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imagination, in reality? what is? not what one made to believe!

­­If you think believe I have a good imagination since I am writing about sapphires as Planet which was nothing more than a humongous chunk of sapphire, or   Water Planets or rainbows which once was used to encompass wrapped around the universe like a ribbon on the package,  or about the Fairies and they beautiful World.,   No I don’t,  I don’t have imagination:. None, zilch nil zero zip, nothing.  What I write of is all very real, existing…in my universe…

That news in  cognition  form, which has taken me by surprise way back as in session: that realization than was  very disappointing-unsatisfactory since I had hidden thoughts, considerations what is should be… since I never thought there is anything more to  Imenination but when I truly understood its meaning its importance I become elated …. ecstatic… euphoric… very excited about the possibilities

 We don’t have imagination. That word was made up- coined in order to describe on OT ability which were long forgotten and in reality  never  been understood, confronted what actually is “ones imagination”.  All that MU is very understandable since the “mind”, the working of it and how it’s works is not understood so why the “imagination” and what it is should be understood? If so, than that thought would be most unique…..  

You are looking for the Universe where the magic the enchantment fascination and trilling actions- experiences reside- live and emanates from?   Well, you have it, you never have lost that, it is just called a name, a word which has no other meaning, which can’t explain that phenomenon what is in any other way by simply saying that it is “your imagination”.[you made all that up, it’s not real: your mother have told you dozens of times!]

 Just think why the magical part of your track would be lost have disappeared vanished as the time passed and you only would be left to have and for your enjoyments the heavy stuff, the bad the evil, the wicked, the malicious, only the nasty and the cruel stuff for you to deal with? Now, that only shit is left over of your   grand –glorious creative very long past in form of the miserable BANK that would not make any sense, not logical -rational would it? Trust me you have it all, all the splendid and grand OT abilities existing present it is just forgotten and buried under….

The magic, where one can cause miracles those abilities are just covered-walled in buried under and overshadowed by the heavy energy of the BANK and once that is erased the  “Imagination” shines again but in different reality as before and that “Imagination”  is ones OT Ability one’s own  creative ability…… totally incredible when one’s whole track is open and available to use material from…

Don’t be disappointed with the  concept  because this ” new Imagination” is not the same as one is used to have  hidden in the darkest,  most private corner of one’s Mind… oh no….

This Universe is ones very own Universe which only “self “can see and other don’t have reality of,[ yet they can experience, pick it up on their own level] none what so ever…. remember every ones Universe is totally unique can’t be compared… and that is true….Within ones Imagination= Universe one can play, change it any  way one pleases to do…that is ones creation one’s ability… Believe me there is no limit what is possible to have, create and all that is real- tangible- perceptible like your car in the drive way…

 The magic, the splendorous things are still there,  but one has to want it bad enough…

PS what is the imegination? Mock-up… you were always on OT…


magical universe, having different body, ocean? and why not!

Peter have you ever seen you-self as having a body, be the sea itself?

 Sea is powerful potent compelling fascinating mesmerising creation; it has extraordinary astonishing powerful substance-body in comparison to air and to experience and has much stronger energy flows which are bursting with character has incredible personality, which changes continually  relentlessly.

 Being- having the sea-ocean as a body a Water Planet and be that magnificent moving rolling stirring, globe of liquid of which every drop was made out of theta, dazzling magical molten diamonds shimmering-sparking under the many suns  and being occupied by astonishing creations: magnificently  splendid life forms who live within it’s boundaries in inconceivable variation and all that is a superb very grand having- ness for any spiritual being who love to postulate and create to experience.

 By being, occupying such a creation- conception and  having awareness and ability  to create  such with that one feels the creation in its total beauty which offers satisfaction, joy and happiness, a great pleasure moment, a total fulfilment.

These seas-oceans here on Earth are small in comparison to any other oceans which exist in the Universe. By now we know nothing here is original or originates from here, and no matter what it’s here it do exist out there outside of this small Planet, since everything here is created out of recall, stimulations.[the implanted games here  has and only contains very limited visual affects and concepts]

 Those seas out there, the liquid forms are trilling creations, constructions ,.. they are not all sphere in formation but some are millions of mile long liquid light floating in space and in those waters are things living existing which are un imaginable by human mind and those  magical mythical creatures which only remembered and recognised and live in our dreams.

