Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality ,  my path on which I walk…. i never ever claime that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine..good if it is totally condradictory to your understanding-reality that is fine too…

I have had few hours of solo auditing on clouds today.. The sessions are simply fantastic… totally un-real or accurately real?

  From one cloud I picked up there was ‘”nothing”” in it but I did not believed that  “nothingness” since in my reality the universe  which we no longer view in the “now”= we tend to put into something: considerations like: it is in the past, all gone, belongs to yesterday, forgotten, not remembered, never happened and most cases we just pull an invisible curtain front of it and we say and we believe too “Out of sight: out of mind.” And we wash our hands and lean into a new game which “we say” we are playing in the NOW at this moment.

  So I never believe that nothingness existed in those clouds,  I was just facing that “nothingness” one more in new unit of time related to different reality. The session begins and that NOTHINGNESS has become a huge session.

 This being who has believed he was nothing, moved into that state to get away from it all. That nothingness in the end of the session turned out to be a ”Huge cover up” so nothing could be detected for safety reasons that is believed,  or noticed,  observed, sensed from outside, therefore interfered with,  or could not to be disturbed, being affected in any ways by others or taken away and destroyed, not- ised plus had  few dozen other considerations beside those and one of them is the “meditative state”.

  But the big cog. was the “IMPORTANCE” of the nothingness””. Huge reality of different kind.  What was important because” if we are nothing, than we are spiritual beings”. Since “being nothing” than we are not Material- not beings of any kind: having things with different bodies-anchor points.


 “”””””””””” That last consideration in the cog.. sort of made my heart jump.. Is it truly we believe that the being nothing is the spiritual state or we are made to believe that is the true state and in fact that is just an implanted state..”””””””””

PS: I am sure there will be a continual, cognition because I never believe that there is an end to something, that any cognition is a final cog:  the last reality in existence  in the Universe since the Universe is too big, infinite to have ending a final conclusion on any subject… Good day in Paradise, there is harmony in the Universe+ full of dog dodo…..hehehe.. I wonder when is the last lough one could be having?

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