Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 There is a state after the being loses the body but still wanting to communicate with words with others who stayed behind.  But of course words no longer are there since the being don’t have the body-machine, a mouth, lungs etc…, ability to form the sounds- the words.

 Many believe these beings are ghosts; of course that is a very good label for that state.

 Ghostly beings are just that regular beings [same as you or I ]who partially still attached to the MEST universe and they still believe they belong there.[ have not keyed out yet] These beings looking for the way back to here, to the family, the so called loved ones.

 Some not really looking for that but wish to make wrong go right or just to get even, the revenged, hate can be very strong, also unfinished business has great pulling power.[ there are many reasons one wants to come back, many as the thoughts one has existing]

 But not to worry this is the state which sooner or later will dissolve, [spiritual being too get keyed-out] that happens when some strong energy, happening will pull the beings attention away from here from MEST etc… and any cases, most cases they realize that they are free[ don’t have the restriction of the body] and the “wow” happens the realization hits the being like a ton of brick WOW and more WOW! , after that one can have choices again come back here or trot off to some other World. .

 On the long run it is a state which has the beginning and its end same as any other state.

 There is a very well-known saying which is going back to long time, some other place and other time when everybody knew about the state where one could not talk. That state was of course” the ghostly state where ONE was lost for words.”

 We have that here when we just can’t say what we want; our thoughts sits in remains in silence inside our universe we want to speak we want to express our thoughts with words but nothing happens. We are in the ghostly state[ keyed in to it in that moment] where we were ” lost for words” .

 I thought this was fun to see, have reality on, since the Ghostly state usually not well remembered since it don’t have solidity.




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