Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The heavy drama, more auditing one has bigger the drama becomes. OT’s really know how to dramatize!!

“Unfortunately, as my ability to mock up increased so did my ability to mock up my bank.” [ this was part of a comment in my blog]

 Well, here goes… you have not made your bank bigger, that is impassible since the BANK is already existing can’t add to it and One can only by as-ising it segments by segments as in session works- lessens that all ready existing package. 

So here are the very reasons the OT’s seem to dramatize more than before being in scientology.

 After having the OT levels finished or partially or even at the levels, that dramatization manifests itself.
More energy-items has been erased, after that eraser the drama, which could be about anything, could become big-huge- monstrous in size and one must not forget: “drama” that creation-experience is after all huge having-ness of that moment it happens… And we love experiences!! We have created the universe just to experience! WE live to experience, and we love the stimulation!

And why we dramatise our actions more after having been audited: you ask.
The answer is very simple… too simple so some of you who are dramatizing looking for complicated answers will not see this as the cause of the big drama.  

 Let me give on Example: you have front of you a huge barrel of apples, you only see which is visible to your eyes and you do not see it as singular apple but all of it at the same time, let say few hundred of them.. as the apples do vanish one by one now there is more room available for the remaining apples and those become more noticeable to you, you start to see them in detail.
Now, what do you see after let say only six or seven apples are front of you in the barrel?
You become aware of more color combinations and you even notice those apples are all different variety.
You can now admire the content of the barrel, can pick up each apple and can see, feel, smell, weigh each one individually.
You see, when lots of items are erased from the bank as-ised the remaining stuff seems heavier, bigger, they are manifested in their own reality, now they are not overwhelmed by other items=condensed.  
They now have a presence… regained their original powers as they were created by you way back when… an the track…

 So fellow traveler,  your burden has not become bigger but you can see and sense experience more the remained items which have not benn confronted-erased and those items can be seen, experienced in the big way ‘NOW’,   
Your havin-ness has come up:Now you really can have: the universe have become more colorful, the pleasure moments are really there so is the suffering, the pain everything is bigger, better, or heavier, the loses are felt deeper, the fears can be felt deeper powerful too..
….. Now, that tiny cut hurts so much! One can see that some persons are really heavily into the heavy who is wrong and why, and can’t get out of that shit.. others become a huge victims of the churche, they get stuck so badly in that drama they can’t move in any direction… Others yell top of their lungs we must save the universe, we must save this or that. Drama-drama alaround: and since we become more aware we notice that dramatazation too.

 And what Elizabeth say? Guys, go have a session.. your need for drama will be over.. and there will be peace in the universe…

PS:what ever I write in this blog, it is only my reality , my path on which I walk…. I never ever claime that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than I move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine..good if it is totally condradictory to your understanding-reality that is fine too…


Elizabeth Hamre OT.




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