The liquid Worlds in the Universe are the Gems, the ornaments of creations, top of the line postulates realized into semi solid forms. They are the cat’s meow [Cliff for you, hehehe]  

PS -for my friends peter and cliff…. and.. gunner.,  you to can swim the water is fine as you know since you have jumped …you have become a solo auditor.. with love

game conditions, out ethics? simply game conditions…

 People are junkies for heavy stimulation and their craving increases continually that happens because when one get used to the stimulation and reaching that flat stage one has the need for the heavier energy-stimulation,[ same as in the dosage with drugs] in most cases that happens instead to take a walk in the park and converse with nature in order to de-stimulate to key-out. [of course here is generalizations since I can’t write at the same time on every reality level from minus point on the scale to its highest level].

 But the persons ethics just falls in place naturally and out-ethic conditions: committing crime.. overts against self and others becomes non-existent when the heavy aberrated thoughts,[which causes the reaction… the desire to act them out] considerations and the group agreements or in this case disagreements with the group and its established laws these low level-heavy energy flows of the reactive mind is confronted erased in sessions. This makes sense because the heavy mock-up activities like sex, murder, cheating, lying and other distractive activities etc. being erased from the persons out then persons ethics are “ in” automatically since it was there all the time but was covered over by aberration.  

When difficult aberration which are counter active against the persons survival is erased with them goes the impulses to become involved or to create such a game condition ever again.
 But no matter what condition the person is in all can be handled with the simple method of running the Rudiments in extended form and that procedure works on everything and everybody no special procedures Rundowns are needed.  
That idiotic idea was sold to  PC’s to sell more expensive form of auditing .[   the being was cheated  by the church by made to believe he was a special case needed different rundowns to handle his case’.] =out ethic game condition, the church  made new rules in order to make more money from the trusthing members of the church,  their greed impulse have kicked in….  rotten stimulation the church sufferes from, have power, control,  truly a implant station it has become,,,

  If I recall correctly LRH said it same place that Bank is Bank there is no difference and to that I too agree 100% . Since I have solo audited evry passible thoughts, items, agreements and their combinations I know that too well. Rudiments do work…

  Everything simply there[ the bank] because there is break in Affinity, Reality, Communication and therefore Understanding of those conditions. That goes for problems to since the problems are an ARC BREAK nothing more…But condition exist and do not matter what kind are they because they are game conditions….

Here is my reality  what is the meanings of these words beside the description of a condition the: good – decent  – moral – upright – honest – respectable – proper – correct – right –  truthful – frank –forthright –up-front- open    or the opposite the bad  – immoral evil wicked  – dishonest –  depraved – degenerated – deceitful – corrupt – shady – crocked etc…. This words indicate game conditions…… all implanted to make the person who views [ like a movie rolling by, believe that those condition really do exists but  the whole movie is just a make believe, nothing more] Hard to believe what ones feels at the same time as one is viewing [believes happening to self ] is not real, just a make-believe a dreamed up computer game a virtual stuff: A computer generated game…

Those words their meanings are, is the part of the game….. nothing more…

The MEST, the BANK, out or in ethics… every situation no matter what one “sees or feels or believes in” is nothing more than a make believes, a movie, endlessly rolling by…. In life while one is in the game have been stuck -fixed in, trapped caught in immovable position [ till having auditing]  but one do have choices given choices which up to the person to choose from, in same as any other game spirited action’s, no matter what that may be, football, hockey, talent shows, who grow the best wheat, the most workable mousetrap, invent a snow maker, the best calculator, anything under the sun or all suns  or who shoots the biggest buck, fish or  jumps the longest distance—–  in any condition choices are given: which position to take: to cheat be a trickster, a fraud in that game,  to steal, to kill to destroy etc.… or to give be good virtuous, and faithfully fallow the agreed rules of that particular game condition have been established  like in  marriage at the altar: be faithful, in sickness and in health in etc…

 There are millions of little games one can be and is the course of one life time and all these little games are encompassed in cooperated embraced by the game which is called life cycle.

