the table.

By then, the sparkling shimmering snakes set coiled waiting in a circle, heads up, grinning back at the cat. The cat set down too and put one paw into the cream lifting out a dripping blob with great enjoyment started to lick the cream,  in the room only the sound of slurping could be heard intermingling with  purr from the pussy cat.

A Python appeared on the other chair, His translucent-glowing huge coils flowed over and down completely covered the floor around the chair and he too was grinning and batting at me his long eyelashes, he hissed loud chiming “Good Morning to you all” then he rested his big head on the table top and looked at me waiting. So was I, since I have known his best friend was not far and would be joining him in any moment.

A mouse came out of nowhere; she stood up in front of the great head, Its tiny hand on her hips and was yelling at the top her little lungs.

The Python blinked occasionally but did not say a word.

The mouse jumped up on the boa’s head pounding and stumping on the beautiful green sparkling skin while having a lovely temper and the sparkles were swirling flying around her. Her temper was in fact a mock-up of made out of musical notes it was a tune to morning rally to move, to get going start a new adventure: The snake occasionally blinked, fluttering his eyelashes but he kept his eyes on the mouse.

It seems the mouse too noticed those long lashes made out of sliver of sapphire; she jumped over and with great vigor pulled out one. She held up the eyelash victoriously and holding it high she marched down on the sloping curve of her friend head to the Pythons nostril bent down and  while having huge wide smile on her face with great enjoyment she tickled the inside of his nostril.

The Python eye opened wide than his whole body convulsively shaken and wiggled but He could not contain the tickling sensation he open his mouth wide and shut his eyes: he then did let out a enormous sneeze.

The cream eaters looked up and watched in amazement forgetting the cream as the sparkles from the sneeze were flying about causing small tornado.

The little mouse stood contented with its arms crossed, looking at the great head as the diamond tears rolled down hitting the top of the table exploding into brilliance.

I too watched the sparkles as they lit up the room and suddenly I smelled the fragrances of violets: Instantly I known that culprit Python has been in my garden and gorged himself full with scents of flower!

PS: Ability to create is to create -experience in the same moment and “see” without eyes every little detail, the picture frame by frame as they are being created-experienced. That is the magic of the Universe and that Universe is magic in itself.