Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 I just come back FROM A WALK since I had too much energy, I wanted to buy more stock and something was pushing me to do it. I know about this sensation for a long time since it has made to do many things which I really did not wanted to do. I felt actually pushed into things. Just do things which felt good but it had no good outcome. I have sessions while I walk.

 So here I am starting to walk I do fair space but nothing extra ordinary.

 I am fiddling about this large energy which was pushing me to buy, I was looking for words how to address it.

 I did ARCB on it and I have seen myself way back out is some space station measuring this huge incoming energy which was so powerful it has taken me over I was struggling for my very existence and I have lost. Bloody hell I died again.!!

 Then I see a storm a winter storms in which I got last and got frozen  [in 67 I have painted a picture in oil where I was struggling in a snow storm leaning into the wind and cutting horizontally flying icy snow.  I got lost and frozen to death, and bloody hell I lost another valuable machine. ]

 I sold that picture, I was not in scientology yet.

 So here I am recalling this storm now 44 years later in session. Then I realized a word”””SURGE””” is the magical key which describes the best these the heavy power which takes one over and  that clicked, for 25 minutes I was running all sort of incident, car accident when a surge of energy hit me from behind, I have seen storms as different surges moves into the terrain, than I have run surge of energy taking me over when the divorce started. Being beaten heavily as the blow come they are in fact power surges directed at solidity.

  I run” surging power” of total “LOVE” which have poured into my space, it is totally fascinating to observe every particle of power since they are nothing but particles  but the surge, in the surge is condensed and can  contain many=immense amount particles

Peter my love, what actually happens when heavy surge is taking over ONE LOOSES THE ANCHOR PONTS and one becomes hepless since new anchor point, usually unwanted replace the old ones.

 Just think what has happens when your ship went down, serge of power+ anchor points were lost,  DM in the church uses surge of power and moves, destroys anchor point= believes.

 I have come back from the walk soaked- wet since the surges of power created so much heat the water was running of my body like in sauna. I was so dizzy I could hardly stand. To many major Anchor points melted away.

 Who ever said or believes the human body is fragile; well I have news for them. This old thing here have been put through this life thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of power surges were experienced by it, also experienced enormous fury in many occasions, violent incoming power from accidents and physical beating.

 Here is a bit on sexual climax,  That  power surge  was created for the used in the past to catapult the being out incidents and to erase incident.  Now that bloody surge is CALLED A PLEASURE MOMENT  the greatest pleasure thing the being  can have as a human!!!!  How degraded the spiritual being have become!

 Of course  the catapulting-erasing no longer works but to create such a powerful surge of energy leaves the being totally exhausted, melted into a useless puddle of jell,  but soon as can,  will gather all the power once more and go for another round.

 But will not achieve that goal will remain here on Earth and only a vogue thought will remain  from that experience  a glimpse of heaven for a moment, it was almost in reach, that illusion of freedom.

 Surge of power to erase solidity that way no longer works  since the incidents have become solid and too tangled knotted. With every surge-climax anchor points are hammered in.

PS: the glimps of heaven the ecstasy which is achieved by friction on the nerves that is the body action,  the problem is the being only can postulate that power surge through the body, so uses the body to postulate something into existance which is the sexual climax, that bit of HEAVEN one experiences with sexual climax  IS THE THETA UNIVERSE WITHOUT MEST CONNECTION.  So why one do not want to contenue to solo audit or with any kind of auditing is beyon my comprehansion.  One do not need to have a body to feel ecstasy  that comes natuarly when enough shit is as-ised.

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