 To which one agrees to have by being born- with that one enters, than do, view all the smaller games as ones go through [ view the movie, believing that it really happens to one] to the very end the aging-conditions –the sicknesses which will destroys the body…. one reaches the part of the agreed condition the “death” part.  Without understanding what is after that condition… ahhh… the being the person truly believing since the computer has made one believe that is true it is was the very end…end of the game-life…. BUT computer game has not ended, on the contrarily…. No no no…. After “death” is only a ”condition” – “ state”- which is viewed as nothingness, the end…as  no one there, one is alone,,, can’t communicate, cant connect to anyone no one can see one, understand one recognize one,  hear one…or perceive one,  all invisible, there is only void, or darkness etc…. one is nothing- none existent….none entity, lost ones possessions, ones identity, name tag,   there is no more, all is gone, there is only emptiness,  therefore life has ended.

The “big gun” of the computer game is that implant is to make one believe what  was VIEWED in fact was LIFE it SELF…..That is a Incredible belief … simply incredibly clever implant.  BUT You only viewed- seen – watched a movie, nothing more!!!

Since now the spiritual being believes he is nothing, has no life and can’t communicate since he is nothing than what that being to do next?

ZIPS BACK INTO THE IMPLANT GAME, GETS A NEW BODY AND STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! But he never left the game, the game continues… since death, that part too is part of the implant  the nothingness, the none existence…..

 He hooked, into the game and roles on and on and on uncontrolled re-views the same movie over and over and over with have very little variations, which I know of but too long to write about…. [But can be seen all around]  

 All can be handled with auditing, any conditions.. When finally one is out of that make believe than one really understands what is life, life – creation and the experience.  

 My adventure has taken me out of the movie= it was as-ised, life has begun…

where we are, the level of ones state: in reality…..uggghhhh

Reality can be when it hits, comes in as new awareness=cognition, like a ton of brick it and be so strong that it shatters all the previously established reality. One is flattened, one find self in pieces ones universe that is. Sort of reeling as one view ones universe and wonders, now what is next? How this effect will be on me, and now what the next step, is there a tomorrow and what it will bring?

 Major cognitions have major effects.. when that happens ones sees one’s life rolling past front of eyes, in my case the knowledge the understanding of things shifts with speed of light as the blocks – masses  of different reality re-arranges itself. Literarily one can experience “see” the re-lined energy a fascinating phenomenon.

 I have been on a steady level, for a few weeks, not to many sessions, or cognitions, I felt I was walled in; of course the walls are the heavy winter days, cold and gray beside other thought still sipping in.

 Today’s cognition was brought on by the communication with Chris. [Thank you Chris]. I see Chris reaching for the stars, looking for realities, outside of the MEST universe. Nothing wrong with that since we all want to know what is outside of the MEST if there is such a thing as outside of the MEST.[ there is no outside or inside: those are just believes that there is such o thing. Only solid object have inside-outside… the words were coined so we could communicate, to know the mugs outside is glazed red….

But what I have not seen Chris doing all these past months, not writing of every day stuff which happens in ones daily life, I have not read any cognitions any thought on the basic= daily stuff happening.  That was not real to me, since I believe and my reality is one must handle the incoming daily stuff, no matter how mundane they seem. Through that daily confrontation, even if one has to look for the reason like: ones ingrown toe nail one can achieves the understanding everything which includes the Quantum mechanics, one can experience the speed of light etc….  Through the confrontation the daily ARC B’s one finds stuff  the original creation the original energy which can go back before time was ever invented.  In this case the now ingrown toe nail  long time back a galactic explosion has been and now just a painful toe. This is on example how we become small in creation an ingrown toe nail is a manifestation which could have been and usually was zillions of years back.

No matter how minute one’s ARCb’s exists in now with the incoming daily , problems the original energy on which that ARC B could have been built on old as the Universe itself. 

 So back to my cognition, I realized that why all the persons everyone who ever had a cognition through auditing and felt out of this world, felt that could move mountains, even the universe. Felt the power, the joy which could not be expressed with words. Felt that finally they have achieved their dreams, they reality and finally they were at home with that touched  experienced  the “”self’s “” original state how it felt  when one was not sitting in the MEST walled in solid by one’s own agreements. And what that Grand State that has been!!

