Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Well, new revelation. I have been curious, about age, aging same as anyone else out there and I had many sessions on the subject and have found great many things about age the reasons for aging.  What has puzzled me is birthdays, why one is so happy chalking up the years and knowing that with each number the end is closer to the day when one fold ones wings?

 I had no understanding of that reasoning, that desire which has twofold edge.

The happiness grows with the higher number, there is some kind of satisfaction goes with that, celebration of achievement?

 On the other hand there is knowledge that one will be going the body will give in, give up, keel over, the dust to dust bit with each passing year.

 So why the celebration OH WOW I am 100 years old!! Let’s bang the pots together make a big noise, Hip Hip-hurray!!!

The same time the person lives in total fear of death, knowing the clock is ticking just about its last tic and the great reaper with the sickle standing by the easy chair.  This did not add up to me. So I have searched the track for answers that is not easy since I don’t have time any more, lost that concept long way back since TIME is earthly creation.

  I have seen also in session that the aged body with wrinkles white hair represent: wisdom and commands respect. You may lough here.  But of course the wisdom which has come with the wrinkled face and silver hair was not here on this Planet.  I also seen different devices in the body to control its existence which is called here  DNA.

 Today I had another though about: years and age.

 Well, blow me to Bermuda [movie, Walt Disney:; Sword in the stone, the Wizard said that] I have found something intriguing which makes lots of sense.

 PERMENENCY, age is permanency. More years one chalks up that indicates ones permanency, one’s ability to have staying power in the MEST be- cause in MEST. WOW, what on invention in thinking evolution!!!!!!!

SO HERE IS A BIT OF NEWS. Cry people-cry!!!!!!!!!

 Some smart arse way back figured it out by accident of course, if one identifies with a solid object sticks to that solid object  than could become anything: boulder, three, machine, planet, any old- object he anchors himself too, therefore become permanently existing in time and space. Long as that objects exists of course [ownership here], we get a label: I am a rock etc… lovely idea that idea is and it is working, beautifully!!!!!!!!

 I AM, I AM we shout with joy, I AM something, somebody….. Gross……….enormous lie…….. Big enough to cause transformation of the universe………… from spiritual to solid…. And it has…………

 So evolutions continues, it has to since rocks don’t move much unless there is a land slide or earthquake so let’s get into something which can move, walk about, or fly, so we can be in other places too. Distance is born.

 Brilliant, simply brilliant, evolution in its height. So the being can be mobile and be permanent too………… Love this stuff…………….

 Sooner or later the formed bodies evolved  mobility of solid forms were invented with limbs which could move things, legs which can carry that body, now wonders of all wonders the being has achieved its height of their ignorance become solidly anchored into the body.

 OH, have permanency, years, now have time to become part of all solid.  Let’s create a calendar and we can have a game who is here longer who can stay with the body longer who is more solid, you or I.

 I can out live you I am older than you!!!!!!!!!!!  Pride, importance, value, WOW, I have more candles on my cake!!! And we give presents=revards for the birthday person in celebration of permanency in solidity. And we mourn the departure, the death of the body. This is all backward thinking, acting.

 Separation from the body should be celebrated in jubilation from the slave state: the solidity!!!!

 Love it, just love it.  The drama!!!

 Darwin was right, there was evolution in formation of the bodies but that has not started here on this Planet. [Nothing ever started here this planet “here” things are re-invented are just a re-stimulations, nothing more, illusion, figment of one’s imagination, living memory]

 Even if LRH was right of the age of this planet that is nothing, those miserable millions of years are nothing in comparison to other planetary systems existence. The evolution of ”different bodies in design” goes much longer than this planets existence.

  Over the eons bodies evolved  and were re-invented over and over.[  you know better mouse trap bit and the implanters moved into act offering their wears too]  Of course the new kind of bodies become in vogue every time and every being wanted new model. [ Being a dog is much lower in value than the human meat body now, yes?] So if the body would last let say 1000 years[ good quality material] or more than that,  than planet would be covered with bodies: overpopulation.= no good.

 Now if the body was invented which had a clock inside with a timer like we have one for boiling eggs,  [ hehehe, no sophistication from me!] than there can be lots of bodies because they won’t last too long. When the time is up the body dissolves.[ made of cheap material, plus designed to reproduce it self now, that is a plus, since bodies this meat kind were used for feed, harvested for other species to eat,  cow’s and bulls these bodies are]

 So let’s get back to the Cognition, The being is occupying the body that means, solidity, means permanency=age: huge achievement, spiritual being now has solidity.

 No wonder after the so called DEATH of the body the being jumps into a new body so fast  with speed mind boggling, since the being associate self with solidity therefore that solidity gives the false believes he is existing because the body is existing.  So body is a must have in order to be, good one! Around, around we go.

 No wonder the words are coined: ‘Idiotic, idiot, stupid, ill-informed, ignorant, oblivious, unwise, unconscious, unaware, un-knowing, naïve, innocent, etc…etc…

 So the birthdays are celebrated with the firecrackers going off.

 Care to know the reason for the candles on the top of the cake? Candles have significance which is the spiritual side of the being. Light is part of creation. Candles= light is the celebration of the life-force existence. Somehow the being celebrates his solidity with the body “his continuum” yet unconsciously he knows he is the infinite, the creator: the life-force. Lights a light in celebration that one is and existing, and we all gather around confirm, agree that is so. Solidity continues with celebration.

So what is missing: to be educated, knowing the tech is good enough? That is only is, only is and remains only second hand information, which will not free the being from the bank, no matter what even if the beings know it verbatim.  One must get education through auditing, through cognitions since the cognitions melts, dissolves the false data.

 In sessions one finds out “who”  real one is, the we, the self and how has the I, the self-created  unknown: the great trap.


 The greatest sin the only sin the spiritual being have that he has forgotten the he is the creator of the solid forms, and not the solid form itself.



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  1. “The greatest sin the only sin the spiritual being have that he has forgotten the he is the creator of the solid forms, and not the solid form itself.”

    Thank you!

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