Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 Intention… what is… yes, in fact it is power, The Personal Power… which should not be confused with any form of energy…. Personal power or Intention has no mass- bulk or quantity. The regular energy which can be expressed example: as in the punch of the boxer, that energy which is landing on the body, that is energy… it is able to be gauged, can be measured just what it can do on another physical object. Put the indentation in the rib cage. Etc…. That energy has sustenance as in any movement which “is intended” to cause change in other item.

 But it is that invisible intention what makes the gloved fist move and land that devastating blow the first place.. Since the body itself does not think… don’t have will power and can’t move without the connection from the spiritual being… The Static=intention… Static is the being itself, So far I have not experienced reality if there is separation in  “what is intention or what is static”…it just is=the intangible-infinite.

 The intentions second stage is Postulate. The postulate is pictures hold pictures so it has matter already.. Movements are series of pictures… postulates in motion…Example I will hit him here than next blow will land there the next will break the nose, causes the temporarily disconnection in the in his thought pattern In fact that is the blow which will causes the beings temporally disconnection from his own ”intention”, by losing his INTENTION to knock out even for a second has caused the other persons to win since the winners intention to knock out was not interrupted.. With his next punch he slides his “intention-postulate into place, he win!!!!

 Also he has less counter postulates on winning therefore his intention has less- fewer barriers walls…will be knocked out less. His postulated do happen more frequently.. Winners  have less barriers-wall- in form of counter postulates… Confrontation as in session do eliminate the counter intentions…

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