Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Age-aging and on youth, being young:  and infinite…….

As I=the body was aging as the years were going by, I too had thoughts-considerations and many-many of them… Mostly they were not happy as I have seen the signs of aging… The flesh, was not so firm.. There were graying, the skins changed lost its elasticity gradually, the weight of the breasts was too heavy, started to sag… they were closer to the belly button than to the chin…. the eyes lids become papery, thin and were sinking into the scull…into oblivion… the heavy full lips have lost their shape, there were age spots popping up etc……= there were wrinkles here and there the first ones I noticed on my knee caps…hehehe..

Since I never was much for make-up, and rejuvenating creams etc., so I had this brilliant idea why not have solo sessions? Wow, just how brilliant One can be? Well that was novel idea [ solo an age]  to me and with that a new world opened up..   So I have soloed and soloed and soloed an all the things I did not like were happening to the body…and that was lots, lot of material….But most  I have recalled were from my past life’s, where I had different bodies and very different realities what in fact was ageing…not the same as here of course.. Age, was valuable in many-many ways, that is still in place and still in use… we have brought that packed with us[ but now here have become a burden because they are connected to other considerations that “ one is no more, none=existence “which comes after old age, death]  so there are many reasons we do age==the body that is!. Because ageing had value, great importance in the past and those importance’s were there by agreements too and  piled up high made solid in order to belong in the same game…  so we still age… everybody’s ‘body’.

Now starting to solo an AGE is like opening up a “bottomless” can of worms… Incredible amounts of thought, considerations and of course the wonderful agreements existing on ageing…WE ALL AGREE THAT ”THERE IS ADGEING!!!”

 We all have the same symptoms- signs markings on the body so we all have those agreements, right?  Otherwise the ageing would not happen, yes? Some body’s age faster some others “looks” last longer, looking better. OH, IT IS IN THE GENES!!! Bull, No-no-no!. Just have different considerations, agreements that is all.[I know the science has proved such, yes it exists, but it is the considerations changes the cells, the pictures from the past alters the genes, the looks the shapes, the size’s.  We used to have bodies  contained  the cells  which were normal to that body, same cells as here which are now names sick Cancers  cells, those who have had that kind of body in the past has the knowledge-the pictures and it can be transferred into this body and alter the cells here.]

 Mind boggling… endless, bottomless pit…. The agreements about ageing are…

 But great fun nerveless since auditing  the  “aging” the passing of years One really can see the universe, the different bodies we have had and the zillions of reason we want to preserve the body…. but also there is another side of the coin, we want to destroy the body…aging is very effective way to achieve that….

Impassible to comprehend at the beginning when One ventures an soloing such a concepts… just how many reasons there are for we want to preserve the body…..Of course the major reasons: the being believes that the body is self, the I, the me…. ugh….

If One no longer have the body than One do not exist anymore. Have died expired deceased  passed away, departed  passed on, kaput, finished , life-less,  extinct, vanished,  none-existent, “ NO MORE AMONG THE LIVING!!!”. One is invisible!!!!!! [Heavy item itself]

  The second reason the being KNOWS [implanted] that if One is not a body than One is nothing, do not exist, have no identity, not recognised, not known,  will be forgotten, have  been forgotten,  invisible… not loved, not wanted, have been destroyed, lost all value which was the body and  [everything which mattered went down on the drain with it too which includes his memory, his knowledge, his abilities, ability to communicate etc..]…., which was life itself in other words  the person now stated, acknowledged and become known by everyone that the new  state of that person is now “”dead therefore becomes a History…Past …Previous… Former,    HEHEHE….. Lovely… in fact life begins after One gets rid of the body..

The Implants, are set up in order to the being to trust, that in this narrow opening- from conception till One has kicked the bucket and laid underground the ”Earth to Earth bit, the dust to dust thing” [in my reality: dirt to Earth, since I don’t see the body as a valuable commodity to have, but hindrance, a total prisons] this incredible strong believe is implanted that without the body One is nothing-absolutely nothing -nobody. Even the very word when used “NOBODY” gives on explanation imply suggest where is the being-what is that being simply nobody-nothing=no identity.  [That phrase also implies that the being-the person has not achieved importance here on this planet, not partaken making it more solid] Three cheers for important beings they have added solidity to this massy MEST..