 Yes, all that is true, that is how cognitions feel-what is. . But that was as the item was erased, it was just temporarily – briefly – momentarily regained state one just got a glimpse- hint – clue – foretaste of that reality what is like to be without the Bank out of the MEST way back till that MEST closed in again.  

But after that comes the key-in back to the MEST and that time the reality, its impact is much harder – solider to experience – more difficult to take, experience,  the reality is harsh-er  – more severe to be in.  It feels like one is fallen from Heaven into Hell. What is the reason for that? Simple, one felt Paradise few sort period of time the Heaven for the first time since eons.   Just how far one falls tumbles, descends back to Hell?

 Far as ones lowest heaviest thoughts, considerations agreements are.

 I do realise, how difficult is being in that state and how one yearns to be out of it and to be again in that keyed out state. But that only can be achieved if one continually confronts that daily everyday mundane stuff, the everyday doing-ness , simple things, the uninteresting things. By doing so the universe slowly reveals itself again as one erases those walls.

Ones heaviest thoughts, agreements, compulsions, the must haves which for humans is sex- food sleep believing in such as death, life- and the believe in their value, any need of stimulations in regular form hold that being in the MEST. One only can be or one is far as ones heaviest compulsion thought agreement  are, in other words one’s case level is just that –there.

Since humans have fear, and the fear hold all in place and that establishes the case level it’s basic which is fear. [of course there are keyed out instances, which could last, so there is fluctuation but the fear is the base which holds the being solidly in the MEST.  You can ask why fear exists….. Because value exist.  … One believes in good- noble, in bad – evil – wicked, better- superior or worse, inferior, second rate – wise- stupid etc…. Those are minus and the plus which holds the MEST games in place, without those conditions there are no games.  We play therefore we pay…

 I wonder from where that saying is originated” there is no free ride.”

This is the reason after cognitions the person seems to lose that height and that incredible sensation – awareness – perception – insight –acuity –wakefulness –   the being has descended- plummeted back to the bank..  Where none of those things are present…existing…   But one never lost the wins, no matter how deep one plummets… falls back, that will remain with the being those wins are the first truth the being ever realized..

The cognitions are like pearls. Each one is born out of pain and suffering,

out of mystery, secrets, and darkness.

Yet how beautiful they are!

They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish.

Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge.

The basics are the rarest of all pearls, since only few exist!!!

They value buy your freedom out of the MEST Universe.

For your future you have my best, my postulate,

On endless string of pearls of great beauty.



I was asked the question: why OT’s die off…..here is my reality…

The question was: Why the OT’s die off.

Ugh!!! There are millions of reasons for that and I am not blowing this up one bit.. making it look more than as is, I will give a few reasons here.

 First of all the OT did not die but the OT pulled in a picture which was to destroy, to separate from the body in order to finally get away from the boring game condition was in.

 Also the body has hundreds of devices invisible of course implanted that the body should expire, the body has reached its expiration date, same as in any food item can, gone off, no longer good enough to eat, spoiled etc…. After all these meat bodies too was used for food in the past by other beings, was grown and harvested for that purpose alone.

 There are literally millions of reasons one leaves the body. These reasons are ALL CONDITIONS, every one of them. IF on OT pulls in a cancer, he used that item before in order to get free from the body, it worked than and that postulate is still there in good working order.  Also cancerous cells are different from the regular cells, we did have bodies which have contained those cells and had no cells in that body like this body has. So the being brought the old mock-up and it is mixed with this mock –up. The cancerous cells are much stronger since those bodies had a much stronger energy flows so they just simply take over and grow and grow…in poorly made body.

BUT All conditions can be audited out, no matter what they are.  If one has changed one’s mind, and do not wish to drop dead, leave the body than pick up the cans and audit out the conditions….. very simple… auditing works on all levels on all condition.

