Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 A topic of which everyone know about yet……”Knowledge”

 We learn from our mothers and fathers who are out first teachers than we learn from the professional teachers the educators, we learn from the news media, from our friends and acquaintances, we learn from entertainers and of course now there is the Internet which has replaces libraries and in many cases instructions- directions- advises-  counsels-  guidelines from the parents elders chiefs,  seniors ,  etc.

  At first we were read too when as a child, than we have learned for ourselves that ability with that the doors were open and we than really could do our own search into knowledge pursue our passion in different fields and learn all about……

We have read the words of famous people who become famous because they had on original thought an original idea…….. We are impressed and admire those beings for their knowledge: WOW…. did you know, have you heard, would you believe, fantastic….

 WE learn those thoughts- ideas by heart and we can quote and debate on the same topic with knowledge aficionados, we really can chew the fat and show off how brilliant we are.  The topic could be of  Gandhi, Gautama, Confucius, Lao Tzu or hundreds of other well-known people: astronomers, physicist, philosophers, inventers, great artists who have lived. And of course there are the others famous beings who still live through folk-lore, fairytales.  The topic on knowledge as varied – wide-ranging as ones willingness to explore discover for self to satisfied ones curiosity ones interest – awareness, just how much ones consciousness allows – tolerates can endure and able to have…

 But always there is a BUT, I wonder why? Oh I know because this is the MEST Universe in which things exist and one of the reasons for that: there is a minus and the plus side to everything.

 By now every person has accumulated immense amount of knowledge of great variety, from simple thing the doing-ness how to tie ones shoe lace how to bake a bread, make on atom bomb, skin a rabbit, write a book, gardening and composting and one must change ones un-mentionable  at regular bases. . One has learned a great deal and now one can demonstrate by delivering putting that learned knowledge into action. Like not stepping on soap or banana’s skin because………….

 Yes, one can be brilliant well known and respected and greatly admired for the knowledge one has collected and now possess.  Of course only the good stuff is presented to the public in glittering package.   I believe these beings “learned “ ones even given title for such on accomplishments like Doctor, Professor of something on that exceptional field… they have studied. Now they are too have become popular – coveted to teach and now they too can funnel down that great knowledge to others: the chain just gained new link to its already endless length.  

Yes I am getting there.……..

No matter how much one knows that entire knowledge one have now…. others have known  that before and that too has been learned from others before that  it was their ways, believes, agreements and still remain those persons original believes-knowledge.  Oh, one can go into agreement or disagreement but that is just that, agreement or disagreement on somebody else’s knowledge.

One can take ownership and usually do and identify with the learned stuff and say “ I know” therefore I am….no, that is not so in true reality…

After all that study –learning- education –preparation – training to be something,  all that learning yet HAVE NOT LEARNED, HAVE NOT FOUND OUT ABOUT WHAT SELF KNOWS.

 The person who studies knows that she or he is able to study and repeat-replicate-duplicate mimic – impersonate and copy-learn from others what others know and can become expert on the knowledge of the teachers.

 But who is the being, the creature in actuality who studies? Where the knowledge is about self, what can one do and what one really is– actually knows without the implanted knowledge?

 There is no mystery where is ones knowledge is, the cognitions one has, the cognitions are ones original knowledge, since these cognitions hold no energy mass since that has been as-ised, the lies  the deception  the fabrication the  dishonesty and duplicity were erased. Therefore the cognitions are the truth in one’s universe… the original knowledge.

PS: of course long as one here one has to go by the knowledge which which is the reality here, and no matter what I say that is my reality, take it with a pinch of salt,


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