Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Pleasure moments.
LRH only say a few words about pleasure moments in the dictionary: “only addressed if the PC is stuck to it, blah blah….blah.

I ask, who has not been stuck to the pleasure moments, who do not reach for those moments continually? Who do not postulate that to happen for the future, I ask?

Who are those persons who do not buys, collects, eats drinks wears and talks of things which cause the pleasure moments?

Who are those who do not celebrate, prepares feast and servers the best foods, wines, and pops the corks of champagne bottles, lifts the glass in celebration?

Wears clothing because items the color the texture, designs gives pleasure to have and feel, experience?

Just think of dinning out: the restaurants, the dishes all there to present to give a pleasure moment.

Concerts, plays and games of of all kind carter to all the different tastes [reality] all created to do the same, for enjoyment: for the pleasure of it.

Holiday resorts, ocean cruises, any kind of adventure, every one of them were created, dreamed up to please all the senses…..

Just think, the gifts given and received by billions each year they were given and received for the sheer pleasure of it.

Tthe love making, the loving,  every kiss planted, all are there to please….

The gardens… to visit, to enjoy, the books by billions of them there are to choose from in order to enjoy.

The various courses, numbered in thousands all contain knowledge and are offered to learn from to enhance ones enjoyment, pleasure of having…in pleasure of living…

The great collections of arts are there to enjoy and these were created and viewd to have pleasurable experiences too…..

So are the prostitutes, booze, smoke to inhale…the lamp light, and the star-studded indigo blue  space…..dew drops on every blade of grass in the first morning light…..

No matter where one looks what one experiences one time or other, was created to cause pleasure to please the senses…..

So what are Pleasure Moments? Simply what is living, what humans consider what is life here on Earth at its best.

Knowing that everything  is part of the bank is just fine nothing wrong with that since one is not having less if one has  such a knowledg-understanding and knowing something like that is not reason to dash out buy 3 meters of rope and hang self to get away from the created-the bank and to end ones life here on Earth. Far from that..!.

No…..But it is good to know when one gets into session everything can be handled equally, since on the long run the bad and the good have equal value: none.

To be free as a spiritual being, to be cause, total cause one has to as is all the MEST in order to be free:this includes the pleasure moments.
Since it is the pleasure moments are the most addictive part of the BANK because the being continually go back to it… or recreates it.. I would call that being stuck in those incidents….

To  be able to start the game all over again but this time in new unit of time by having knowledge under ones belt and that way one will never be trapped again in the solidity of the agreed considerations.

I do wish you the great adventure embarking on that Path of Knowledge: the self-discovery. .


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