Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Waiting: there are anchors and there are anchors which hold the being in place.  Postulate is not on anchor point it is only on experience. If one postulates and that postulate is in a question form and one puts it out and waiting for somebody, something to send back on answer that is different.

Waiting is the biggest most affective, the “ultimate” anchor which holds one in the Universe indefinitely.

 Waiting, places one into mystery, into the unknown.

  While waiting one is spaculating, guessing , postulating what answer should be, what one would like to hear and that is one’s own creation our own mock-up. Not the answer from the Universe.

Therefore the anchor remains: the postulate that question which requires completion in order to have a continuum:  holding the being suspended in mystery,  in the unknown “anchored”.

PS:               Cog, continues. On waiting.

While waiting the being the ”self” moves into condition “not know”,

Therefor creating space, distance, time=future time= continuum.

 The postulated question itself is on invitation for a game condition. Also contains evaluation of every possibility about the future. The if’s, maybe’s the  perhapse’s existing here=expansion on one’s original postulate Yet they all remain anchor points but now one has expended, added those anchors by guessing, the  original condition  which was when the question was asked has become more solid.


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