Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have been struggling with understanding what is computer, what is communication through computer, what is the meaning of waiting for messages on computer, what  is the very bright face of the computer means and the many other thoughts and sensations the computer generates by its use. So far I have come to the conclusion that is a very complicated item of course.  Have many different components in reality.  

 I already have written few of the cognitions which were the results of these researches or sessions. The article of “Acknowledgements”, the other one was on “Waiting” few more but then who cares; this posting here is on cognition of the “face of the compute” on the incoming messages.

 The computer is a Portal, into the created universe of many beings. Through this Portal one can view the different creation by others and get the desired stimulation whatever one fancies. Since the computer contains every possible information “abilities” the human “mind” have held  hidden and now can be down loaded into permanency ;solidity and can be agreed upon, therefore it becomes “real” for the creator.

 The face of the computer the brightly lit space is empty yet the being now have the power to push the buttons  and no more waiting to be stimulated as a reward one can do that by oneself [ instant reward stimuli]  through here through this lighten PORTAL the messages the pictures the sounds come in. Standing front of the PORTAL the being is re- implanted daily.   

 It is all there one only has to reach through the Portal; one only has to push a button. Instant stimuli: provocation, incentives, motivations, baiting into to have, inspiration, enticing, tempting, tantalizing all that are served on Silver Platter.

 Bon Appetite.

 The Portal is an Implant station which holds the being stimulated connected at all times. To the solidity: MEST Universe.

 It has replaced the old valued traditions from Mother and Father the weekly dose of Church and the meeting in the school house the PTS, the Masons and hundreds and thousands of other ways the being was held back in the Implant.

 Very simple the electric gadgets, computers IPods, telephones do a much better job.   Solidity is served main dish is total connection back into the Implant Stations. Bon Appetite

PS: Just because the being IS learning what is SPIRITUAL through the PORTAL that will not make the being spiritual again it is second hand data and it is solid.  Since that data anchors the being through the Portal into the workings of the Internet into those complex agreements.


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