Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

GEIR: I have revised this so if you care to post it go head.

I have finished the largest cycle I ever soloed on since it covers every aspect of life. Love that is, it has taken month and a half to as-is. When I say as-is I really mean it. Nothing left, not one molecule. I just don’t write this in my blog. Who would believe it and have reality on it?

While I have taken all the bloody considerations on love apart I have found the only key which holds the MEST in place. Again this I can’t write of it who would believe it, not only that no one could comprehend the simplicity of it. I have found it when looking for the reason for jealousy [jealousy, not included only in love relationships but encompass everything what the person believes owns therefore the fear of loss existing], and when I have found the word “Ownership” when whole bloody thing has as-ised including the sensation of love-affinity. Ownership=Fear they go hand in hand, they can’t be separated.  One does not exist without the other.

While I run it in session what is “ownership” what we own new reality cognition come in.

COG: What we mock-up we own and have of course instant attachment to it,[instant attachment means: we experience]  so we hold it, since that mock-up is ours we feel very protective toward it and we don’t like it touched=interfered with  so evaluation invalidation  is a no-no.

While “in love” a person believes in ownership toward the “loved person”  since there is a feeling of ownership there than there is a fear existing of losing that person so there is the “Jealousness” comes into play,[[ not the person one fears of losing but the mock-up which is connected to that person the  “Love”  the person becomes so powerfully protective toward the ownership of that mock-up loved subject, could kill etc… history is full of recording of such incident. Killing out of passion,  The persons FEAR IS , the loved person will withdraw the Love and will give it to somebody else, stupid I know, but there is no rationality exist. Because there is no reality exits on jealousy the why.]]

 As you know that kind of love is not real and not love in the first place just protection ones mocked-up property. On illusion, Hell people, just how irrational games can be?  

If you care to look at ownership what you believe you own when it comes to your own believes, you could blow huge amount of energy a major case gain can be head.

 If one could give up all the ownership one believes one owns the mock-ups the thoughts agreement the bank would simply vanish.

 The whole track existing because ownership, nothing else holds it in place, ownership is permanency, What we own we keep, very simple, Mine, mine, mine, don’t touch!!!!

Fear existing because losing what one own, have value if there is no ownership than there is no value.

 As you know fear exists because one holds something valuable like: believing one lives, [have a life] so must not die because than one no longer exists.   Huge MU.  Not only huge but the most idiotic concepts ever created to have a game. The stupidity of it is because by agreeing one trapped self into that condition.

The question should be , what is ownership,  till totally understood,[till totally understood what is]   than what others think ownership is, next question should be what consideration I have about owning=whatever  this should be run on every flows  YOU CAN THROW IN THE RUNDIMENTS   the O/S’s every place it applies. Must not forget there are secrets and one can own secretly something hehe, many things in fact.

 Secret ownership means FANTASISES one has about sex outside of marriage, or owning the world, having money or simply killing the neighbor’s dog who’s bark keeping you wake at night, anything outside of the law, the not “normal”. Not agreed by others or others do not know about it.

 Who believes in ownership,    what ownership do,   what ownership hold intact, holds in place, what makes ownership valuable, having value . Of course who needs to own anything?  Who need to own =what?

 Of course “possessions” is including in this category.   

PS: I know I have found this item on my very end of my journey , by understanding this, it’s true meaning,  I have accomplished my dream what I have worked for, to become free, become separated from the MEST universe.  

SEPARATIONS MEANS: one is no longer being the part of, don’t share the agreements.

But I have also realised: I now as-ised the spiritual universe the theta universe where only mock ups existing. They are there very simply because of the ownership, of the spirit believe in, identify with and hold embraces.

 The fear is there because the being believes he is nothing without those mock ups. Therefore the value is created.

 So blow the ownership the fear will disappear too. My best to you all, Elizabeth

from:David St Lawrence oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com to me

Thank you!
That fills in some missing pieces for me.
Life will become much simpler!

David St Lawrence

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