Who ever said the person has no bank left after OT 8 and all was erased: the- conditions, situations, problems, difficulties, disorders, maladies, ailments, illnesses, diseases,  all the ARCb’s.  which the person had with self and with the universe.. well , that is not the case… on the contrary … we all see the conflicting evidences which are  existing… so the end was not achieved the solo auditing should be continued…

The person who has attested to that state or any state no matter what, just have learned  gotten education about the MEST universe, has erased some of it, but just opened- unlocked  and released some of the item in  the package: which is the personal universe=bank.[ and where are the items which one can audit which is the universe itself?  Everything existing which one sees around self?

 Who could erase with few hundred or even few thousands of auditing hours the millions of life time’s zillions of crossed over interwoven, thoughts, created and recreated, altered and altered again items, in thousands of different forms? Hundreds of thousands of different bodies one had over the eons, all have gone all have vanished everyone was destroyed by others or self.— those distractive ideas of the past are still usable and in good working order and they are in the possessions of the being…   So the OT just reaches into the invisible bag pull out one and bingo he drops the body…. all the relatives friends scientologist say, OH the tech do not work, scientology killed the poor bagger.

 Bloody Hell that is ignorance if the highest order, should be medal given for that out, blame at the bottom, stupidity and most of all the material was read but never duplicated… otherwise one would not think in such ignorant – unaware  -un-knowing in the dark – murky- gloomy  fashion.

 So why the OT’s die off? Only that OT could tell you why he wanted to go, do trust me, if he or she would not wanted to go drop the body, he would still be here…. It might seem that the being say NO-No-NO I don’t want to go it is not my wish, but if that person would have few sessions while ill, thinking of suicide, he would find that reason why pulled in that mode  – method –type –  kind of thought, considerations old agreement   which will separate him from the body. The tech, works, auditing do erases the bank: the not understood, the effects of the accumulated the MEST.

 Please let’s live the blame and let’s take responsibility for all the game conditions we are in… and be content satisfied with the thought no matter what and where one is, we are there because it was postulated  by the self….

PS:  Few more thought I would like to add, after having auditing the being has reality that he is a spiritual being and he do not die that he lives and he is infinite only the body is  being null-led – die – expire

 So many OT’s  or on any level the being thinks why bother to stay here be in the conditions which are not pleasure but pain on the ass, so they pull in something and happily go and start a new game where the grass is greener. Having cognition when the being realizes that one is a free being, a spiritual being those cognitions hold great power and that power too can free the being from the body..









knowledge…. the origin one’s very own..

 A topic of which everyone know about yet……”Knowledge”

 We learn from our mothers and fathers who are out first teachers than we learn from the professional teachers the educators, we learn from the news media, from our friends and acquaintances, we learn from entertainers and of course now there is the Internet which has replaces libraries and in many cases instructions- directions- advises-  counsels-  guidelines from the parents elders chiefs,  seniors ,  etc.

  At first we were read too when as a child, than we have learned for ourselves that ability with that the doors were open and we than really could do our own search into knowledge pursue our passion in different fields and learn all about……

We have read the words of famous people who become famous because they had on original thought an original idea…….. We are impressed and admire those beings for their knowledge: WOW…. did you know, have you heard, would you believe, fantastic….

 WE learn those thoughts- ideas by heart and we can quote and debate on the same topic with knowledge aficionados, we really can chew the fat and show off how brilliant we are.  The topic could be of  Gandhi, Gautama, Confucius, Lao Tzu or hundreds of other well-known people: astronomers, physicist, philosophers, inventers, great artists who have lived. And of course there are the others famous beings who still live through folk-lore, fairytales.  The topic on knowledge as varied – wide-ranging as ones willingness to explore discover for self to satisfied ones curiosity ones interest – awareness, just how much ones consciousness allows – tolerates can endure and able to have…

 But always there is a BUT, I wonder why? Oh I know because this is the MEST Universe in which things exist and one of the reasons for that: there is a minus and the plus side to everything.

 By now every person has accumulated immense amount of knowledge of great variety, from simple thing the doing-ness how to tie ones shoe lace how to bake a bread, make on atom bomb, skin a rabbit, write a book, gardening and composting and one must change ones un-mentionable  at regular bases. . One has learned a great deal and now one can demonstrate by delivering putting that learned knowledge into action. Like not stepping on soap or banana’s skin because………….

