Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 The cognition’s are like pearls.

 Each one is born out of pain and suffering,
out of mystery, secrets, and darkness.
Yet how beautiful they are!
They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish.
Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge.
The basics are the rarest of all pearls, since only few exist!!!
Their value buy your freedom out of the MEST Universe.
For your future you have my best, my postulate,
One endless string of pearls of great beauty.
 Had a session today [ last year] it was not about the Bank but general understanding of the real universe where is no MEST , here are no believes of any kind as a result there are no considerations, thoughts in existence.

 I become aware of that in the Theta Universe one do not have or being aware having knowledge since that too would be a thought-concept and even the concept of ‘’self, or I’’ is missing. In the Theta Universe there is only the moment of creation  exist and in that same moment the experience and that moment ” is ”or ”now”.

There is no past or future in the Theta Universe, since those would be concepts thoughts which makes up what is the MEST Universe itself.

For some time in session, every time I was running at ARC B’s everything has come up ENFORCED On all levels and because of that

 for weeks in continual daily sessions I wondered just where I was heading too.

Than the word ‘’SPELL’’ popped up, out of nowhere [of which I was not looking for] Like in magical spell and that word was the key which has unleashed the avalanche, opened up the Universe of which I already have KNOWN have had many recalls before and oddly, the word Spell meant Implants in this cognition  the “MEST UNIVERSE” itself.

 COG: long time back other place and other time the” Spell,” implied to pertaining to Implants,  which were than called Black Tide itself and that Black Tide slowly over powered, over taken the Theta Universe: the Magical Universe.

 Oh, there are many reasons that Black Tide taken over the Theta universe… The Black Tide, the implants become popular because they were the new kind of game, the only game: which has brought  created stimulations inspirations motivations impulses wishes desires longings  and they were great fun to play and become part of, to assume all those freshly created personalities with that behaviours.  

 That darkness, the heaviness become known as the evil “SPELL, the Black Tide”  to those who did not wanted to leave the Theta Universe: therefore the separation was created… now there were two different Universes:  Theta Universe spiritual, without forms….MEST Universe forms and solidity.

This cognition has taken me out from the MEST, these means to me, I not only know the meaning of the words but I have experienced the Universe where there is no communication cycles as we know it here, the communication exists in different reality level just on as an experience, nothing more.

Within this cognition there were dozens of other cognitions, new knowledge poured in and once more my universe was realigned, balanced according to the received information.

I have realized the last anchor point have fallen away, which of course existed only because I have believed it was there.

As the last links of chains have dissolved by the as-is ing which held me in the MEST=Bank, there were Cog’s within the Cog’s:

“The body is no longer an anchor point since there is no such a thing as on anchor points and I am not the body, never have been and never will be.”

With the dissolving of the last particles of the MEST, I have become aware of a new understanding which was in a form of sensation of beauty which cannot be expressed in any shape or form.

Also this new state as I have become aware of, a sound which I have heard in the past in three occasions, it was also in connection with cognitions: Most incredible sound, the sound of total harmony, the sound of the Life-force as is.

In my new reality, I become aware had new understanding, that the life-force has sound: I have known how the Life-Force looks like, but I never realised had a sound too.


The sound which I have heard cannot be described by words, I won’t even try.

 It was music which could not be imitated by any instruments even if someone would try and because that would become same as anything else what is called in the MEST universe, just a replicas a poor copies of what we  have known as original the postulate  in the Theta Universe.

Beings here on this Planet we do “try” to express what is beauty forming solid items in pleasing shapes, even flowers are in sense solid and they too are created in order to imitate that beauty from elsewhere, that original postulate from “Theta” universe.

But all these solid item which surrounds us are only imitations, copies- facsimiles  on the lower solid  level of the original creations which has no mess;  and they do not exists in time or place.

The session was long and lots of energy was as-ised and I have realised, in one of the cognition’s, there is no power.

Which have surprised me profoundly and that it makes great deal of sense: “ knowing, having knowledge in form of thoughts, on any concept and the believing in them that they are, truly exists therefore they are purely consideration-agreements- assumption, illusions and that is  The MEST Universe.



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