Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

importance..important… value=FEAR
Important, having importance, making something important is done by “thinking and believing” those possessions which we own have value..and they do have value..!! simply because we say so..
The value is agreed upon assigned reality and there is no more to what ”value” than that colective agreement .
Example: 1 carat perfect diamond in the jewelry store is about $ 40000.00 that value exist  because the diamonds value is controlled by the cartel in fact that diamonds true value is $200.00
Well… important: having importance and value: believing in those thoughts, holds those believes in space forever and a day… or till confronted.

Example having life= believing that body is the self and the self only exist long as the body exist.
Living= continual creation+ one believes that there is past and future.
Being somebody=recognised and agreed upon bunch of considerations what is existence, what is being somebody, usually means what that being is Doing: I am a doctor, I am a gardener. NO, that is not the Theta, the Entity but doing-ness causativeness.
Owing things which ”having value or important ” is assigned with those considerations established one automatically has GAINED FEAR = fear exist because there is worry it might be that important valuable object will become lost or stolen and that important thing.. persons somehow will disappear.. and therefor that valuable persons or items wont be wont among our possessions=havingness..

Fear only exist because the thought is attached to a items which can be anything including body -person that is valuable=important..  one can’t do without because life is not worth living if one dont own it, have it!
When one confronts the compounded considerations-agreements galore: why one holds the universe so valuable and important and why those consideration of ”value–importance” were attached to some beliefs and solid items than these values-importance’s will melt away and at the same times and the “fear to will be evaporate for ever”.
Value.. Importance is same as Beauty which only exist in the eyes of the beholder.
Confront anything important, look into why something is held so valuable-important and in that moment of confrontation the meanings will erase- vanish.
That is a good indicator that you have believed that Illusion are real and on the other hand If you are happy contented playing the MEST games.
BUT by all means do not give up the your valuable-important considerations because without them you wont have a game….


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