Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Reality can be when it hits, comes in as new awareness=cognition, like a ton of brick it and be so strong that it shatters all the previously established reality. One is flattened, one find self in pieces ones universe that is. Sort of reeling as one view ones universe and wonders, now what is next? How this effect will be on me, and now what the next step, is there a tomorrow and what it will bring?

 Major cognitions have major effects.. when that happens ones sees one’s life rolling past front of eyes, in my case the knowledge the understanding of things shifts with speed of light as the blocks – masses  of different reality re-arranges itself. Literarily one can experience “see” the re-lined energy a fascinating phenomenon.

 I have been on a steady level, for a few weeks, not to many sessions, or cognitions, I felt I was walled in; of course the walls are the heavy winter days, cold and gray beside other thought still sipping in.

 Today’s cognition was brought on by the communication with Chris. [Thank you Chris]. I see Chris reaching for the stars, looking for realities, outside of the MEST universe. Nothing wrong with that since we all want to know what is outside of the MEST if there is such a thing as outside of the MEST.[ there is no outside or inside: those are just believes that there is such o thing. Only solid object have inside-outside… the words were coined so we could communicate, to know the mugs outside is glazed red….

But what I have not seen Chris doing all these past months, not writing of every day stuff which happens in ones daily life, I have not read any cognitions any thought on the basic= daily stuff happening.  That was not real to me, since I believe and my reality is one must handle the incoming daily stuff, no matter how mundane they seem. Through that daily confrontation, even if one has to look for the reason like: ones ingrown toe nail one can achieves the understanding everything which includes the Quantum mechanics, one can experience the speed of light etc….  Through the confrontation the daily ARC B’s one finds stuff  the original creation the original energy which can go back before time was ever invented.  In this case the now ingrown toe nail  long time back a galactic explosion has been and now just a painful toe. This is on example how we become small in creation an ingrown toe nail is a manifestation which could have been and usually was zillions of years back.

No matter how minute one’s ARCb’s exists in now with the incoming daily , problems the original energy on which that ARC B could have been built on old as the Universe itself. 

 So back to my cognition, I realized that why all the persons everyone who ever had a cognition through auditing and felt out of this world, felt that could move mountains, even the universe. Felt the power, the joy which could not be expressed with words. Felt that finally they have achieved their dreams, they reality and finally they were at home with that touched  experienced  the “”self’s “” original state how it felt  when one was not sitting in the MEST walled in solid by one’s own agreements. And what that Grand State that has been!!

 Yes, all that is true, that is how cognitions feel-what is. . But that was as the item was erased, it was just temporarily – briefly – momentarily regained state one just got a glimpse- hint – clue – foretaste of that reality what is like to be without the Bank out of the MEST way back till that MEST closed in again.  

But after that comes the key-in back to the MEST and that time the reality, its impact is much harder – solider to experience – more difficult to take, experience,  the reality is harsh-er  – more severe to be in.  It feels like one is fallen from Heaven into Hell. What is the reason for that? Simple, one felt Paradise few sort period of time the Heaven for the first time since eons.   Just how far one falls tumbles, descends back to Hell?

 Far as ones lowest heaviest thoughts, considerations agreements are.

 I do realise, how difficult is being in that state and how one yearns to be out of it and to be again in that keyed out state. But that only can be achieved if one continually confronts that daily everyday mundane stuff, the everyday doing-ness , simple things, the uninteresting things. By doing so the universe slowly reveals itself again as one erases those walls.

Ones heaviest thoughts, agreements, compulsions, the must haves which for humans is sex- food sleep believing in such as death, life- and the believe in their value, any need of stimulations in regular form hold that being in the MEST. One only can be or one is far as ones heaviest compulsion thought agreement  are, in other words one’s case level is just that –there.

Since humans have fear, and the fear hold all in place and that establishes the case level it’s basic which is fear. [of course there are keyed out instances, which could last, so there is fluctuation but the fear is the base which holds the being solidly in the MEST.  You can ask why fear exists….. Because value exist.  … One believes in good- noble, in bad – evil – wicked, better- superior or worse, inferior, second rate – wise- stupid etc…. Those are minus and the plus which holds the MEST games in place, without those conditions there are no games.  We play therefore we pay…

 I wonder from where that saying is originated” there is no free ride.”

This is the reason after cognitions the person seems to lose that height and that incredible sensation – awareness – perception – insight –acuity –wakefulness –   the being has descended- plummeted back to the bank..  Where none of those things are present…existing…   But one never lost the wins, no matter how deep one plummets… falls back, that will remain with the being those wins are the first truth the being ever realized..

The cognitions are like pearls. Each one is born out of pain and suffering,

out of mystery, secrets, and darkness.

Yet how beautiful they are!

They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish.

Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge.

The basics are the rarest of all pearls, since only few exist!!!

They value buy your freedom out of the MEST Universe.

For your future you have my best, my postulate,

On endless string of pearls of great beauty.




Comments on: "where we are, the level of ones state: in reality…..uggghhhh" (4)

  1. “One only can be or one is far as ones heaviest compulsion thought agreement are, in other words one’s case level is just that –there”

    You never cease to amaze me, Elizabeth. Your blog is just an endless string of pearls…..

    • What can I say Rafael, I do love those pearl… This is a wondrous Universe, so much to see and to learn from.. What intrigues me the most when I pick up on ordinary energy, I confront and lo and behold the darkness melts away.. new terrain, new fragment of the universe opens up in its glory, every time that happens I feel I have arrived, yet I don’t unpack since there is nothing I carry, I stay a little while bask in the wondrous creation but I already reach for and search the distance….. new adventures await me… but for souvenir I keep the pearl.

      • Yeah…. that pearl, which I quoted, reminded me when I was studying structural resistance, a basic principle which goes something like this:

        “The resistance as a whole, of a supporting structure, is as big as its weakest component because that is the point in which the whole structure starts to fall apart in a moment of crisis”.

        And maybe in people´s potential it works the other way too, our biggest potential, our biggest qualities, sometimes require the prescence of a crisis to manifest themselves.

      • Great stuff Elizabeth, thankyou!

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