Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

FOR SILVIA WITH LOVE………………you have inspired this cognition… thank you…

The most difficult thing, tough item, a condition, state to confront is the very  belief that state is in existence, in fact there is such a condition-form- situation is  “Nothing-ness” the there is such none-creative periods one can experience, therefore the being will do anything not to be in that experience.

 That is the reason the “Nothing-ness” is motivator the drive the impulse the urge,  makes the being continually running around in circle and do do do do= make … organise….create  a must have, a necessity a need, a compulsion to a fulfill a duty, in order to experience in order to be, somebody or something long as that something is experienced practiced …… without that continual creation those experiences the being feels and have the impression: of empty, void, hallow vacant, unfulfilled, bare, dead, lifeless, nothing, nobody, useless ,cancelled out of life, not living…………

That “Lifeless” condition which is being without any momentarily  experience the LIFE-FORCE that FIZZ that BOBBLY effervescence that is what the being can’t stand,  since that “LIFELESS” condition that none creative period the ”Nothing-ness” is a condition which makes the being believe the  a condition exists: a state when one is = dead ….unconscious  …unmoving .. unresponsive… motionless…. still ..  stationery … so lifeless and very heavy and feels the weight of the body the planet and the Universe…..  rightly so when one is not in the creative mode than one feels the past and those things created …

To get back into the creative mode to  get out of  the “Nothing-ness ”experience again the being reaches for something within the beings reality level Whatever that maybe:  plant flowers, buy something, go on a vacation, kill, create a condition for war, design a house, get drunk, beat one’s spouse, write a book, invent a new gadget, go sailing, listen to Mozart, or go dance the salsa…. Get e new partner, get rid of the old partner, get sick, or get healthy, anything will do since all those thinks are stimulating to a curtain extend and while we have that stimulation we can think of something to continue with something new….. OH…. The hamster running in the spinning wheel and that is our life here …..

 I will post this in Geir Isene’s Blog and mine too…… Elizabeth Hamre



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