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Some thoughts an “weight” what is..

Well, today I am have tackled the subject of weigh again, not my own bodies weight since it happened to be slim but the very subject of things  all around having weight  and I believe I made some headway on this subject.

Fascinating subject the “weight” is as what it meant out there in the Universe in different places.

Having Weight has-holds greater importance than one can ever imagine: Our so called survival as bodies, becoming solid is running parallel for us as “Having”,  our “havingness” and that establishing existence of weight and keep it there permanently for ever to remain and exist. But to have weight as the body is only tiny part of the picture.

Weight holds great importance since it was used for control in many different ways and not only in the bad way, but to stabilize steady hold one in different atmospheric conditions. Here are some of the reasons one has weight and not only as the personal vehicle: the body-anchor for us as spiritual beings but every solid object around on the Planet and in the Universe.

Since gravity do not exist an every planet, so one had to have a very heavy body in order to not to be blown about. Also there were conditions like heavy strong movements of “air” the body needed to have weight  in order to remain in one place. Weight was used not to be sucked up-away blown about by the elements.

Weight was also used to give: enhance one’s personal appearance: importance, impress others, animals still use that to show off to females or to look largen when in attacking mode….. Imposing weight, which  expresses the person’s presence, space, weight- having weight has incredible amount of meanings and yet weight is nothing more than condensed energy. But it was us who put the meanings what weigh is and it only exist in our reality.

One can see as in our society the ideal  personal weight is established and over or below is considered not normal.. Around us everything is controlled, measured just how much weight should have for everything, how much weight buildings bridges, walls, rails, cars floors, materials, roofs, equipment’s, pipes, road surfaces can endure, etc…. to the last bric, .even for new born babies.

For us over the eons coming down on the pike has become important to become solid, have weight if one was not, than one was not noticed. Spiritual beings moved into forms in order to be seen with eyes, now that was not wise but wisdomes importance to have any was not established.

Here is some good thoughts from way back still in use now from other places, other times. So skinny one can almost see though him,.. he is not important=therefore =don’t carry weight =don’t have any weight………

Weight of course is used now as measure to establish value, so was in the past even more so since one did not live in solid society where everything was solid like here. Solidity had great value than.

There were societies where being heavy weight in body established the value of the being same as reaching old age had in other places, bigger the body got the person become more important, other times weight represented one’s ability the very solidity the staying power of the being in one place to remain, establish colony…..group.

Weight: to be weighted down was used to keep beings solidly in place instead prisons they were given extra weight so they could not levitate, melt away, be stolen and vanish in the thin air. That type of restriction to weight down self and others was used over and over in every society on the track.

Also were times when one could control ones weight to adopt to different environmental conditions: if one wanted to stay on the surface of something than one increased the body’s weight and to be moving: levitating about openly one simply got read of that excess weight. The weight was usually in semi- invisible form just regular energy, nothing solid yet.

How you ask that could be: simply energy was just available, these energy messes were available one moved into it and moved above the ground. These energy pieces were like our cars we use now, they were there to be used like cabs people use now: or they can be called anchor weights [even this days one can see around some person a grayish mess,  the remnants of the past] These energy masses were semitransparent and they were partially  sunk into the ground to be held there but one was OT enough to command to move or push one of those along, therefore one was not sucked away or destroyed by some temperamental enemy or weather-atmospheric conditions. Petrol was not needed for those vehicles.

As I said: weight was used to imprison one, that method still working very well to this day, no one can leave the body completely till it stops working and the release of the spiritual being, the continually  created  inner energies hold the spiritual being captive till the machine stops making its own energy.

 But now we do that automatically to our self we imprison self into the body at birth willingly in order to LIVE or believe that we only LIVE if in the body, we are idiots and very ignorant of the workings of our own makings-our own cause.

Also there were planetary systems where levitation was forbidden, outlawed for control reasons. No slave owner wanted his slaves to be levitating away, so the slaves were weighted heavily down by invisible sticky energy, other method was used  where the slaves worked the field the terrain that terrain had a electric grid established to hold control the slaves so they could not move off.  it is a very simple method in fact: heavy-strong energy holds the beings, that is our track.  Chains  were not in use as now on this Planet, but we have them and auditing:confrontingremoves those chain links.

Also weight was used for protection, to keep one close the grounds since some places the higher atmospheric condition held very poisonous gases accumulated if one stayed close to the ground that held safety, survival. .

I believe I have given a very good general idea why the person can’t levitate and the importance of the weight how that has established solidity which has increased too dramatically that the being now not only is overwhelmed by it but believes that he or she is nothing more than a semisolid meat object which has weight……..

and I must not leave out that Weight exist simply because it is considered exist: agreed that it exist and there is no other reason for it’s existance: but being believed in.

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