Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

session: the PC was a cloud… this is a magical universe after all.. [from session when I audited a cloud]

I have seen a ceremony in session when the Shaman-spiritualist figure who dealt with the spiritual matters of the tribe, in this recall, in the ceremony where all members of the tribe were present   First the dead body was buried in the earth naked, without any ornaments or clothing: In order to become once what the body was in the first place : dust to dust, since the body was meanigless, had no importance not much attaintion was paid too.

the true ceremony was for the spirit; a celebration becoming free once more. The warriors put their spears stocked them into the ground around the buried body in circle the spear heads were pointed toward the sky, while the tribe people lay on the ground face in the dust with eyes closed in the some distance away.

They had to be in the distance in order not to be effected by the Shamans song and their spirit too be transported out of the body before their time has come…..

Just outside the circle of the upward pointing spears the Shaman sang his song, with open arms and his eyes close his voice: his song started out very low and slowly rising higher and higher, helping the spirit to move-transport him from the earth level and to rise up  to the clear above..

The open arms had the significance:  indicating to the spirit to open up and let go of the body… the Shamans closed eyes indicated that spiritual transformation  was private matter and no other persons should  have the power of influencing such  transferral … the spear enclosure  was there  for the spirit to fallow the upward energy flow and not to be influenced by any other..

By the end of the Shamans song there was a little puff of a cloud above in the center of the wast blue and from all around other little white puffs joined the new comer spirit, who was freed finaly from the prison of the body.

The whole tribe joined now in a new song, chanted in celebration, the song was about asking the spirits above to keep their power with the tribe and to continue their support and not to withdraw completely into the spiritual universe because they were loved deeply here by those who have stayed behind who were still trapped immobile  in the body  and because of such entrapment they needed the help of those who were free and love is the everlasting connection which can’t be destroyed by passing of the time…. and that remains will remain connecting power…

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