  So, what is the being to do but want to preserve the body every possible way, to continue its existence, which believed is that of self; Few examples: food we must eat in order to remain here, THE MORE INSECURE THE PERSON MORE THEY EAT, OBISITY IS HERE BECAUSE of THAT REASON. Those who are fat are most insecure, unhappy in every possible way… Loss of confidence, loss of things,  since food=solid give security an anchor point… You see other anchor points were lost, havingness of financial- solid items.” The must haves” same as  in everybody  have, implanted to make One happy if they own a house, kids, boats, dog, trips, have title  front or end of the name, those musts in order to belong otherwise life is not worth living , let’s have important heavy, huge body… no One can’t take that away… when the person realizes that it was a mistake: pull in all sort of illness, to get rid of the blunder: that decrepit fat-old body…let’s have a cancer, a heart attack a good car accident…be killed somehow and the blame is on somebody else…their fault..

 But back to aging…What ages the person? The meat body was made to last just for time span till it reproduced, after that they were harvested for food by other beings… Even putting the Dead body underground was and is re-cycling… nothing more… back to Earth to decompose and to nurture other life forms… very economical procedure.

Now what ages the body is simply what ONE’s  considers: those thoughts the very agreements the person has: here is a few from thousands of them: getting on with the years, the years pile up, everybody ages, everybody gets old, inevitable we all get old, nothing will turn back the time, we can’t stop time, our parents died, we die, everybody must die, it is in the genes, the sunrays ages one, hard work ages one, hard life ages one, we only can live so long, our time is limited here, we must go, the body  becomes “time-worn”-good lie’s since in fact there is no time, so how could the body be affected by passing of time?

Calendars, years and having days are very flimsy considerations-agreements.. How could TIME passible run out?   Some say in connection with ageing: time is running out for the old timer…. YES, what that in fact means?  The Implanted game= which one is view-ing is in fact coming to the end…Since life is just a game, nothing more so the end must come too, same as  in any game-like computer games, soccer matches.. etc..

 BUT the sad part the being  is made to believe this game is  a lifespan – living – existing and One only survives if One has the body, so let’s preserve the body, let’s keep it in ‘Good shape”  you; slice the wrinkle’s off,  stretch the skin drum like, mud-packs, rejuvenating herbal baths, B-12 injections, massages, acupuncture, vitamin creams, hair implants,  lets pump iron, run 5 miles a day,  do yoga, hum to ones belly button, eat salads, eat fat, don’t eat fat, eat meat don’t eat meat… no milk product, since that is not good and no salt… no drugs, but take pills which will be rejuvenating from the inside…. Sniff things; visualize things sitting under the banyan tree, ageless body smooth skin, serenity etc…

  But that’s enough since every person knows those thoughts and has those thought. Now what can be done about to eliminate the ageing factors…the very issues which rise’s up  the same time with the wrinkles…

  There are hundreds of different symptoms One notices as the “years” go by. One simply eliminates those conditions, what one “FEELS” what One thinks, how One see’s the changes in the body… Those changes are the strong stimulating factors because they are visually present… so are the numbers like 50, 60 70 etc… They all have meanings to the being so they have to be as-ised in sessions.. [you ask how long that would take? Take long as it takes… we have “time” since we are not going anywhere, the Universe is Infinite and we love to play the games… with auditing we just regain self, the control over our creations and we just eliminating the effects…

But here is the BUT, there is always one, that is “intention-counter intention” which hold the MEST in place…

One not only have to be audited an all the considerations-agreements on aging but on YOUTH too.  Huge items-agreements: Wanting to be young and all the reasons why One would like to be young again “in body” and the very meanings what is YOUTH IT SELF MEANS to self. One simply can’t reach age if One did not have been youth- being young: had those considerations-agreements too.

 The minus- the plusses hold the AGE in place. It is equally important to have auditing in both directions.. One also has to look at the values; the importance’s an aging and of youth too. Same package same game condition same implanted material…

 Yes I have had spent thousands of hours on those items and all the relating agreements and on consideration. I have reaches the “Ageless” state. I have lost the time considerations; there are no years, no time. Therefore no youth, no old age- nothing. I simply am.. What the body do now? How is the body doing? It is going through its normal cycle but It is in total health, by considerations of others who LOOK at this body with the eyes: they say impassible that you are 72. You see, their use their eyes and the  eyes see the body, but they, the beings pick and  up-experience my space and in that space there is no age, years, crippling thought of death or dyeing, the sicknesses which are part of the braking down of the body so they don’t see an old person on old mock-ups, a dyeing-body, but  what they experience is vitality, high energy which is associated here on this Planet as youth…being young…  and in other places: Infinite…. 

