Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

So you have taken a journey in my universe in my reality [reading the postings in my blog] and realized something…. since you had a few of those while reading the cognitions……
Maybe you realized by now that I am not crazy at all but simply I express my thoughts freely differently and that is the reason in comparison to normal thinking my reality is crazy, but this is it, since I don’t know any other form of communication-reality the “normal” is gone..
You have no idea just how many hours I have been in session with the item of ”’communication” in forms of every idea passible what is communication and what-why one holds back such a creation…” since communication is the only creation there is..”
Creating energy is the only ability one has, but it is uncontrolled, flowing continually, that is the reason the universe expanding.
The only thing can retract –as-is – null that energy is confrontation… That is why auditing –sessions work… Mind you The Black Holes do the same job out there but going through those holes sucks away, burns the energy and causes a problem the same time…..[every solution becomes a problem] when one reaches the other side, by than one becomes totally ‘’cleansed ‘’ of energy-mass and one is no longer have the awareness the reality of self, I, etc.. the beingness since being something or somebody is energy, consideration on awareness those too is burned-sucked away. So one reaching the other side becomes nothing but the universe itself the one-ness re-experienced without identity. Interesting experience I must add,.
Auditing –sessions work because in sessions one confront as-is, burns off that extra unwanted energy but the awareness, consciousness is not diminished but increases…improves …expands and one retains the knowledge but without the burden of accumulated energy.
PS: In other place and other time, and this practice is still in use: criminals are sent through those Back Holes …
To have experience  such a creation as the Black Hole one experience or becomes the same power as the Black Hole and that is the reason all other considerations fall away… Human believes-thoughts or any believes, holds has power as little or almost nothing in comparion to some of the Universal naturally created phenomenal.
Have a very good evening and dont step into any Black Holes!!!! If you do,no worry mate just give me ginggle, I come to your rescue i know the way! :)

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