Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

­­If you think believe I have a good imagination since I am writing about sapphires as Planet which was nothing more than a humongous chunk of sapphire, or   Water Planets or rainbows which once was used to encompass wrapped around the universe like a ribbon on the package,  or about the Fairies and they beautiful World.,   No I don’t,  I don’t have imagination:. None, zilch nil zero zip, nothing.  What I write of is all very real, existing…in my universe…

That news in  cognition  form, which has taken me by surprise way back as in session: that realization than was  very disappointing-unsatisfactory since I had hidden thoughts, considerations what is should be… since I never thought there is anything more to  Imenination but when I truly understood its meaning its importance I become elated …. ecstatic… euphoric… very excited about the possibilities

 We don’t have imagination. That word was made up- coined in order to describe on OT ability which were long forgotten and in reality  never  been understood, confronted what actually is “ones imagination”.  All that MU is very understandable since the “mind”, the working of it and how it’s works is not understood so why the “imagination” and what it is should be understood? If so, than that thought would be most unique…..  

You are looking for the Universe where the magic the enchantment fascination and trilling actions- experiences reside- live and emanates from?   Well, you have it, you never have lost that, it is just called a name, a word which has no other meaning, which can’t explain that phenomenon what is in any other way by simply saying that it is “your imagination”.[you made all that up, it’s not real: your mother have told you dozens of times!]

 Just think why the magical part of your track would be lost have disappeared vanished as the time passed and you only would be left to have and for your enjoyments the heavy stuff, the bad the evil, the wicked, the malicious, only the nasty and the cruel stuff for you to deal with? Now, that only shit is left over of your   grand –glorious creative very long past in form of the miserable BANK that would not make any sense, not logical -rational would it? Trust me you have it all, all the splendid and grand OT abilities existing present it is just forgotten and buried under….

The magic, where one can cause miracles those abilities are just covered-walled in buried under and overshadowed by the heavy energy of the BANK and once that is erased the  “Imagination” shines again but in different reality as before and that “Imagination”  is ones OT Ability one’s own  creative ability…… totally incredible when one’s whole track is open and available to use material from…

Don’t be disappointed with the  concept  because this ” new Imagination” is not the same as one is used to have  hidden in the darkest,  most private corner of one’s Mind… oh no….

This Universe is ones very own Universe which only “self “can see and other don’t have reality of,[ yet they can experience, pick it up on their own level] none what so ever…. remember every ones Universe is totally unique can’t be compared… and that is true….Within ones Imagination= Universe one can play, change it any  way one pleases to do…that is ones creation one’s ability… Believe me there is no limit what is possible to have, create and all that is real- tangible- perceptible like your car in the drive way…

 The magic, the splendorous things are still there,  but one has to want it bad enough…

PS what is the imegination? Mock-up… you were always on OT…


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