Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 The life-force in action how it looks like the” fizz of life” in our daily life. How we create.

 Inspired by David St Lawrence.

 Again my reality how I see creation in the Universe.

Effervescent =happiness: the bubbles are dancing in the colors of the rainbow

Tranquil=the bubbles are light golden- silver in colour and move so gently like the sea on the quiet windless summer day

Anger= the bubbles are huge and colorless and after they rising burst into gray mass and splatter.

Old age= very quiet, not much movement, over the smooth surface of the water occasional wave action, than quietness moves under into different level.

Sharing, exchange= two different coloration of fizz from different direction meet and intermingle, very colorful lots of fizz action.

 Philosophy= it lost its fizz since it has been chewed over too many times.

Disappointment=the fizz is withdrawn inflows, [this I see as happens]fantastic. One pulls the fizz back from different terminals, cutting the connection.

Reaching out [wanting to know ]= sending gentle waves in segments out , like little tentacles, the colours are translucent green,

Dancing with a partner= the fizz is like the gathering of tornado like funnel the color is purple.- lilac with a occasional burst of fiery spark, simply beautiful.

Suffering; has no fizz, no life-force, the darkest clouds imaginable rolling out and coming back to the creator. Boiling like action, turmoil.

Love-making the act itself= molten gold heavy lava like movements flows , swirls, fizzes and falls rises – continues. One is stronger than the other, the stronger fizz-flow is the dominant flow. Interesting to observe.

Gardening, working with soil=the fizz is most incredible, the fizz is shooting out of the soil all around the color is silver-gold the fizz is like geysers bursting up. My heart nearly stops, seeing this incredible movement, incredible phenomenon. I am in awe of nature; I am totally experiencing this magical creative energy.

Falling in love= I see two sources moving toward to the center pink-silver fiery sparkles move meet and the movement become one and becomes  swirling column. Beautiful.

 Death= mine= irruption of incredible force, like volcano, fiery, force finally released from its prison. Not bad at all.

Boredom=no fizz looks black-gray and flat.

Friendship= gentle wave action, the color of the fizz is muted, but the waves moves like ocean purples, greens, violets oh, rose there is lot of rose in the creation of friendship.

David, I hope you enjoy reading this as I have written since it is you who have given this opportunity to see how we create the fizz. Thank you for the heavenly gift.

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  1. Elizabeth. I so love you!

    This song reminds me of you:

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