Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 People are junkies for heavy stimulation and their craving increases continually that happens because when one get used to the stimulation and reaching that flat stage one has the need for the heavier energy-stimulation,[ same as in the dosage with drugs] in most cases that happens instead to take a walk in the park and converse with nature in order to de-stimulate to key-out. [of course here is generalizations since I can’t write at the same time on every reality level from minus point on the scale to its highest level].

 But the persons ethics just falls in place naturally and out-ethic conditions: committing crime.. overts against self and others becomes non-existent when the heavy aberrated thoughts,[which causes the reaction… the desire to act them out] considerations and the group agreements or in this case disagreements with the group and its established laws these low level-heavy energy flows of the reactive mind is confronted erased in sessions. This makes sense because the heavy mock-up activities like sex, murder, cheating, lying and other distractive activities etc. being erased from the persons out then persons ethics are “ in” automatically since it was there all the time but was covered over by aberration.  

When difficult aberration which are counter active against the persons survival is erased with them goes the impulses to become involved or to create such a game condition ever again.
 But no matter what condition the person is in all can be handled with the simple method of running the Rudiments in extended form and that procedure works on everything and everybody no special procedures Rundowns are needed.  
That idiotic idea was sold to  PC’s to sell more expensive form of auditing .[   the being was cheated  by the church by made to believe he was a special case needed different rundowns to handle his case’.] =out ethic game condition, the church  made new rules in order to make more money from the trusthing members of the church,  their greed impulse have kicked in….  rotten stimulation the church sufferes from, have power, control,  truly a implant station it has become,,,

  If I recall correctly LRH said it same place that Bank is Bank there is no difference and to that I too agree 100% . Since I have solo audited evry passible thoughts, items, agreements and their combinations I know that too well. Rudiments do work…

  Everything simply there[ the bank] because there is break in Affinity, Reality, Communication and therefore Understanding of those conditions. That goes for problems to since the problems are an ARC BREAK nothing more…But condition exist and do not matter what kind are they because they are game conditions….

Here is my reality  what is the meanings of these words beside the description of a condition the: good – decent  – moral – upright – honest – respectable – proper – correct – right –  truthful – frank –forthright –up-front- open    or the opposite the bad  – immoral evil wicked  – dishonest –  depraved – degenerated – deceitful – corrupt – shady – crocked etc…. This words indicate game conditions…… all implanted to make the person who views [ like a movie rolling by, believe that those condition really do exists but  the whole movie is just a make believe, nothing more] Hard to believe what ones feels at the same time as one is viewing [believes happening to self ] is not real, just a make-believe a dreamed up computer game a virtual stuff: A computer generated game…

Those words their meanings are, is the part of the game….. nothing more…

The MEST, the BANK, out or in ethics… every situation no matter what one “sees or feels or believes in” is nothing more than a make believes, a movie, endlessly rolling by…. In life while one is in the game have been stuck -fixed in, trapped caught in immovable position [ till having auditing]  but one do have choices given choices which up to the person to choose from, in same as any other game spirited action’s, no matter what that may be, football, hockey, talent shows, who grow the best wheat, the most workable mousetrap, invent a snow maker, the best calculator, anything under the sun or all suns  or who shoots the biggest buck, fish or  jumps the longest distance—–  in any condition choices are given: which position to take: to cheat be a trickster, a fraud in that game,  to steal, to kill to destroy etc.… or to give be good virtuous, and faithfully fallow the agreed rules of that particular game condition have been established  like in  marriage at the altar: be faithful, in sickness and in health in etc…

 There are millions of little games one can be and is the course of one life time and all these little games are encompassed in cooperated embraced by the game which is called life cycle.

 To which one agrees to have by being born- with that one enters, than do, view all the smaller games as ones go through [ view the movie, believing that it really happens to one] to the very end the aging-conditions –the sicknesses which will destroys the body…. one reaches the part of the agreed condition the “death” part.  Without understanding what is after that condition… ahhh… the being the person truly believing since the computer has made one believe that is true it is was the very end…end of the game-life…. BUT computer game has not ended, on the contrarily…. No no no…. After “death” is only a ”condition” – “ state”- which is viewed as nothingness, the end…as  no one there, one is alone,,, can’t communicate, cant connect to anyone no one can see one, understand one recognize one,  hear one…or perceive one,  all invisible, there is only void, or darkness etc…. one is nothing- none existent….none entity, lost ones possessions, ones identity, name tag,   there is no more, all is gone, there is only emptiness,  therefore life has ended.

The “big gun” of the computer game is that implant is to make one believe what  was VIEWED in fact was LIFE it SELF…..That is a Incredible belief … simply incredibly clever implant.  BUT You only viewed- seen – watched a movie, nothing more!!!

Since now the spiritual being believes he is nothing, has no life and can’t communicate since he is nothing than what that being to do next?

ZIPS BACK INTO THE IMPLANT GAME, GETS A NEW BODY AND STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! But he never left the game, the game continues… since death, that part too is part of the implant  the nothingness, the none existence…..

 He hooked, into the game and roles on and on and on uncontrolled re-views the same movie over and over and over with have very little variations, which I know of but too long to write about…. [But can be seen all around]  

 All can be handled with auditing, any conditions.. When finally one is out of that make believe than one really understands what is life, life – creation and the experience.  

 My adventure has taken me out of the movie= it was as-ised, life has begun…


Comments on: "game conditions, out ethics? simply game conditions…" (7)

  1. Thanx for this excellent article. Would you care to write your comands for the extended rudiments that you run ?

  2. I read the rudiments entry. Very good. And I can now make the rudiment questions for my own processing. Thanks again!

  3. E: “The “big gun” of the computer game is that implant is to make one believe what was VIEWED in fact was LIFE it SELF…..That is a Incredible belief … simply incredibly clever implant. BUT You only viewed- seen – watched a movie, nothing more!!!”

    Are you saying the physical universe is a movie?

    E: “He hooked, into the game and roles on and on and on uncontrolled re-views the same movie over and over and over with have very little variations, which I know of but too long to write about…. [But can be seen all around]”

    Could you write more about it? Have you found that time is an illusion? That a person can go from living a life in 2016 but next life he could be living in 1492? (Just playing a different movie?)

    E: “My adventure has taken me out of the movie= it was as-ised, life has begun…”

    I’m confused about this. What is movie and what is life out of the movie? If you are not in the movie what are you doing and where?

    Thank you Elizabeth

    • No, I am not in the movie any more, but confronting bits and pieces which I still find and these lies- are replaced by the cognitions which are not part of the implanted crap.
      Time…. is the same as any other considerations. if you want more on this you need to call.
      Life outside the movie where we dont consider that things are dense-solid and we dont identify that we are this or that=being Beings
      What make you believe that I am here… ???? What is here ???
      just because the fingers moving pushing the thing… do I have to be any place?

    • Brian. the movie =life here is the life cycle of the body… by considering-believing that ‘I am the body” well that gives the person the view, the re-stimulation all the considerations–the understanding to the whole implanted material.

  4. It reminds me of the Matrix movies 🙂

  5. Right you are, there is so much truth in the first movie. I re-watched it and loved everything about it, right up in my alley. 🙂

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