Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

   I have found the reason for the existence of solidity.  Looking for magic, looking for miracles?

  How to be the cause over  the MEST, the solidity the daily grind  the daily burdens, which become so heavy since they  do happen every day since these every day happenings are the most difficult things to deal with because the fizz the delight of creation has been as-ised long time back.

It is this  has hit me: if the fizz, the delight of creation no longer exists, but only the thoughts remains since those thoughts no longer have the original energy the meaning it is now dead weight, just sits there.

The daily grind becomes a burden heavy, persistent, overpowering since it is solid now, the fizz, the delight, the happiness of creation is gone. It seems that energy is the creative energy, brings something into existence but do not remain with that item=thoughts.  It is only the creative energy, what makes something remaining is the additions: the alterations.

 By solid I mean: the thoughts don’t have the moving energy the sparkle the life force which has created it at the first place. Because of this they don’t move; have on effervescent stimulating affect as the first creation have been.

To be stimulated daily  the being must add other stimulants continually, [old ones won’t do]This can be anything, alcohol, new love affair, illness, new creation, doing something, learning something, new activities,  new way of dressing, combing ones hair different way, having sex with differently, getting drunk, take a vacation.

These added activities give the illusion the stimulation the being needs in order to overcome, to be able to tolerate the daily, heavy burdens of solidity.

 In fact these activities are the cover up, since the daily routine still need to be done.

 If one looking for, wants to live the magic have the daily miracles, than one must live the old behind the MEST universe, which was all ended, re-done, completed  over and over again millions of time.

No wonder it has become solid, unbearable heavy: since no longer hold the creative energy.

One, without the MEST can be free and each new creation has that magical quality which is life force itself to enjoy have as IS now.

 PS: home, what is home? The many splendorous beginnings the many wondrous creations….. which have nothing to do with MEST……………….

 PS, PS: Now you can see why relationships which contain sex fizzes out. The Fizz, is the only at the beginnings of the meeting, mating [[ but it was not the body which created the fizz first place but the new communication, new experiences of each other’s energies’]  and after that is gone , the communication thoughts got known as-ised since that is only alive while it is new,  the semi dead  body remains which holds very little stimulation on its own, now if one do not put continually new thoughts into that sexual act, than there is nothing there. Any relationship can be created continually. But again this is my reality.

PS PS PS:   What adds  too, to make the solidity is one continually wants that stimulation with that continually goes back to the original  item but the item can only brought back to life in new unit of time by re-creating, wanting to recreate the original by doing this one in fact ADD to a new layer which seems like the old creation the first, but in fact is totally new, now new item piled up on the original.



Comments on: "I have found the reason for the existence of solidity." (2)

  1. This is really an endless string of pearls.
    Your words stroke me with a lightning of understanding:

    The eternal longing for The Paradise lost, the Home universe,
    which is present every second of our lives,
    in the form of a gigantic and overwhelming solidity.
    The Mother of all losses.

    It is exactly as you describe, a ton of mass is vanishing with this new
    understanding. This is how I see it:

    In the MEST universe we place ourselves at effect to be part of the game, but then,
    the delight of creation vanishes with our self-determinism, which in MEST is always relative,
    Maybe it only exists as an absolute in our home universe,
    (or in the absolute one-ness, in which self-determinism, as we understand it, would vanish too, I don´t know)
    That is the price of playing the game of life.

    And all we have been doing ever since is trying to recover it,
    But it doesn´t matter how many games we win in the game of life,
    We never got our self-determinism back, only obtained more havingness, more solidity.

    Gaining self-determinism by placing oneself above the rest of the beings is an illusion which just entraps us more into MEST, maybe “self” somehow should grow above itself to unite with all other “selves” and then really win the game of life.

    I have no words to express my gratitude, only this:
    God bless you!

    • Rafael, I have been pondering of your comment an “self-determinism”.
      Where solidity does not exist in the one-ness than there is no meaning like bad or good beginning or end. There is no value, than all is equal, so who care who creates what? Then there is only experience. So there is no need to have determinism. there is no “SELF”
      The Universe echoes with delight. The stars dancing the polka!!!

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