Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 PS; i am not talking about the rib-cage here, but the invisible to the eyes those energy lines…”.Medirian lines” an the body, as in chinese madicine…

By now I have seen many different machinery in sessions and the pictures go with them and of course the realization has come in form of cogs for having those machine-bodies and how I have use them as anchors.
But of course as we moved on gotten a new body we left the old solid junk an some place to rut away but we have taken its total mock up with us, what that body could do and we have had all those pictures that knowledge and we have carried it in our invisible bag.
Those memories of that machinery-robots are the working manuals and by now nothing but mixed confused bunch of expired reality-agreements yet they were in use making this meat-body an effect till I have confronted them one by one in sessions. This body is in good shape, in good health.
Interesting to locate these machinery since they are so very different from this soft body yet some of those principals still fit with this clanking thing here.

To exteriorize, to get out of the body is not easy as one would think, unless something violent happens to the body: heavy push, accident, operation back fire-ring, car accident, brick falls on one’s head, touch of poison in ones cereal etc… otherwise it is not easy to leave this machine and to say, “I be seeing you” and blow…!!
 Why is it so difficult to go exterior? Well, I have my reality, but this is my reality, and a different cognition tomorrow could change this of course, nothing is written in stone in my universe..

One can’t even imagine just how many bodies One have had over the eons… and how One was connected to all those bodies, by what means, by this mean One had a reasons, a thoughts, a considerations, agreements connected with aches and pains sensations, pleasure moments or huge heavy blows, or just a itsy-bitsy snake bite, or an invisible virus which kept the being connected, or just a simple thought “I will not leave till I kill that bastard or before I die I must see Niagara falls.. or I won’t Rest till…blah-blah.. …you all have thousands of reasons the +1 and the minuses well they to exist!!!

 Here is a goodie: a reason one remains so strongly connected… is the sexual climax it self…!!!!!  
Show me outside of heavy pain,  if such a thing is existing in present time which is stronger, heavier, bigger, greater denser deeper more profound in any ways or ” more solidly-compacted and more addictive in any way” than this energy….as climax…I don’t think you can find one.. and what people do in order to prolong that sensation and  increase that sensation..and have it aften as passible, those acts could fill volumes alone if it would be written!! Mind boggling reading material that would be!
Want to exteriorize? Very amusing…
  We can’t count food or sleep in the same category as sex… not for one second….Once sex is felt- sensed, with that the being is captured, bagged for life… by the full blown addiction… [in some religions the participants want to kick that need and work on that for their whole life, but can they kick the need and want?
Sex is a body thing… through the body the being is captured by made to believe that is the greatest pleasure one can experience; the climax!!!]

 We also have so many counter postulates equal amount for not going, not leaving, staying, remaining, and the major believe the being has “this is life here”, having the body= is life itself.
Also a big lie is inserted into ones Bank that the being is safe inside the body and nothing can harm the being while one has the body, one is the body.
TO Exteriorize at free will, only can occur when those thousands of thoughts-considerations, collected assumptions and the immense amount of agreements are eliminated by as-ising them one by one in session.
It can be done, I know because I have done it… I no longer have thoughts of being inside or outside of anything.
No thoughts left that there is past or future or time, or one is in location or in fact no locations, invisible or nothingness[ these are big items to confront]: no beingness left or doingness to confront.

Back to this post:I know there are occasions when the being in the sleep just moves out and vanishes without any fanfare…. That happens all the time but we have no idea how that persons bank was set up… so that kind of departure-separation from the body is not necessarily happening out of free will.

I know that a body has a very strong hold on the being: having the body of any kind gives the being the illusion of existence: Life living, with that continuum, location, time, solidity, which includes of course limited movement.
 Also through having a body experience’s One is supplied continual stimulations which is having-ness, big time. Those are the important factors; the make belief that the game is real…..

The body is nothing more than an Electric Cage, holds the being as a prisoner, it was and always will be just that..

