Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Peter have you ever seen you-self as having a body, be the sea itself?

 Sea is powerful potent compelling fascinating mesmerising creation; it has extraordinary astonishing powerful substance-body in comparison to air and to experience and has much stronger energy flows which are bursting with character has incredible personality, which changes continually  relentlessly.

 Being- having the sea-ocean as a body a Water Planet and be that magnificent moving rolling stirring, globe of liquid of which every drop was made out of theta, dazzling magical molten diamonds shimmering-sparking under the many suns  and being occupied by astonishing creations: magnificently  splendid life forms who live within it’s boundaries in inconceivable variation and all that is a superb very grand having- ness for any spiritual being who love to postulate and create to experience.

 By being, occupying such a creation- conception and  having awareness and ability  to create  such with that one feels the creation in its total beauty which offers satisfaction, joy and happiness, a great pleasure moment, a total fulfilment.

These seas-oceans here on Earth are small in comparison to any other oceans which exist in the Universe. By now we know nothing here is original or originates from here, and no matter what it’s here it do exist out there outside of this small Planet, since everything here is created out of recall, stimulations.[the implanted games here  has and only contains very limited visual affects and concepts]

 Those seas out there, the liquid forms are trilling creations, constructions ,.. they are not all sphere in formation but some are millions of mile long liquid light floating in space and in those waters are things living existing which are un imaginable by human mind and those  magical mythical creatures which only remembered and recognised and live in our dreams.

The liquid Worlds in the Universe are the Gems, the ornaments of creations, top of the line postulates realized into semi solid forms. They are the cat’s meow [Cliff for you, hehehe]  

PS -for my friends peter and cliff…. and.. gunner.,  you to can swim the water is fine as you know since you have jumped …you have become a solo auditor.. with love


Comments on: "magical universe, having different body, ocean? and why not!" (3)

  1. Very nice Elizabeth . I would like to sail those seas,and create some adventures there. We old
    Pirates don’t usually like to get wet but those waters would be different.

    • Those waters were created by the OT magic, therefore had the same quality,

    • yes that would be fun, but we lived-experienced the inside those magical waters, we were the waters….. peter that time your body was not solid just a bit of see through something a bit of wispy something, ghost like body, which would melt and re-appear when one wanted to “be” somewhere to anchor and to communicate from that viewpoint.

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