Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 Big one, every cognition is immense since every cognition is important since without cognitions one can’t be free of MEST. For years I have been aware no matter how long key- out keep I always have been pulled back- fallen into… get stimulated… experienced something…. regardless, no matter what the cognitions were.

 This morning I was pondering, why one needs to key in when one do not wish, since I have audited my whole  life, why I still pull in-fall into something… also I know what ever I experience don’t have much effect on me, there is no major charge left, but I still pull it in..

The other thought I had, that I know every thought, item, consideration, agreement is a barrier a wall, a anchor which holds one stuck to that item…so I been wondering, just how much space, power one holds?=equals in that moment to whatever the being experiences…. Very simple conclusion… Bloody Hell…. Can one ever get free of MEST?

 I can’t describe exactly how or what I was looking at, since I was just floundering about the sea of thoughts looking for something to grab, Bingo….. Cognition ……. So powerful that I felt the sizzle, the sensation as it as-ised the MEST, the related thoughts….as I set in the Sun-room, I just simply experienced as my Universe realigned itself, The new Understanding always so profound since that understanding is so new, never been experienced or one looked those thoughts ever before… it is the very first time experience..

 What was the Cognition? Very simple….Why is the being a person is so ”overwhelmed” by the MEST universe? [There are lots of reasons and this is one of them.]

 I know LRH has a definition in the dictionary…. But that is just a description… an explanation, but not the very experience which one needs in order to comprehend the meaning in totality..….

 Why the being is so overwhelmed by MEST? Why the MEST moves back on the being even after a huge key-out?

 The being believes, made to believe, went into agreement, that the MEST Universe, within that universe everything is bigger, stronger, tougher, harder, solider, more durable, larger, greater, taller, higher or smaller. The being contenually compare self with those OBJECTS,  since the beings measure self as a “ body” and what that can accomplish, by moving, lifting,  how long it’s last in comparisons which other solid objects…now that is a cats meaow…

 Can’t pick up 100 kilo easily, so I am week, have to crane my neck while looking up at a skyscraper, therefore I am small: tiny in comparison, in size.   Can’t control the wind, the waves, the rain, can’t stop a hurricane therefore I am incapable-helpless.  Freeze in 10 below therefore vulnerable-defenseless toward the elements.  Standing at the mountains base looking up toward the 3000 meter pick, yes I feel so insignificant…in caparison of that creation its sizes endurance, its age: I am nothing.

 I swim in the ocean, and the small wave has more power than me because it can sweep me away into unconsciousness….. The avalanche has so much power: the body can be snuffed out is second… totally powerless against such a forces… Nature is more powerful, I am nothing in comparison…one do believes after encounters such humongous energy… can’t make it across the ocean, in a canoe, or a kayak…. Just can’t.  The body in comparison of the Ocean too small, too weak, too frail to be able to handle, to survive such on ordeal….  Fire burns, can’t be in that one… much stronger than I, I burn in the fire….I perish…the fire is much more powerful than the body of mine.. The material of the body is mostly water yes? Drop it off 10 story building and watch how it splatters! Low-grade material, was not made to last too long…everything effects it, so very vulnerable in comparison to a nice boulder, yes give me a good size boulder, I take that any time..!]

We die so easily [we believe we do disappear when the body is no more]  we are so week, one itsy-bitsy bullet, snuffs out the body, we only last short period of time, why, head an collision do us in the end comes at us with the speed of the car..…. Good one….the solidity of the car is better, heavier and more powerful.

   So my cognition simply is, long as one measures- compares self with the things about –around self… long as one believes, no I can’t walk through the wall because I just can’t since two solid item can’t be pushed through each other, while attempting.…solids do collide; the body loses out once more.  Long as one believes one as a meat body, one never will walk through that wall and see what is beyond and see its secret… Long as one believes that London or Mexico City, or the Himalayas are far from where one lives, the distance will exist because one measures the distance in comparison of the size of the body…. so unreachable remoteness exist for the body with that for the being too.

Yes… how many 5’6’’ length fits into let say 1500miles? Because one  need to measures two different concepts- perceptions- observation two different realities, items: one “always” is the meat body the other usually some solid thing in this case the terrain… Well, who is losing out? The body the being of course….. So for the body that length- becomes a huge distance therefore the beings who identifies  with the body be the body believes that is SELF…  so small, the distance is so big, well, of course such a distance, is overwhelming…. Crossing the Sahara, impassible, one must have water or will die of heath and other obstacles. Only miracles would work if one would tempt such on adventure alone, no water and barefoot…ughh. One dies for sure.. Suicide… did in reality the person would die?

So the beings continually measures, judges, compares relates links associates to everything how the body would survive those  experiences, involvements, participations in connection to anything  and what will the outcome be…

 Since the body is weak, puny, small, pathetic, wretched inadequate in comparison to the MEST in contrasts  to Solidity the person who uses that body as on anchor believes and made to believe  he too are those things therefore are being overwhelmed, for the MEST is unyielding… remains solid,  the body is fragile, weak small, in any situation. … mind you.. we do well with down duvet covers.. Anything lighter in weight or smaller as body size than our own: I am a giant in comparison to on ant; I am force to reckon with so look out mosquitoes…

PS:  Because the continual comparisons to objects the being do believe that one have size.. Baloney…With this cognition, for me as a spiritual being, the so called space is no longer affected… From now size, I no longer have, just about time…


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