 PS:  since we can take one step at a time and by doing that ONE can achieve ones goal and the Rudiments, running ARCB’s handle the toughest old age syndromes… HEHEHE, fun, people.. Nothing but fun.. Looking at the track finding out how very capable we are making a perfectly good looking body =old and ill, and how we making it into such a state as dead? We are truly OT, and powerful in every way!  



Comments on: "Age-aging and on youth, being young: and infinite……." (3)

  1. I saw you posted this on Geir’s blog and decided to comment here on your blog instead.

    I’ve been realizing that the body is a part of the projected perception filtered through considerations which I guess most called the “game of life.” I can think of some very good reasons for wanting a body to die — mainly getting tired of being associated with a certain beingness by others who seek to have everything stay the same even though that simply isn’t possible. So here is Maria at 20, why that’s Maria and Maria is this way and that way and this way and that way, even though Maria at 40 is no longer that same “person” in almost any way, still being held to that old memory of Maria.

    There are no really good reset buttons, death seems to be the reset button in this game. I guess that’s okay but wouldn’t it be fun to just reboot without all this fanfare?

    I’m down to the ground of who I am and its still not down to the ground of who I am because there is no real who I am except who I choose to be, and associate with. Yet I continue manifesting as “Maria” even though its so very confining. I let Maria continue. So I wonder to myself — what difference does it make if I associate so? Does it really have any true meaning in the realm of who I really am? I think not. But I lack certainty on that in some way that is hard to explain even to myself.

    Perhaps there isn’t much more to aging that getting tired of energizing a particular identity and game sequence and therefore putting all the aging ideas into play. Seems one could choose not to.

    One day I thought I should just let it all go. Wave bye bye and relax in the ease of no physical identity for a while. But immediately I thought of all the people who know me and rely on me being there and I thought oh, is there more I need to do? Hmmm. Yes. And that was the end of that notion. At least for now.

    Thank you for thinking of me! I like it when you do.

    I come to read your blog you know. I really enjoy what you discover and write about!

    • MARIA: “Does it really have any true meaning in the realm of who I really am? I think not. But I lack certainty on that in some way that is hard to explain even to myself.”
      This made smile even to chuckle loud…. Maria… my Dear…You are wondering about the above, I can assure-guarantee you since I am certain-totally confident no matter what label, what identity others hang on you or we hold onto, no matter what occupation we do, how we see ourselves how we think, it is totally meaningless… since thought- thinking being aware we are thinking, knowing that we know, these only exist in connection to this Planet…
      In the Spiritual Universe needs don’t exist [since there is no need or want] of those considerations agreements galore which holds the MEST in place rules-laws of the MEST has only meanings here. Maria, look into the space where I am pose to be. What is there? What do you see, experience? There is nothing…. No identity, no connections.. There is nothing as a solid anchor point- there is no value, or anything thought of valuable therefore fear is gone that was as-is 14 years back. As the fear was as-ised the value of things which mattered has gone….. therefore the solidity had gone so is the havingness in solidity..…. This nothing has no name-identity no labels yet I am never been more positive-confident of my role in the universe as I am now…
      PS: need and want only exist when there is TIME-consideration existing.. Want something in the future, will need something for tomorrow etc,, The need or want those considerations do create time frame in connection in fact is all MEST oriented…
      In the spiritual universe yesterday or tomorrow do not exist, only NOW.
      Maria, time to time when you visit here please leave an ack… it would give a pleasure to know you float about..

  2. As always I ejoyed this artical and learned some and got some thing to solo on. I have been away in the bush for a few weeks with no com and it was driving me crazey and I was starting to blend in with the others that I worked with,became more mest and fitted in with them better. I thought I was going crazey because I couldn’t do trading but realy it was the cutting of these theta comm lines. I have quit that job to get your comm line back.
    Thanks Elizabeth.

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