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love-affinity equal in power as fear…. if you dont believe this ….well, fine by me..

I have lost “fear” some years back since than I have none in my universe, to get this far on the so called Path of spirituality taken many years in solo sessions, tens of thousands of hours. But it has taken another dozen of years and thousands of hours in sessions before I could confront the magnitude, the power of love=affinity.

The fear just melted away unnoticed while I have audited confronted values of the Mest universe, but affinity was the solid rock which held my space-universe in solidly.

Now, love-affinity was very different from any other item I have soloed: It have become more powerful over the years since the un-love-hates and dislikes were erased and  love has grown and held me in even stronger grip than fear had before the values were erased.

We believe love-affinity is better; it is pleasure to love….

No, it is not, affinity is on item same as any other beliefs we have and this item affinity controls the same way as fear do.

It is love one looks for to escape into, to get relief from that heavy duty daily grind which is so overwhelming.

Loved is Used as a blanket to keep one safe and happy but it is a trap which keeps one away from freedom.
Love that concepts has more rules and regulations than any government: it exist because it is considered it exist.. and how easily it vanishes!!!! True love- free from any aberration do not contain energy… it is existing on its own…

I had sessions on affinity=love for nearly two weeks every day. This subject is one of the most entangled, confusing, mass I ever had to confront.

It has never taken me before so much time to as-is any other items=agreements. Even Hell itself was easier to confront since only taken about 20 hours in session to understand that topic and what it’s effects are: what other considerations and agreements one has connected with those belives.

This concept “Love”encompasses every phase our existence here. Love=affinity existing since it is the creations it self, our thoughts, intentions, dreams and visions are infused with the “love” concepts. But the real meaning of what is love become lost when it was interpreted into solidity and become used as exchange for gaining things.

I believe “love” here on planet Earth is used more often to get something in exchange than money.


I have writen in earlier post what is fear,,, here is a bit more… keep remembering this is my reality…. if you dont agree… that is just fine too!

Here is a DIFFERENT REALITY ABOUT FEAR:  fear will exists…will remains.. will happens…   will be felt.. will continue.. will not diminish..   in any way on this planet long as there is value  in existence in anything By value I mean is:  fear of losing of what one have, own: like the belief one only have one life, one is nothing without one’s body… the fear of must have: food, sleep… can’t survive without this or that… must have money..

The mind-thinking-believing is built out of havingness: the ”must have” in order to be somebody and do in order to have and  have and have…

Therefore fear to lose those “must haves”: generate fear….examples here: fear of losing one job. Fear hits the person  or that the test has to be re-done because  there might be cancer?

Fear sits in waithing for something to happen: will he call, or might not call?

Fear sits in ones gut holds the nerves in knoted position: Can I be able to handle the new job?

Will I make it through this winter and not freeze to death because can pay the hydro bills?

Fear lives in every counter postulate, since counter postulates are made because there is doubt existing that the outcome will be favorable…

Fear is present in ever second in one’s life in this Planet..

Knowledge having knowledge will not erase such a deep rooted emotion which is a control factor in all the implants..

The most knowledgeable persons have fears, if one is here on this Planet than one has it: because one has values….

So let’s not think having knowledge will eliminate fear…..


Nothingness is not the spiritual state..

 what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality ,  my path on which I walk…. i never ever claime that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine..good if it is totally condradictory to your understanding-reality that is fine too…

I have had few hours of solo auditing on clouds today.. The sessions are simply fantastic… totally un-real or accurately real?

  From one cloud I picked up there was ‘”nothing”” in it but I did not believed that  “nothingness” since in my reality the universe  which we no longer view in the “now”= we tend to put into something: considerations like: it is in the past, all gone, belongs to yesterday, forgotten, not remembered, never happened and most cases we just pull an invisible curtain front of it and we say and we believe too “Out of sight: out of mind.” And we wash our hands and lean into a new game which “we say” we are playing in the NOW at this moment.

  So I never believe that nothingness existed in those clouds,  I was just facing that “nothingness” one more in new unit of time related to different reality. The session begins and that NOTHINGNESS has become a huge session.

 This being who has believed he was nothing, moved into that state to get away from it all. That nothingness in the end of the session turned out to be a ”Huge cover up” so nothing could be detected for safety reasons that is believed,  or noticed,  observed, sensed from outside, therefore interfered with,  or could not to be disturbed, being affected in any ways by others or taken away and destroyed, not- ised plus had  few dozen other considerations beside those and one of them is the “meditative state”.

  But the big cog. was the “IMPORTANCE” of the nothingness””. Huge reality of different kind.  What was important because” if we are nothing, than we are spiritual beings”. Since “being nothing” than we are not Material- not beings of any kind: having things with different bodies-anchor points.


 “”””””””””” That last consideration in the cog.. sort of made my heart jump.. Is it truly we believe that the being nothing is the spiritual state or we are made to believe that is the true state and in fact that is just an implanted state..”””””””””

PS: I am sure there will be a continual, cognition because I never believe that there is an end to something, that any cognition is a final cog:  the last reality in existence  in the Universe since the Universe is too big, infinite to have ending a final conclusion on any subject… Good day in Paradise, there is harmony in the Universe+ full of dog dodo…..hehehe.. I wonder when is the last lough one could be having?

“I would rather have the dream than an object.” my reality what is dream, i posted this in Geir Isenes blog.

what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality , my path on which I walk…. i never ever claime that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine..good if it is totally condradictory to your understanding-reality that is fine too…

“I would rather have the dream than an object.”

 Reading that sentence given, produced usual energy flows which made the heart give out in recognition a strong beat..

The Dream is so tangible so physical it is the only element which holds truth, certainty in my universe.

The beautiful objects of arts which fills the living space where the body resides these solid item lost their meaning by now, and even I know they were created to delight  to enchant and transport one  into different state out from the ordinary with their forms and these objects still hold their astatic forms and  have the original postulates of their makers, they are just matters in survival and over time their energy flows have been eroded over by other currents and  have become stagnant, unmoving and has  been too as-ised by me long time back.. the appreciation is no longer …

Dreams do not have added components which are created out of Free Will: they contain no evaluation invalidation, they don’t even have the existence of the  “I” as a separate being who created.

 Dreams which are born out of Free Will hold no time or location unless the dream is about have time or placed in a location. Dreams are the true OT ability of the being since they are the created universe of the being, their true reality, havingness. [ but let’s not mix the true dream with the continual un-controlled whatever which is running a mock inside the so called head.]

But the dreams, each one is a jewel, they live animate, sentient, and because they are alive and active- dynamic they are my life… I soar, my dreams are my wings which takes me into where are no barriers, limitation ….  My dreams in that separated state from the MEST  I am free… totally free…