Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

“LRH said that pleasure moments enhances survival….. pigswill… and no insult intended toward pigs.

“””LRH said that pleasure moments enhaces survival.””” “THAT IS TRUE” yeeeeeeees.. Survival in the MEST and he has demonstrated that by his actions how he has conducted -lived his life.

To become more solid petrified into total solidity… To be walled in, buried under, suppressed into… than have a cross placed on one’s ”soul” which reads: died wealthy … was flush… loaded.. well off, was well known important person therefore remembered by many…. Therefore he had value.. a treasured being he was…[Shit]… had it all- everything… did more than the average Jo, controlled more, had others at his back and call,  Made others do what he wanted to do, controlled uniformed slaves…. as are SO. Sign them up for billion years to be servant to MEST, to remain in that position, walled into MEST through his will his command his control..

To have control to such an extent to affect beings –beings for billion years….. Bloody Hell… in the name of Clearing  the Planet, to make others free, and meanwhile the “self” to be wedged into MEST by a promise and by a gained ” Pleasure moments?

Since signing for such an extended time period ’Billion years”[ the numbers alone meant to impress]that signed document given being a value-importance=pleasure moment “in  pride”. And that PROMISE alone will hold that being captured enslaved in MEST as a servant, unless has that deed confronted in session and those item and earlier similar ones audited out. 
 Hell… Agreements- pacts, are un-cut invisible strings which hold the being to the promised forever and a day…that is not a Spiritual Path one should walk in order to attain the infinite State and it has nothing to do with spirituality…[ LRH even controlled through making others to promise… What was that? His bank has demanded such … he needed the glorification of what he could do] Those were his pleasure moments to bend the will of others and that given him his power…

His reality went only so far, that height that level… I would call his level his reality on spirituality none existent… He has trapped beings In Hell by their believing in ” spirituality” because those souls believed that is an only way out… LRH committed offense of the highest magnitude.. …. he was trusted and he used that trust to trap, and to benefit from trust of others..

He built his church, his “corporation” on the formula of a ” Implant stations” the Membered are totally re-stimulated in that environment… can’t think for them self…

He has ignored the vulnerability of every being, that their stimulation was enhanced there, he has known the Banks power yet use that power to control, to gain wealth for him self.

He counted – calculated on the power of ONE Word and on its magical draw-quality “SPIRITUALITY” through that concept ability to gain, to acquire more MEST.. That was his spirituality- the pleasure moment was measured how well one was doing in the MEST universe what one could own…

LRH was admired for his skills which were related- linked in with control of MEST…He was venerated for his ability to “dazzle … amuse… charm… had huge personality, magnetism and he used that as a tool to gain and control…. I don’t see any spiritual …divine…mystical…supernatural ability there, not for one second, but pigswill…[I hope the pigs are not insulted since it is not my intention to put down their nourishment as something bad as LRH’s reality.]

Pleasure moments are the heaviest traps because their addictive nature lures the being back over and over, and the being in fact continually search out those actions- which produces by having= the experiences of pleasure…

Pleasure Moments can be handled regardless of their nature, since the pleasure moments are just doing-ness sensations, vibrations feelings desires moods wishes wants needs cravings hungers thirsts all are implanted passions, mental emotional state of some kind.

In my reality, all conditions can be audited out regardless.. Since I speak from experience gained in sessions.

Pleasure moments are highly adictive because the person wants it needs it and continually- actively looks for it: by seeking out the pleasure moment as ”good” have become on activity which is worth living for, without pleasure life has no value, has become meaningless..
What a bowl of crap… to make the humans believe that pleasure is the answer.. and what pleasure continual seeking..looking for those moment ensures that the person is trapped in the solid world of pleasure and in pleasure one will never find the infinite.. the freedom from all what having-owning experiencing provides.



Comments on: "“LRH said that pleasure moments enhaces survival”… that equals to pigswill in value… [no insult intended toward pigs." (5)

  1. I so agree. I went through an experience that was very revealing on this exact subject. My partner of many years one day announced that he was through being with me, and told me that I had never been any more than a “good enough” relationship, one he had entered into because he was just tired of being alone – he had never actually participated in the love I thought we shared. This was quite a shock to me. I had been experiencing a sense of love throughout that relationship and now I learned that it was my own love I was experiencing — I put it there and I experienced it. I took a huge loss on all this and thought myself quite the fool, the dupe.

    I dropped all my creativity, all my love, and entered into a state of numb detachment. I didn’t like it. And one day I realized that it didn’t matter at all this notion of being duped, of being fooled, of not being exchanged with. All the love and meaning was mine to create and to share regardless of anything anyone else seemed to be doing or not doing. And I was in love. Just in love. Only this time I knew that I was doing it and it was wonderful. And I thought, why should I live a loveless existence when I can live a loving existence? Why not be simply be happy? There is not much reason to be unhappy? Its just not very happy to be unhappy and why do that? So one day I just was happy and I stayed happy regardless of what was going on around me. Does it need to be connected to an event? To an accomplishment? To some judgment or creation? I think not. Its my meaning after all. And that meaning has little to do with the world around me — but isn’t it grand to have the freedom to have one’s own meaning?

  2. Articolo fuori dal coro e illuminante.
    Anch’io avevo firmato un contratto di un miliardo di anni per la sea org.
    Quando un giorno mentre ero sull’ EPF. ho realizzato cio’ che avevo firmato e non mi andava di “ipotecare” il mio futuro con un accordo cosi’ a lungo termine
    Non so avevo una sensazione di non volere essere obligato a ripettare quel accordo
    Volevo Essere libero di non sapere cosa fare o non fare nelle prossime vite.
    Di fatto non finii i corsi e fui espulso perche’ non qualificavo.
    Per me e’ stato come un riconoscimento hai miei dubbi sul “fanatismo” nei confronti di LRH.
    Quando hai event vedevo queste persone applaudire con tale “entusiasmo” che un giorno pensai ” se questa e’ un altra fregatura od un modo per intrappolarci con l’illusione della liberta’ siamo fottuti.”
    E proprio nell’ultima seduta di auditing ho detto al mio Auditor che Ron avrebbe dovuto rendere libera’ la teck e non monopolizzarla ed istituzionalizzarla per pochi
    E poi con Questo stile “militare” di comando. mah forse e’ che sono un po’ allergico hai comandanti ed agli inchini.

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