Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

”-Acknowledgement” has great power, one of the major solidifier of MEST Universe. Something has been bothering me of late on unknown energy floated about which I have not confronted yet. Pulled my attention, it was my reality that I real did not liked to be appraised or do the same to others. Either way I was not comfortable with it.

Finally I got it, “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”. They had stimulated me in many different way..

That very words: good, yes, fine, well, done, OK as ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS do drives a stake like anchor point into the center of the beings universe with that further solidifies the CORE=bank.

An acknowledgement might confer one is good, doing well and that acknowledgement is the signal that the person should continue going on the agreed upon considerations, action, since what one is doing is approved by others who usually is close to us and love or likes us. In other words agree, have similar reality level as ours and we look up to these persons with love and admiration and value they opinion, reality and believes.

These acknowledgements are dangerous because it anchors “the created energy” and holds that created energy in place between two persons with that energy established that communicated subject become collective, group agreement, example: which politicians view point pro survival therefore better so lets vote for: that vote=acknowledgement solidifies his position in space he is in office for 4 years.  Furthermore in the future all his communication will get further acknowledgements, more invisible energy lines will be created by the confirmation.

Solid they become and remain: law is born.

Same with any other acknowledgement, which we are giving or given by others to us, we too are tied to that being with an invisible line.

That communications=acknowledgements hold that concept in the MEST Universe, Period, therefore has solidity in form of energy.

With the so called times passing both will be forgotten, but the invisible lines will remain between the beings so is the act which was acknowledged till as-ised by both parties.

The positive considerations, pleasure moments which we believe that they are better, since they are not destructive in sense, but they hold more power over the being since the pleasure moments pulls the person in-back to that blessed item over and over again like the joy of licking vanilla ice cream on the hot summer day.

The pleasure moment is the trap which holds the being in the MEST Universe. They have greater power since the pleasure moments are continually re-confirmed=acknowledged, agreed too and the confirmations are the solidifiers to makes that continue and to remain in the MEST.

The so-called “bad” we all want to destroy as-is, but the “good” we nurture. Yet both considerations belong to the MEST universe. They are the implants and they make the game the game, Gives the choice which side one once to play.

On the Path of Enlightenment, on the Path of Light neither side whatever maybe, “good or bad” has value, since they made up of energy, express energy. MEST IS MEST.
OH, to be or not to be!

PS: I know that LRH meant acknowledgement as an ending of the communication cycle. That is correct 100% right but there are different realities on any given subjects.  In this case I am Indicating that my conclusion is not ending with the same reality as  LRH’s, Simply the is more to his.

My view point is from the theta universe where things are not solid, therefore on acknowledgement is used to anchor the item, to remain solid so one could not lose it.

That acknowledged item would remain anchored into the same place no matter how long it have taken one to come back to that same place. By acknowledging yes that is end that cycle, but also makes it remain in that place and time. I do not quote LRH he does not quote me. He speaks for himself and I speak of my own reality.

There is no need to quote others after soloing one life time since I have had enough cognitions which given me knowledge on every subject I ever confronted. My knowledge is my own that knowledge has set me free from being dependant on others reality.

“”Acknowledgement”” is a creation a stepping stone in the chain of creation-communication, just one frame in the rolling movie picture and each frame is the NOW because there is no past or future.


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