Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have lost “fear” some years back since than I have none in my universe, to get this far on the so called Path of spirituality taken many years in solo sessions, tens of thousands of hours. But it has taken another dozen of years and thousands of hours in sessions before I could confront the magnitude, the power of love=affinity.

The fear just melted away unnoticed while I have audited confronted values of the Mest universe, but affinity was the solid rock which held my space-universe in solidly.

Now, love-affinity was very different from any other item I have soloed: It have become more powerful over the years since the un-love-hates and dislikes were erased and  love has grown and held me in even stronger grip than fear had before the values were erased.

We believe love-affinity is better; it is pleasure to love….

No, it is not, affinity is on item same as any other beliefs we have and this item affinity controls the same way as fear do.

It is love one looks for to escape into, to get relief from that heavy duty daily grind which is so overwhelming.

Loved is Used as a blanket to keep one safe and happy but it is a trap which keeps one away from freedom.
Love that concepts has more rules and regulations than any government: it exist because it is considered it exist.. and how easily it vanishes!!!! True love- free from any aberration do not contain energy… it is existing on its own…

I had sessions on affinity=love for nearly two weeks every day. This subject is one of the most entangled, confusing, mass I ever had to confront.

It has never taken me before so much time to as-is any other items=agreements. Even Hell itself was easier to confront since only taken about 20 hours in session to understand that topic and what it’s effects are: what other considerations and agreements one has connected with those belives.

This concept “Love”encompasses every phase our existence here. Love=affinity existing since it is the creations it self, our thoughts, intentions, dreams and visions are infused with the “love” concepts. But the real meaning of what is love become lost when it was interpreted into solidity and become used as exchange for gaining things.

I believe “love” here on planet Earth is used more often to get something in exchange than money.

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