Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Here is a DIFFERENT REALITY ABOUT FEAR:  fear will exists…will remains.. will happens…   will be felt.. will continue.. will not diminish..   in any way on this planet long as there is value  in existence in anything By value I mean is:  fear of losing of what one have, own: like the belief one only have one life, one is nothing without one’s body… the fear of must have: food, sleep… can’t survive without this or that… must have money..

The mind-thinking-believing is built out of havingness: the ”must have” in order to be somebody and do in order to have and  have and have…

Therefore fear to lose those “must haves”: generate fear….examples here: fear of losing one job. Fear hits the person  or that the test has to be re-done because  there might be cancer?

Fear sits in waithing for something to happen: will he call, or might not call?

Fear sits in ones gut holds the nerves in knoted position: Can I be able to handle the new job?

Will I make it through this winter and not freeze to death because can pay the hydro bills?

Fear lives in every counter postulate, since counter postulates are made because there is doubt existing that the outcome will be favorable…

Fear is present in ever second in one’s life in this Planet..

Knowledge having knowledge will not erase such a deep rooted emotion which is a control factor in all the implants..

The most knowledgeable persons have fears, if one is here on this Planet than one has it: because one has values….

So let’s not think having knowledge will eliminate fear…..


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