 Yes, one can be brilliant well known and respected and greatly admired for the knowledge one has collected and now possess.  Of course only the good stuff is presented to the public in glittering package.   I believe these beings “learned “ ones even given title for such on accomplishments like Doctor, Professor of something on that exceptional field… they have studied. Now they are too have become popular – coveted to teach and now they too can funnel down that great knowledge to others: the chain just gained new link to its already endless length.  

Yes I am getting there.……..

No matter how much one knows that entire knowledge one have now…. others have known  that before and that too has been learned from others before that  it was their ways, believes, agreements and still remain those persons original believes-knowledge.  Oh, one can go into agreement or disagreement but that is just that, agreement or disagreement on somebody else’s knowledge.

One can take ownership and usually do and identify with the learned stuff and say “ I know” therefore I am….no, that is not so in true reality…

After all that study –learning- education –preparation – training to be something,  all that learning yet HAVE NOT LEARNED, HAVE NOT FOUND OUT ABOUT WHAT SELF KNOWS.

 The person who studies knows that she or he is able to study and repeat-replicate-duplicate mimic – impersonate and copy-learn from others what others know and can become expert on the knowledge of the teachers.

 But who is the being, the creature in actuality who studies? Where the knowledge is about self, what can one do and what one really is– actually knows without the implanted knowledge?

 There is no mystery where is ones knowledge is, the cognitions one has, the cognitions are ones original knowledge, since these cognitions hold no energy mass since that has been as-ised, the lies  the deception  the fabrication the  dishonesty and duplicity were erased. Therefore the cognitions are the truth in one’s universe… the original knowledge.

PS: of course long as one here one has to go by the knowledge which which is the reality here, and no matter what I say that is my reality, take it with a pinch of salt,

the trill of it…flying with birds… being one with the flock.

the trill of it…flying with birds… being one with the flock.
I am sure you have seen  birds in large flock where they are in  tens of thousands  swirling- eddying, rising falling  than soaring-churning expanding floating, turning revolving moving  in union,  So beautiful to see so many flying birds as one, as one body one mind.

I have great affinity for birds, I always felt that I was one, belonged to the group: yearned to touch to communicate to be with them.

We are accepting heavy snow fall which is rare occurrence to our part of the World: the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Today I went out and bought large amount of bird food which included dry cat food and I went and fed the birds, crows who ever wanted and needed food since there will be none to have for days to come.

When I have come back home I wondered why I have such affinity toward birds and love crows so…deeply.. this recall has come in instant. I have seen myself as I have written above, flying- soaring being the part of one of those huge flock,  I have soared with birds but without the body, I was  experiencing that incredible beautiful union the one-ness of many…. A thrill…. Unforgettable experience….

what is wrong to believe… that the end was achieved with OT 7-8…no non no….no.no

 If any of the readers believe that OT’s don’t have obstacle’s left after attaining OT 7-8 well for those beings I very highly recommend before come to such on idiotic conclusion that the OT 7-8 is the end of the line and from that moment on from the attestations we are sitting on the cloud and all we do is play our harp, For those believers I have Big Big news. Before come to such on idiotic conclusion go and do the OT levels and see just how much can be achieved.

 Those levels are only the beginning start, the opening the very foundation  from where one continues from .

 Who ever given the idea it was the end should have been shut on the spot.. Since that idea has given on immens amount of miss-conceptions how the OT should be what it could do and say and behave….  

Do you really believe that a few hundred hours of auditing can erase zillions of lifetimes?  And equal amount of agreements, on equal amount of game conditions which has happened on equal amount of planets?


More on NOTHINGNESS…… great cog, I like it… fits in with the rest….

FOR SILVIA WITH LOVE………………you have inspired this cognition… thank you…

The most difficult thing, tough item, a condition, state to confront is the very  belief that state is in existence, in fact there is such a condition-form- situation is  “Nothing-ness” the there is such none-creative periods one can experience, therefore the being will do anything not to be in that experience.

