Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

“Admiration” don’t dissolve things make them disappear on the contrarily we become one=, in fact it’s unite. Example: the admirers of movie stars, some people walk talk dress like the admired person. A school boy admires a pilot he to wish to become one. One admires a poet and that same person read over and over those lines and knows it verbatim: now he too can feel that creative energy…. We buy thing because we admire fall in love with those and we display them in our house, we wear the designer clothing because we admire how that style was created. We tie the admired person to our life we get a license which insures one of unity: marriage.
Our admiration do not dissolve but we merge with that admired somebody or something by experiencing that the new-ness we become closer in fact that closeness gives on illusion of not being there anymore. Admiration is unifying, combining one with the admired that is the reason not being re-stimulated, have reaction to, accepted, allowed, we can have it in our space, in other words can live with it because the continual love-admiration.
Admiration, flowing admiration is the best way to key-out from stimulation but it will not as-is those admired items- objects- subjects- issues.

. Cognition continues…..
To create continuum, a new game condition, one wants to separate self from the admired subject since already newly created admired existing. To separate self from the admired one needs distance in order to continue with the different game….. The separating items are: I don’t want it any more finished with it, I don’t like it.
Later: I dislike, hate, aversion, loathing, distaste, disgust,[ indicating, going down tone because still having] and with revulsion one feel, thinks of the same once admired subject [wife, marriage etc..] After that come the actual act of wanting to destroy that once admired: divorce, selling the item[ bored with, lost its value] kill the baggers, pull down the building , burn it chop it, slice it, move out of its space, burry it under ground, deep six it with weights tied to, blow it to up in order to get it out of one’s universe. The being has invented myriad ways, concepts to push away the unwanted now value-less being, object, and subject. But cant. Impassible. Nothing will erase but confrontation as in session one can as-is.
The largest lies exist when one say all is forgotten, don’t have it, all gone, I don’t remember it, I don’t think about it, can’t recall, these are the vain attempts to “not- is” to nullify, abolish, eliminate, reverse that creation.
I believe the strongest creation which hold the being in place anchor one to that admired whatever, whoever, is I don’t want it, I don’t have it any more. That gives only on” illusion” nothing more than that…

This was posted in Geir Isene’s and Silvia Kusada’s blob too, but  it is my cognition, my reality. Thanks and Happy Holidays!



Comments on: "admiration, big time… good to key out…." (1)

  1. Centred on silence
    Counting on nothing
    I saw you standing on the sea
    And everything was
    Dark except for
    Sparks the wind struck from your hair
    Sparks that turned to
    Wings around you
    Angel voices mixed with seabird cries
    Fields of motion
    Surging outward
    Questions that contain their own replies…

    You were dancing
    I saw you dancing
    Throwing your arms toward the sky
    Fingers opening
    Like flares
    Stars were shooting everywhere
    Lines of power
    Bursting outward
    Along the channels of your song
    Mercury waves flashed
    Under your feet
    Shots of silver in the shell-pink dawn…

    Merry Christmas Elizabeth!
    My blessings to you

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