Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The question was: Why the OT’s die off.

Ugh!!! There are millions of reasons for that and I am not blowing this up one bit.. making it look more than as is, I will give a few reasons here.

 First of all the OT did not die but the OT pulled in a picture which was to destroy, to separate from the body in order to finally get away from the boring game condition was in.

 Also the body has hundreds of devices invisible of course implanted that the body should expire, the body has reached its expiration date, same as in any food item can, gone off, no longer good enough to eat, spoiled etc…. After all these meat bodies too was used for food in the past by other beings, was grown and harvested for that purpose alone.

 There are literally millions of reasons one leaves the body. These reasons are ALL CONDITIONS, every one of them. IF on OT pulls in a cancer, he used that item before in order to get free from the body, it worked than and that postulate is still there in good working order.  Also cancerous cells are different from the regular cells, we did have bodies which have contained those cells and had no cells in that body like this body has. So the being brought the old mock-up and it is mixed with this mock –up. The cancerous cells are much stronger since those bodies had a much stronger energy flows so they just simply take over and grow and grow…in poorly made body.

BUT All conditions can be audited out, no matter what they are.  If one has changed one’s mind, and do not wish to drop dead, leave the body than pick up the cans and audit out the conditions….. very simple… auditing works on all levels on all condition.

Who ever said the person has no bank left after OT 8 and all was erased: the- conditions, situations, problems, difficulties, disorders, maladies, ailments, illnesses, diseases,  all the ARCb’s.  which the person had with self and with the universe.. well , that is not the case… on the contrary … we all see the conflicting evidences which are  existing… so the end was not achieved the solo auditing should be continued…

The person who has attested to that state or any state no matter what, just have learned  gotten education about the MEST universe, has erased some of it, but just opened- unlocked  and released some of the item in  the package: which is the personal universe=bank.[ and where are the items which one can audit which is the universe itself?  Everything existing which one sees around self?

 Who could erase with few hundred or even few thousands of auditing hours the millions of life time’s zillions of crossed over interwoven, thoughts, created and recreated, altered and altered again items, in thousands of different forms? Hundreds of thousands of different bodies one had over the eons, all have gone all have vanished everyone was destroyed by others or self.— those distractive ideas of the past are still usable and in good working order and they are in the possessions of the being…   So the OT just reaches into the invisible bag pull out one and bingo he drops the body…. all the relatives friends scientologist say, OH the tech do not work, scientology killed the poor bagger.

 Bloody Hell that is ignorance if the highest order, should be medal given for that out, blame at the bottom, stupidity and most of all the material was read but never duplicated… otherwise one would not think in such ignorant – unaware  -un-knowing in the dark – murky- gloomy  fashion.

 So why the OT’s die off? Only that OT could tell you why he wanted to go, do trust me, if he or she would not wanted to go drop the body, he would still be here…. It might seem that the being say NO-No-NO I don’t want to go it is not my wish, but if that person would have few sessions while ill, thinking of suicide, he would find that reason why pulled in that mode  – method –type –  kind of thought, considerations old agreement   which will separate him from the body. The tech, works, auditing do erases the bank: the not understood, the effects of the accumulated the MEST.

 Please let’s live the blame and let’s take responsibility for all the game conditions we are in… and be content satisfied with the thought no matter what and where one is, we are there because it was postulated  by the self….

PS:  Few more thought I would like to add, after having auditing the being has reality that he is a spiritual being and he do not die that he lives and he is infinite only the body is  being null-led – die – expire

 So many OT’s  or on any level the being thinks why bother to stay here be in the conditions which are not pleasure but pain on the ass, so they pull in something and happily go and start a new game where the grass is greener. Having cognition when the being realizes that one is a free being, a spiritual being those cognitions hold great power and that power too can free the being from the body..










Comments on: "I was asked the question: why OT’s die off…..here is my reality…" (3)

  1. Hi, I loved this blog,certainly assisted my viewpoint on dropping the body. I was suicidal when I learnt of scientology which was 50 years ago.Guess that was my ruin. I agree that there must be plenty to audit after OT8 completion.I feel in good shape now and ready to proceed to further audit the physical universe. These blogs are a guide that I save to refer to in the future.Thank you for posting them.

    • My Friend anything for you, your presence in my universe delights me… Your colorful adventures are joy to read, and you being 80 and having them only shows what on OT can do.
      I am going to write a post on exteriorisation … I believe LRH made another huge booboo how he put that in the dictionary and had few lists made up about the same subject. His bloody problem was he just picked out one item – subject – theme out of the air but 9o% of the time he has not fully explored that concept did not go earlier similar and taken and dissected that item to the very basic-basic of total understanding and because of that he left HUGE – MASSIVE – GIANTIC AND totally confusing concepts behind…. No wonder he was in such a rotten shape and left the body in that condition… Sick, depresses and lost. That made look like he has not achieved his goals that the TECH did not work.
      Yes the TECH works, but one need to use it in order to erase the bank and he left with his still in place….

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    I agree totally with your viewpoint. Ron also agreed with it and I have a strong reality on it. If I was not aware of the postulates I was making and the bank created fears of illness , disease etc. and had the confront to look at them and audit them out , this body would have had lots of problems. It may have even died by now.
    The problem for Church OTs is they are told that they can not look at their own case or try to handle it themselves . They are taught they must go to the suppressive church and pay to handle anything. They also have the problem that if they mention cancer or suicide they will be labled “Illegal PC’s ” and get no auditing from the Church. That really leaves them with no option than to die.
    Solo is the solution.

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