 That is the reason the “Nothing-ness” is motivator the drive the impulse the urge,  makes the being continually running around in circle and do do do do= make … organise….create  a must have, a necessity a need, a compulsion to a fulfill a duty, in order to experience in order to be, somebody or something long as that something is experienced practiced …… without that continual creation those experiences the being feels and have the impression: of empty, void, hallow vacant, unfulfilled, bare, dead, lifeless, nothing, nobody, useless ,cancelled out of life, not living…………

That “Lifeless” condition which is being without any momentarily  experience the LIFE-FORCE that FIZZ that BOBBLY effervescence that is what the being can’t stand,  since that “LIFELESS” condition that none creative period the ”Nothing-ness” is a condition which makes the being believe the  a condition exists: a state when one is = dead ….unconscious  …unmoving .. unresponsive… motionless…. still ..  stationery … so lifeless and very heavy and feels the weight of the body the planet and the Universe…..  rightly so when one is not in the creative mode than one feels the past and those things created …

To get back into the creative mode to  get out of  the “Nothing-ness ”experience again the being reaches for something within the beings reality level Whatever that maybe:  plant flowers, buy something, go on a vacation, kill, create a condition for war, design a house, get drunk, beat one’s spouse, write a book, invent a new gadget, go sailing, listen to Mozart, or go dance the salsa…. Get e new partner, get rid of the old partner, get sick, or get healthy, anything will do since all those thinks are stimulating to a curtain extend and while we have that stimulation we can think of something to continue with something new….. OH…. The hamster running in the spinning wheel and that is our life here …..

 I will post this in Geir Isene’s Blog and mine too…… Elizabeth Hamre


pleasure moments………what is….heavy addictions.

Pleasure moments.
LRH only say a few words about pleasure moments in the dictionary: “only addressed if the PC is stuck to it, blah blah….blah.

I ask, who has not been stuck to the pleasure moments, who do not reach for those moments continually? Who do not postulate that to happen for the future, I ask?

Who are those persons who do not buys, collects, eats drinks wears and talks of things which cause the pleasure moments?

Who are those who do not celebrate, prepares feast and servers the best foods, wines, and pops the corks of champagne bottles, lifts the glass in celebration?

Wears clothing because items the color the texture, designs gives pleasure to have and feel, experience?

Just think of dinning out: the restaurants, the dishes all there to present to give a pleasure moment.

Concerts, plays and games of of all kind carter to all the different tastes [reality] all created to do the same, for enjoyment: for the pleasure of it.

Holiday resorts, ocean cruises, any kind of adventure, every one of them were created, dreamed up to please all the senses…..

Just think, the gifts given and received by billions each year they were given and received for the sheer pleasure of it.

Tthe love making, the loving,  every kiss planted, all are there to please….

The gardens… to visit, to enjoy, the books by billions of them there are to choose from in order to enjoy.

The various courses, numbered in thousands all contain knowledge and are offered to learn from to enhance ones enjoyment, pleasure of having…in pleasure of living…

The great collections of arts are there to enjoy and these were created and viewd to have pleasurable experiences too…..

So are the prostitutes, booze, smoke to inhale…the lamp light, and the star-studded indigo blue  space…..dew drops on every blade of grass in the first morning light…..

No matter where one looks what one experiences one time or other, was created to cause pleasure to please the senses…..

So what are Pleasure Moments? Simply what is living, what humans consider what is life here on Earth at its best.

Knowing that everything  is part of the bank is just fine nothing wrong with that since one is not having less if one has  such a knowledg-understanding and knowing something like that is not reason to dash out buy 3 meters of rope and hang self to get away from the created-the bank and to end ones life here on Earth. Far from that..!.

No…..But it is good to know when one gets into session everything can be handled equally, since on the long run the bad and the good have equal value: none.

To be free as a spiritual being, to be cause, total cause one has to as is all the MEST in order to be free:this includes the pleasure moments.
Since it is the pleasure moments are the most addictive part of the BANK because the being continually go back to it… or recreates it.. I would call that being stuck in those incidents….

To  be able to start the game all over again but this time in new unit of time by having knowledge under ones belt and that way one will never be trapped again in the solidity of the agreed considerations.

I do wish you the great adventure embarking on that Path of Knowledge: the self-discovery. .