Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

What is that whoosh, which quickens the heart, weakens the muscles and one’s gut jumps,

 Whoooosh… is a energy flow and could be huge as any explosions…. Since it is one… Whoosh is admiration, a tremendous sensation, just think, list for yourself items when you have felt that WHOOOOOSH, made your heart pound and excitement taken over your universe.

 That sensation can be created and it is created when one seeing something one admires… There is different density- bulk- concentration to those created whooshes…very light energy yet because so light-thin translucent their power is in tenser  therefore it reaches farther and can penetrate better than the low heavy energy.

 This won’t be easy to explain…. We admire the mock-up the energy flows before we view it-see it with the eyes: since we already experience it: as all knowing spiritual being, so we know what is there the eyes don’t play role in that.  Than the eyes pick up images of solid objects only, but let’s forget what eyes do, that is totally inappropriate wrong and incorrect what they see. when it comes to understanding intangible energy flows as “ADMIRATION.”

 But that first experience when we admire something, some body by that I mean to us that mock –up is, and already has been established by us in the past –track that it is beautiful exquisite, attractive, gorgeous therefore it is desirable to have in order to enjoy that further.  Since the “” recognition”” causes that whoosh, [ remember there is nothing new under all the suns but ‘’’cognitions.’’]

Whoosh we feel is that sensation the admiration that explosion of energy.

Now if that adored energy is using an anchor point as a male body and happen to collide with one which is the males counter balancing energy; female body that causes on extra huge Whoosh since it is enormous energy mass.

 The systems-bodies are activated by that energy mass  by that strong whoosh and in that instant everything is speeded up, going into over drive, heart rate, all the glands etc..

This causes  whoosh mobilises all sort of other energy flows, desire, the needs the wants, must haves and few thousand more!!!!  An avalanche of sensation gets dispatched pour in.

 That is the reaction to the body, but the beings wants is to remain present also,  to continue to be there and wants to admire that beautiful energy to remain in place…. That is downhill from than an, since the original energy is not solid and the being believes that only so items can survive and remain in place.

 So those admired items: The flowers will die, new car becomes used, old houses crumble, babies grow old, beautiful fruits are eaten, digested, bodies become like old leafs and slowly disintegrates, the thirst to drink from that admired vessel is quenched-the admiration is dissolved by the dissolution because the one who admires see’s  with the eyes… there is nothing but disappointment….  So as in relationship one need to create continually as in ‘’now’’ , since it is not easy to hold admiration in place…. 

PS: admiration is part of the communication formula; ADMIRATION is an acknowledgement also, when one allows total beingness to something or someone, that is admiration.  


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