Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality , my path on which I walk…. i never ever claime that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine..good if it is totally condradictory to your understanding-reality that is fine too…

FREE WILL, do we have one?  There are many variety- selection- assortment of everything available and which ones we settle for which will we have on the end?

One is being led steered driven motivated directed by the strongest stimulation inspirations available at all time, as like in bee line we follow the stimulation as it flows and there is no choice in the matter. [ from item to item we go, follow the energy line ]  Example: in restaurant, one choses from the menu the most stimulating dish, the most mouth-watering dessert which appeal to all our senses, we chose- select the car which we finds most appealing, as in color, style, we choses a pair of shoes a dress a suit the same way: Which item on the display has the strongest appeal; one buy the one which delivers the most affective stimulant.

This goes with everything: where we go, take a vacation too: mountains or by the sea, when we hand-pick fruit and vegetables which we buy one piece at a time:  those  we buy is only which stimulate our senses the most.

 Even the partner we choose to be in our life, in or out of bed: will have to have the qualification the most stimulating, exciting person we meet, as in looks, stimulation as in sexually, and mentally has to be adequate, be suitable, be satisfactory in every passible requirements :to have similar reality, agreement with our own believes…

. [Parents choosing partners for their children has been rebelled against for this reason, since there is no stimulation existing for self, by one’s own choice, reality but only the parets has that stimulation-choice]

We do not choose our self but we continually follow the most stimulating motivating exciting, inspiring energy flows which deliver the impact we need to experience in order to function; experience = to feel  that we are being alive at all times [ when sex stimulation wears off, new partner is acquired or heavier stimulus:  is being  brought in to excite -enliven the senses again once more ] .

 We believe we have FREE WILL, but that is an illusion. The strongest energy flow- the most stimulation pulls us: as in selecting everything in “our life,” from buying a house as in what location  and style or in  choosing a occupation:  has to be as exciting, motivating, interesting: have to be as in pay =as rewarding + worthwhile+ valuable.

In other word: do fits in, satisfies, stimulates fulfils the right way, do achieve our needs.[ one always chooses the heaviest stimulation, example: a man choses a woman he know she is no good, a woman stay with a man who beats her= and can delivers that heavy stimulation at all times which is required as in bed  partner too. Too much stimulation  or not enough causes the divorces.]

 Just think, what kind of woman draws man like bees to the flower? What kind a man who pulls in woman by the dozens? Violent movies, and news have lot of followers— since they have heavy energy. Those who need to have the continual heavy energy flows to be stimulated, not likely read Fairy Tales, or watch “Sword in the Stone” by Walt Disney  ]

There is an interesting thing happens as children grow become teenagers: they insert-introduce into the family unit their own”NEED TO DO, MUST FALLOW” their own energy stimulation requirements and that causes the rebellion against the already established parental energy flows-lines which of course the parents do not want to give up.

  While one is here on this Planet, is ruled by the continual energy flows of this Planet..

This is my reality of course, as always and this topic has much more to it than I care to write about

Comments on: "FREE WILL, do we have one? There are many variety- selection- assortment of everything available and which ones we settle for which will we have on the end?" (1)

  1. Peter Smith said:

    This may only be your reality but is a simple not complicated explanation of life, which explains a lot of behaviour and opens the door to handeling lots of situations. Therefor it must be widely agreed to and so true. Well spotted.

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