Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I know LRH has talked about it since I have a vogue recall reading that.

Plus we all know laughter in session is on indicator of energy release. Good stuff.

Over the past two years I have had sessions on the subjects since I have
noticed, some people have more others less and some people none at all. I know somebody who have a very good one but after a while listening to it and to other considerations she have, just did not add up, the senses of humor and the rest of her considerations.    They clashed. For nothing better to do i have had a session on HUMOR.
[Not only on one word but regular way of doing things. Do you have on
ARC B-K? Naturally! If i don’t understand something, have no reality
than I do have one or more!!! ARC B-K that is! ]

I have found a beautiful long band like the Milky Way, way out in the Universe.

That band of energy I loved instantly. It was mocked up from substances like ground diamonds all flashing reflecting each other in myriad of color. And they not flowed but swirled and bubbled like the bubbles in champagne, effervescence!!!

HUMOR, What a delightful Mock Up!! I loved it. I could see that beings have personality based on such beautiful muck up. That was the end of that session.
But what happens over the eons to such a beings?

Well, same as any other beings. Gets a past, in the form of collected stuff which he holds very valuable the so-called havingness, track filled with incredible amount of agreed upon considerations, huge amount of false data, like: life and death, living, learning, love, hate, solidity on all levels, [very valuable shit] lots of loss, since on loss we really can agree that we are small, helpless and lonely, all the consideration, those thoughts are a wonderful commodity which all beings hold so dear to heart etc….etc. so over the eons the lies piles up high= we must make solidity. Magic need to be out lawed.

So I had another solo session on “Humor’. Well in this one new reality come to light in form of cog.

Being who use the mock up “being very funny” they do it in order to push away, repel, divert, deflect, drive away, resists, reject the incoming energy flows.””” If I make fun of something which comes into my space than I change that something into lesser in weight in seriousness and that way it won’t hurt me, if I change it than I am in control”””” So, let’s make fun of it, that way wont bite!!

 In other words the beings confront is so low [lower than the frog’s bottom] and have to change everything, no matter what comes in. [ of course we too, who listen to the change being made to that concept we laugh too, since we too can see the difference of the two flows and the comedians representation is definitely much
better much lighter in weight of the communication and we definitely feel better having that thought, that changed, altered, concept in our space. Wonderful.

That being, the comedian, the person with great sense of humor have so much fear the only way can handle the so called “living”, in  the MEST universe by constantly make “fun” out of everything and everybody. So there are many comedian out there and the comedy, the level of they produce to entertain is depends on the level of tone scale they are at. According to that level they pull in the listeners who are on the same tone level too.

Today I had another go on the same subject. HUMOR. But I also put in the withhold button. Who would ever thing there is a “withhold” on such a matter as humor? But there was one, so was the instant cognition.

 Humans and other members of the Universe for the ones who have great need of solidity do not or cannot have a sense of humor, because in that band ” HUMOR” nothing can stay solid.     Effervescence in the form of bubbling brilliant light where nothing will gel!     Look out we can’t have humor, life need to be taken very seriously, so, the beings who have great fear, to lose, things will disappeared on them or even self in some way, don’t have or can’t have a sense of humor.  Just can’t. BECAUSE_ Humor melts away ones worries, ones problems, when one have humor: one thinks positive.

To a serious person who is overwhelmed by fear, Humor is a very dangerous commodity, only the frivolous can be like that who don’t have a care in the world! Good God we must be very correct, serious, keep to the agreed rules, we must keep things as they are, tradition, formality, strong principles, keep things under control at all times, never change, we can’t let our hair down. We need to be solid citizens,  or MEST universe will fall apart… Heavens forbid!

An apple a day, well OK, but The best remedy still remains the same Have a good belly laugh! That will loosen up the solidity of the MEST.!!!

And what happens when solidity is gone, good heavens we cant let that happen because again there will be magic in the Universe!





Comments on: "let’s look at Humor, what is….." (1)

  1. Peter Smith said:

    Very true post. I was a very serious person and was envious of dumb blonds ( of either sex }
    that laughed at everything , knew nothing and didn’t care about anything.
    But the laughter come from non confront. I have seen a man that laughed whenever he was threatened and others would threaten him just to get a reaction.
    I like the description of bubbling diamonds.

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