Below is cognition of the body as a strong hold, the spirits house, it’s fortress, its citadel and its refuge –shelter its prison and how it works…[ my reality of course]   

I just seen something interesting in connection with Meridian lines the energy lines on the surface of the body, which holds- runs current, regular energy and on the lines are the acupuncture point to all glands etc therefore these energy lines connect the acupuncture points.

Ever since I have learned about them while have had acupuncture and seen the map how these lines look like on paper I have wondered why the body has such a thing and how it gotten there.
I love acupuncture and over the years had many sessions and in session I could sense when the energy got reconnected and there was even flow, the harmony has returned:The body become well.

I was not looking for anything special just pottered about the universe being interested about “prisons” etc.. the picture just come in strong and vibrant, full in color.

GET READY!!!!!!!!!! What the Meridian lines represent now used to be on electronic cage!!!  This structure had many purposes over different life times besides being prisons for Entities.

Having a cage on the body makes a great deal of sense to me and why not? If you go and look up a picture on the internet and you can see for yourself how the lines look like: bars of the cage, absolutely fascinating.

An electric cage can anchor the being and the current depends what runs through lines is regulated and its strength too, how strong the currents are need to be and could be regulated in order to hold the being in space and with that in time and of course depends on the consideration of that life time the cage can be safety or prison that depends on what is the users or the givers intention, but the cage acts as on anchor at all times.

Beside to hold one as a prisoner other times was used as a safety device, a protection so other being could not invade, enter and touch us.
Besides that, was used to push shove propel away others back into their space away from ours and also we could increase the energy of our space by increase the energy in the bars: we could become larger and that was indicator for others who could sense those currents and could not enter and invade our space. Hehehe I am bigger than you are!!I dare you!!

Here is a saying which is originating way back, waaaay back. “ I have Let my  guard down”.[opened the cage] Something bad has happened.
Or “I was on idiot, I should not let my guard down”. [ That could mean trouble: now One is walking without Ones head because has been chopped off, because One has let ones guard down] The safety was bridged..

Also the electric cage was used other occasions to make self-us invisible, to hide self: by increasing the energy make it very bright and no person could see-look inside and sense that there is a being in there because the energy-the currents were scrambling the presence of the being…

Very interesting, what I see, that we can scramble others persons energy and because of that they can not look into our universe and understand our thoughts-intentions.
I also have seen this cage hanging in space highly charged in order to capture those who happen to be floating by, these were of course Entities without the body. The Meridian lines were sizzling and any being who had just a glimpse of it was pulled in and gotten captured at that moment. From that moment on one carried that cage from one life to the next, no wonder we still have it on our human meat bodies and we are held there by the strong current of these lines… or we are held there by the memory of it? I have it confronted so to do not have effect on me and those who had beings who were in session the same time as I was. We all had the cognitions and we are all free of the effects of the electric cage.

 I have been working on telepathy for a long time and I have taken off many layers but I never seen a scrambling device before which effects the communication of the Free Entities [BT’s Clusters and those wondrous beings who I share the universe with. Now I gained new viewpoints and I am cooking again. This is new, different reality, I like it.

On many occasion I have looked into other persons space [ in sessions ] and I, who can see[ without eyes] grate deal  but there are times I could see only  blank but I have known something was inside that blank which did not allowed me to look into others intimate thoughts= life and that blank was on agreement of some kind. [ any agreement is a barrier a wall which hold the person outside or in, whatever.]

 We have on gentlemen’s agreements of some kind which was established waaaay back not to invade each other’s intimate space and that still holds here an Earth [so we will not read each other’s mind and that promise was made and still being kept!!!]
I won’t read your mind and you keep out of my space: my mind: these are the agreed “laws’ of the game.]  we keep all promises as any other agreements we ever made, but no longer I am a gentleman and I will do my very best to demolish those agreements, those blind walls which covers, segregates one off and made this a individual universes..
I have done that… and There is no longer I.. me… self.. being or having.

After this I wonder I really wonder what I am going to find next?


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