Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The concept as “past” only contains what is considered it contain by the entity who consider that there is a past and the “now “ in the present moment, there are no other  considerations have existence…

The future in reality do not exist, that too is a meaningless empty concept, if there are meanings significances and any value being put there those are just thoughts and only considered than those thoughts are in “now” what it is., not the future. Future can’t be created… it can not be done because it is a creation in “now” that experience which is believed IS the future.…fun? Yes….So… when one thinks of the past or the future: what has happened or what will happen is the experience in the moment of NOW.

  The “I”  the “self”  is not life  has no presence existence than it is intangible therefore Infinite.. or void… The forms are the creations …  the sound a foot step in ”now” since  there are no other present form is existing from the same action…… Solitary beat of the heart…  droplet of water in that split second as it hit the surface…two weeks’ worth of falling water, rain, can’t be experienced in one spit second which would be “now “only that very moment of consideration that drop truly exists…

… One note as single sound as it trembles through the space there “is”=now and no such a thing as a experiencing the whole song at once in one moment…  old photo has the image of a seaside…In  the “now “the past do not exist but whatever  “now” it created in connection to that photo is now, newly experienced: new unit of time……… the glint in the eye of the crow is the universe suspended in a moment.…that universe only exist if it is created in that moment of  that flash…..the trill of it all.

The intangible infinite only can contain form if it is created and that creation existing in the form of experience that moment of creation, there is no more….
one beat of the heart….fills the void… and because of that sound void do not exist.
At the end of the long journey I have realized: past do not exist and same goes for the future, we have only a moment: when we create and while we create in that fraction of a moment we experience and the is NOW.



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