Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

My Empty Heart

I have seen myself over the aeons

I have heard the sounds of my crys

As I have searched for the contents of the soul.

The contents of my now empty heart.

My sobs were the echo, the emptiness,

I have heard thousands of times

As I a lonely soul searched in vain

As I flown across the endless blue

Of the endless indigo night.

That infinite, that void, that blue night was the reflection

Of my now empty heart.

Here in this space here,

Only the sobs from the depth from the soul

Which echoed through the stars.

I searched high I searched low

questioned every blade of grass,

the blue deep waters, and

the wintry days, clear icy nights.

Flowers have no secrets, birds sing their own songs.

I asked, addressed every tree, every cloud and each stone,

I asked every being living, and

The quiet ones, the ghost, now unknown.

Relentlessly searched for aeon’s asked millions of times

Please, do you know how could I find the contents of my empty heart?

 wonder of  all wonders..  never  has been lost!

  than who was that phantom,

 whos sobs echoed  through the endless space

 that endless star light magical indigo night?

PSPSPSPS:  This is only a poem  I do not have a broken anything … !!!!! I have written this eons back..!! for heavens sake…. some people write to me that they feel sorry for me having so much pain…






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